September 19, 2017

Listened & Loved: SuperSoul Conversations, Tanis, Rabbits, Tumanbay Podcasts

Hey there Supies! How's the last been? It's been a whirlwind for sure what with all the hurricanes and political storms that are filling our news feeds lately, current events have become more compelling than any fiction I currently have. You just can't write a lot of these shit up! In between breaking news alerts, I've been enmeshed in podcasts, toggling from one show to the next, mixing fiction and non-fiction depending on my mood.

Let me start with unsubscribing from Joel Osteen. I know he's unpopular amongst certain circles, personally, I listened to him, not for his gospel, but for his brand of common sense motivation and positivity. Listening to his sermons has helped me out of a few dark days and I'll always be grateful for that. However, his response to Harvey has been very disappointing, to say the least, and I just can't bring myself to support someone who failed to practice what he's preaching at the most difficult of times. 

It just so happens that I discovered Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Conversations a few weeks ago and it's become my go-to. The podcast is a collection of interviews with various people from different walks of life from the famous to the unknown. I love hearing their stories and how they used those challenging times to turn something ugly into something beautiful. They're very inspiring episodes and some can even be emotionally charged so brace yourself if you chance upon one.

Tumanbay is a new podcast produced by BBC with each episode averaging 48 minutes each. The podcast is described as "An epic medieval thriller inspired by the Mamluk slave rulers of Egypt... A story of slaves, spies, armies, betrayals, assassinations, desserts, and plagues." It launched this month and is only in episode three. I love it! The voice actors are amazing, the pace is great, and the characters and factions introduced got me intrigued. I think a lot of you will like this actually so please try it if you have the time.

Rabbits is a thriller that is a complete mind fuck! It's only at its first season with 10 episodes, each averaging at an hour run time and compelling from the first episode. The premise is Carly's, the host, best friend is missing and she suspects that it has something to do with this LARP game called Rabbits. As Carly digs deeper, she discovers that the game is deadly and more complicated than she initially thought. It's cleverly plotted with some mild sci-fi stuff interspersed like time warps etc. 

Currently, I'm in the middle of season two of Tanis, produced by Pacific Northwest Stories, the same people who created Rabbits and The Black Tapes. Tanis is on its third season with a total of 36 episodes (excluding bonus and special ones) averaging 40 minutes each. The story is an exploration regarding the myth of Tanis. It has a slow build-up but nonetheless riveting once the pace has been established. It's not as sinister as The Black Tapes or as dark as Rabbits, Tanis is more of a sci-fi mystery similar to The X-Files and I love the chemistry between the host, Nick and his trusty cyber-hacker-investigator extraordinaire, Meerkatnip. 

Like Rabbits, Tanis series is light on the voice acting as the format is more of an investigative/explorative than a dramatization. Instead of straightforward storytelling, the plot if told through interviews, published articles and stories, recorded conversations, etc. 

So if you want a break from the usual or would just like to discover something new, try these podcasts. Or if you're listening to one that you absolutely love, leave a comment, I'd love to get new recommendations.

Talk Supe


  1. I never followed Joel Osteen but yeah, his reaction to Harvey was just awful. I'm glad you found another podcast that works in the same way his did though! :)

    Rabbits sounds fascinating!


  2. The whole mess with Osteen just disgusted me, beyond words. I made my mom look it up because she (use to) listen to him as well and now she won't either. So sad what things like this can really show about someone isn't it?

  3. I haven't listened to any podcasts ever but my daughter who commutes from St. Louis to Champaign Illinois 300 miles every week is a religious fan of podcasts and has suggested a few to me. But Rabbits sounds fantastic and the Oprah SuperSoul I am going to check out. Thanks

  4. Ohhh cool! Though I do have enough with my audiobooks

  5. Hmm, Tumanbay grabs my attention. I need to remember to look up podcasts. I always forget about them.

  6. I'm going to check out Rabbits! Thanks for the heads up :D

  7. I've gotten away from podcasts with all the audio books I have lined up. But you have me curious about Tumanbay. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The news is definitely full of crazy these days, and even though I've never been a big news follower because it just makes me depressed, it's hard to escape it because it's everywhere.

    Tumanbay sounds pretty awesome. I've never really gotten into podcasts, but it may be time to finally give them a shot because I could listen while I'm doing other stuff. Glad you're enjoying all of these!

  9. Sigh. I hear ya.

    I don't really listen to podcasts, but I do want to try! Rabbit and Tumanbay sound cool.

  10. thanks for the head up, I didn't know about this but well I don't listen a lot...

  11. The hurricanes and now the earthquake in Mexico is just so damn sad. So much stuff happening all over.

  12. I've listened to one podcast, but see that I need to get into many, many more. There are sure a lot out there, huh? The hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are sure something, Braine. I hated to see so many people suffering, but I was also pleased to see so many people jumping in to offer the much needed support. Thanks for the podcast suggestions and words of wisdom. Hugs...RO

  13. I was getting hooked on podcasts for awhile there but then I was having problems with my bluetooth and haven't' picked it up again. Must remedy that!

    For What It's Worth

  14. gah I started listening to podcasts, thanks to you and than my toddler killed my headphones and I have been to busy to replace them, but the medieval thriller? interesting!!

  15. I must say, I haven't gotten into the Podcasts thing... Maybe one day.

  16. I love the sound of Rabbits, I've never gotten into podcasts though. When is the best time to listen to them?

  17. Podcasts are such a huge thing but I haven't gotten into them yet. I think for me it all has to do with not having a smartphone. I can't even use Audible (as I recently found out after subscribing) because my MP3 player is too old and isn't supported by their program. LoL

  18. I've been listening to podcasts some too. I listen to Politically Reactive with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu and Black on the Air with Larry Wilmore. Both are political talk shows. I haven't tried a fiction podcast, but I might have to try the Rabbits that you mentioned.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  19. I have tried a few podcasts, haven't found one that clicks, so I will check out these my dear :)

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