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April 21, 2017

Loved It: Snared by Jennifer Estep #urbanfantasy @Pocket_Books

Series: Elemental Assassin 16
Format: ARC
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Pocket Books
Source: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy

If you don’t know Gin “the Spider” Blanco, you don’t know dangerous female heroines.

Irony 101—The Spider herself snared in someone else’s web…

Another week, another few clues trickling in about the Circle, the mysterious group that supposedly runs the city’s underworld. Gathering intel on my hidden enemies is a painstaking process, but a more immediate mystery has popped up on my radar: a missing girl.

My search for the girl begins on the mean streets of Ashland, but with all the killers and crooks in this city, I’m not holding out much hope that she’s still alive.

A series of clues leads me down an increasingly dark, dangerous path, and I realize that the missing girl is really just the first thread in this web of evil. As an assassin, I’m used to facing down the worst of the worst, but nothing prepares me for this new, terrifying enemy—one who strikes from the shadows and is determined to make me the next victim.

Reading Jennifer Estep is the equivalent of having a chilled glass of martini on a hot Summer night. It's refreshing, exciting, and the buzz Gin Blanco gives you is distinct and will make you come back for more. 

So it's killer v killer in SNARED. There's a serial killer in Ashland aptly named Dollmaker because he makes up his victims before brutally killing them. Although this appears to be an episodic part at first glance, this whole mess led Gin a small step closer to the Circle. 

Not much is revealed, bits of info are trickled into Gin's memory from the night her mother was murdered by Mab Monroe. I noticed that these dream sequences are becoming a very convenient plot device to expand Gin's history, injecting forgotten pieces here and there to tie the whole thing to the Circle. I'm holding any judgment for now but I'm hoping this pattern will break at some point otherwise it seems like Gin went about resolving things in a roundabout way. One could even argue that the head honcho of the Circle is manipulating the course of events in some way, testing Gin and the extent of her powers, calculating his/her last best move before going for the kill.

I love SNARED in the sense that it's comforting. I knew what I was going to get and JEstep delivered. However, that's also a set back because the progression of this arc about the Circle is slow to move as the clues are doled out in crumbs instead of chunks, giving this installment a slight filler book feel to it.

Nevertheless, SNARED is yet another entertaining action-packed Elemental Assassin novel. JEstep's fight scenes are, like always, vividly described and play out like a movie and the serial killer plot is different and totally lent a sheen of dark & disgusting creepiness into the case. SNARED is not to be missed, another definite hit volume from this best-selling series.

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  1. I've read Estep before but it was a different series. I like her style and this review just made me want to get back into her books. Lol. I guess it's time to add to that TBR pile!

  2. People do seem to love this series :)

  3. I am glad that you loved this. It sounds good but I do not usually read this genre. I think I may start.

  4. I love this series, I really need to get caught up on it!

  5. Braine what a great quip about this Gin novel. I really need to catch up. Great review!

  6. I enjoyed this one as well. Can't wait to see what the next book holds!

  7. I love the way you describe how much you enjoy sitting down and reading the latest installment. I'll get to this series at some point.

  8. I miss having a long UF book to come back to, they make the best comfort reads. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Good to see you back!

  9. I'm waiting on the audio for this one. Glad you enjoyed it. :-) Have a great weekend.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  10. I still haven't read her books but this sounds good. I need to start her books.

  11. I only tried the first book but I need to read more!

  12. I didn't realize how many books were in this series. Happy to hear that it's still going strong for you!

  13. Thanks for sharing. I actually like reading about serial killers. LOL


  14. I'm so behind! I'm on the 4th book, I think. I'm glad to see the series still going strong, though.

  15. I can't explain it, but I'm like Lauren, and adore reading about assassins (lol), so I'm gonna have to pick this one up for sure. Loved your review! Hugs...

  16. By the way, I sure wish I could have you airmail me a corned beef sandwich from the deli once you get to Charleston. It's been years since I was there, but my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I'm not kidding - I was addicted to that place. (lol) Hugs...

  17. Its always good to find a series you can count on to deliver. I need to read this author! Great review!

  18. Wow. 16th book! And the publisher is still going with it. Dang. That's a long run these days. So glad you are loving it. :)

  19. Argh! I really need to get into this series!


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