April 22, 2018

Here Comes The Bride...

Wedding planning. One of the most exciting things one could do but with a high risk of developing a bad case of Batshit Crazy by the time the wedding day rolls in.

This, my friends, is the primary reason why I’ve been MIA yet again. After getting engaged, we immediately jumped to wedding planning. My fiancĂ© and I are grateful for the opportunity to get drunk and throw a party... errr... to celebrate our love & union in front of family and friends, but it’s almost Faustian. And by Faustian I mean there's a lot of work involved, a lot of research, meetings, a lot of tense dinners and charged silences between my fiance and myself because we can't agree on a word, color, or font style. I now understand why it's called The Big Day so as to justify the months' long prep work for a one-day event all with the hopes that it will not only be a memorable day for us but for everyone who's been gracious enough to witness our union.

Or at least we hope it will.

So on days where I wasn’t either losing my sanity or desperately trying to hold on to it, I’ve successfully read these books, if you're curious about my thoughts on these, you may find it here:

Footnote if you’re planning to get married in Nashville: May-September are the peak months so either plan 1.5yrs ahead or be aggressive when booking your venue. Better yet, elope! Skip the he whole wedding thing and just have Elvis marry you. Oh, and stock up on alcohol, you're going to need a lot of those.

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