August 30, 2017

Cozied Up This Summer with Tonya Kappes, Maia Chance, Chrystle Fiedler, & Carrie Doyle

Wilson County Fair 2017
Lebanon, TN

Summer. I have a love and hate relationship with this season. I love how it almost automatically makes everyone peppy, basking in the warmth of the sun before the long, cold days of Winter rolls in. We got lucky here in Middle Tennessee, this Summer isn't as punishingly hot as the previous ones however that also drew in a LOT of tourists. Great for out state's economy, but navigating the city has become an effing bitch because of the traffic. 

As the adage goes: "if you can't beat them, join them!", so join them I did! One weekend I played tourist in the bustling city of Nashville and signed up for a Scavenger Hunt, not only did I learn some fascinating trivia about my town, I also discovered new hideaways. I strongly recommend you guys do this whether you're visiting a new city or want to get reacquainted with your own. Also, check Groupon first, that's where I got my ticket and there's a variety of hunts you can do. 

Reading wise, I've been at a turtle pace. I don't necessarily think I'm in a slump, I just felt a strong disinterest for books in the past few weeks. Ghastly I know, I promise you I was extremely frustrated because I was afraid that I'm turning into a non-reading person! Eep! In any case, I managed to read a few cozies and below's the rundown:

FIXIN' TO DIE by Tonya Kappes 
(Kenni Lowry 1 | 2016 | Henry Press)
I love Tonya Kappes and it's a no-brainer that I have to meet Sherriff Kenni Lowry. I had fun with Fixin' To Die and getting acquainted with Kenni's little Kentucky town as well as her quirky neighbors. The romantic tangent here is delicious too! I'll be following Kenni's dating adventures for sure. At the moment, TKappes' Ghostly Southern Mysteries still remain as my favorite, I find Emma Lee and her town of Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky more developed and full-bodied than Kenni Lowry. Then again, this is just the first of the series so my opinion might change as I continue on with the series.

(Discreet Retrieval Agency | 2015 | Minotaur Books)
Thanks Sophia (fellow blogger who you'll find moonlighting everywhere these days) for featuring this! 

Come Hell or Highball is my first Maia Chance and I absolutely love our first date! This series is set during the Prohibition era featuring a widow who's forced to utilize her snooping skills as a detective for hire to survive and pay off her bills and debts after her rich husband left her with nothing. This series is perfect for fans of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries what with its family drama, unique fashion, hifalutin lifestyles, high society intrigues, and scandalous murders. Lola Woodby will captivate you with her charm while her trusty sidekick and Swedish cook, Berta, will have you chuckling thanks to her dry sense of humor.

DANDELION DEAD by Chrystle Fiedler 
(A Natural Remedies Mystery 4 | 2016 | Pocket Books)
This is my second book in this series and it's yet to win me over. If the characters were real people, I would be delighted to have them as my friends or neighbor, but as fictional characters, they're a little too normal for my taste. Even the threat of a killer on the loose doesn't incite strong emotions from me. What's cool about this series though is all the trivia about herbs and plants and their therapeutic and medicinal properties. Other than that, I'm passing up on the rest of the books.

(2016 | Dunemere Books)
I binge-read this series and to be honest, Antonia Bingham didn't impress me. She's cute but her character was a little dry in the beginning. But her earnestness and mild naivete managed to charm me and now I'm a fan! Antonia Bingham is a foodie AND curvy so that made her accessible to me. 

Antonia is a busy bee so there's always something going on in her world whether it's flirting with a movie star, going on double dates with her bestie, managing her thriving inn, fending off unwanted advances from a local reporter, or investigating a murder, Antonia will keep your attention and will continue to entertain you. I'm a little wary of the brewing romance between Antonia and her movie star suitor, it's bordering on douchey as he's still married (on the rocks) and is already "courting" Antonia. I'm sure it's going to work out but it's not the best prelude and failed to give me the feels. Highly anticipating the next one to see how it goes down.

The cover arts are linked to its Goodreads 
page for your perusal at your liesure.

Talk Supe


  1. I like the Kappes series as well, it is always a lot of fun

  2. Some nice cozies there :D Kappes is good

  3. Braine, Hey here in the St. Louis area too, I mean July was a blistering b--ch but August I had the windows open a lot. The last year before I had to quit work to care for my ailing husband I played tourist in my own town for 2 weeks, toured the art museum, history museum, zoo, the indian mounds in southern Illinois I had a ball. Now I just try to put one foot in front of the other and take one day at a time. I did get to go to my daughter's wedding in Cancun in May and wow that was a Fab time, but her dad couldn't go so the preparations it took me to get him 24/7 care without putting him in a facility was mind numbing. Your fair looks really fun!!! Thanks for sharing and wow how is September starting in two days LOL

  4. A scavenger hunt sounds really fun!! I love a good cozy mystery - it's been awhile since I've read one. I need to change that.


  5. It's fun to find out about things from the town you live in, and I can get into fairs a little, but I no longer get on those rides they put up in just a day. (lol) Give me 60 degree weather soon, please. Hugs...

  6. I didn't know about these Groupon Scavenger Hunts. I'll have to look that up.
    I enjoyed Come Hell or Highball, too. I have a Tonya Kappes mystery for this month to read. Not sure if its the sheriff or not.

    I guess just go with it and not force reading or you will definitely hate it. My mom only reads in winter when she can't get outside much so maybe you're going to be like her. LOL

  7. Nice quick reviews. And reading at turtle pace isn't bad. That's what I've been doing too. To many things going on or that need to be done. :) Take care and have fun!

  8. Fixin To Die was good :D I need to get book two soon

  9. I live in an area that gets snowbirds so we have this huge influx of people once the weather gets cooler. Such a pain in the ass lol

    For What It's Worth

  10. That sounds like fun. Not sure if we have a scavenger hunt in my area.

  11. The scavenger hunt sounds so fun. I haven't done something like that in years.

    I'm always up for a good cozy mystery and those Carrie Doyle covers are stunning.

    Simply Angela

  12. Honestly the moment summer comes around it gets too hot for me to have a good attention span so reading is definitely harder.

    The scavenger hunt sounds super fun, I'm heading to a park thing next week that has natural mazes in? I'm not sure their website isn't very clear but my boyfriend picked it out cause its local to him so I'll get back to you on that :')

  13. I think its because of the weather and people seem to be busier during summer over being in the mood. It's always so much nicer to curl up with a book during the fall. My reading has been picking up again and I am excited. I have not read much cozy's this year, hoping to change that come fall. Also need to give Kappes a shot. I have one of her books and it looks so good

  14. We don't get a lot of tourist in our area so I can only imagine. Hope your snail pace reading gets better.

  15. I do love those summer cozy reads to warm up to!! Thanks for sharing.

  16. That Scavenger Hunt sounds fun! Summer isn't my favorite season either, but this summer wasn't too hot luckily. I have three or so of Tonya Kappes her books, but haven't read any of them yet. Her books sound great! Glad to hear you enjoyed that one :)

  17. Good to hear that you and Chance had a great first read

  18. Oh fun on playing tourist in your town. Love that. I do enjoy exploring mine but waiting until fall is really here for more. I am...anti summer. lol So blasted hot!

  19. You know, I've been reading well, but not blogging well. Work takes up so much time and I'm always blog bingeing, trying to catch up!


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