September 30, 2018

Finally Got My Own HEA

Hey friends!

I know I missed a lot but I also follow some of you on social media so I may have missed your blog posts yet I'm still updated on other stuff like what you had for lunch, what your current craft project is, pictures of your pets, etc. So I don't feel totally guilty for being absent in this sphere as I'm an active spectator in some of y'all's personal lives. LOL

Anyway, the big day finally arrived and though it was hot and humid in Nashville, we still had a good time. So much so that the bar run out of liquor (we had an open bar), the dance floor was never empty, the ladies were dancing barefoot, and the dudes looked like they entered a wet t-shirt contest at the end of the night. In short, we threw an amazing hot and humid dance party & everyone appreciated the bottle of Gatorade and Advils we gave them as part of our favors.