July 7, 2017

Shelley Loved: Dead in the Water by Hailey Edwards

Series: Gemini 1 
Format: Kindle | 188 pages
Release Date: January 30, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Svcs 
Source: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Camille Ellis is the Earthen Conclave’s golden girl. Her peculiar talent solves cases with a touch. She isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, but every bright star casts a shadow, and her deepest scars lurk just beneath the skin.
A routine consultation goes sideways when a victim’s brother gets involved in the investigation. Riding the edge of grief, the warg will go to any lengths to avenge his sister’s death. Even if it means ensuring Cam’s cooperation at the jaws of his wolf.

When the killer strikes again, Cam is caught between a warg and a hard place. To save the next victim, she must embrace her past. Even if it means dragging her darkest secrets into the light of day.

DEAD IN THE WATER is the first installment in author Hailey Edwards Gemini series. DEAD IN THE WATER is set in the same universe as the Black Dog series which means that there are several characters who will make an appearance. While some have recommended that you read Thierry Thackeray's series first, I truly believe that you can get through these first three books in the Gemini series without having to go back and reading Thierry's story. The first three books of the Gemini series (there are 6) follows Protagonist Camille Ellis.

Camille is an Agent for The Earthen Conclave. She is the Conclaves go to person when it comes to solving cases quickly, and efficiently. Cam has the ability to read magical signatures. This talent is why the Conclave relies so heavily on her. But, she also has deep scars that lurk just under her skin and deep in her psyche. Scars that go back to when her identical twin sister Lori drowned and she couldn't save her. Cam has been trying to atone for her sister’s death for years, and also the hurt of being abandoned by her own family. Cam is a loner by nature, but this case will bring her into the company of a diverse cast of characters. 

Speaking of....after his sister is murdered, Cord Graeson, who is the Beta of the Georgia Warg Pack (think werewolf), hounds Camille and refuses to be ignored until the villain is destroyed. Camille and Cord's relationship is anything but a smooth one, but that's because they are both strong willed, and can more than hold her own against anyone. Cord's fellow pack mate is Dell Preston. Dell is also a key player in this story, and will later have her own series. The most curious character Cam meets is Harlow Bevans. Harlow is a 16-year old Mermaid and a consultant working on the Charybdis case. Harlow is probably Camille's first true friend and one that she will do anything to protect. 

If you followed this review to the ending, Thank you! I have listed the authors series & how they are supposed to be followed in order. I do have the first book in the Black Dog series, and since the author has decided to interject Thierry into this series as an important cog, I'll be going back to the beginning and see how it all began. There is a heart thumping ending to this book. As a side note, I have already read all three books in Cam's trilogy, and will be writing reviews for the next two in the coming weeks. Hope you check them out!


  • Dog with a Bone
  • Dog Days of Summer
  • Heir of the Dog
  • Lie Down with Dogs
  • Old Dog, New Tricks
  • Stone-Cold Fox
  • Dead in the Water
  • Head Above Water
  • Hell or High Water 
  • Fish Out of Water 
  • Promise the Moon
  • Wolf at the Door
  • Over the Moon

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Talk Supe


  1. First, I sure wish I had a talent like that! Thanks for taking the time to put the entire list together so we can stay in order. This is perfect for a newbie like me Braine. Happy weekend! Hugs...

  2. Thank's for the review. I love the Black Dog world. I've read the Black Dog Series, the Gemini, and Lorimar Pack, which is part of the Gemini series plus all the novellas. You can start the Gemini without having read the Black Dog, but when you get to book 6 which is also book 3 in the Lorimar Pack you should read the Black Dog, because Theirry plays a major role and many spoilers are revealed if you haven't read her story first. Wonderful Urban Fantasy to enjoy.

  3. oh many books! I don't think I knew about it but maybe one day like B.

  4. I've not read the Black Dog series but this sounds good, and I might have to look into the Black Dog series too. lol.


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