February 16, 2017

Loved It: Marry Me, Baby by Elisabeth Staab

Series: Evergreen Grove 4.5
Format: Mobi
Release Date: February 1, 2016 
Publisher: Self
Source: Author
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Dante Ramos will win at love if it's the last thing he does...

Since I retired from boxing, I’m fighting to keep my life off the damn ropes.

Lately, one thing after another’s falling apart. First there’s the road-trip on Valentine’s weekend that coulda gotten me and my girl both killed. Then came the unspoken secrets that keep putting so much distance between us.

My love for Michelle is everything that keeps me human. I can feel her slipping away. I’ve got one last shot. A desperate proposal.

And it’s all about to go wrong.

MARRY ME, BABY by Elisabeth Staab is the perfect (post) Valentine read. Dante and Michelle's love story told in Acts of Creation is possibly the most heart-wrenching one in the series. These two fought each other, fought for each other, went against expectations, and managed to remain together, stronger than ever. I'm not surprised that EStaab chose this couple to treat us fans with something special for Valentine's Day. 

From the title alone, you can tell what the novella is about. Dante and Michelle are still in the midst of tying up loose ends. I commend Michelle for staying strong because Dante needed someone to lean on and she proved to be one rock-solid wall for him. It's so sweet to read Dante's inner musings about how much he appreciates Michelle and all the ways he loves her which didn't go unnoticed. As for the proposal, I love how heartfelt it is. There are no grand gestures of any kind, it's so romantic in its unromantic way, if that makes sense. It's every bit, Dante and Michelle, in that it's all heart and the expected pizazz is unnecessary. MARRY ME, BABY gave me the warm fuzzies and totally made my Valentine's Day better. Of course, the candy helped too. 

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  1. Heart you, Braine! Thank you so much for taking the time to read Marry Me, Baby! I adore these two, so much.

  2. You're the reason I dove into this series! I'm so happy this little novella gave you the feels, Braine. I'll have to pick it up! <3

  3. Great review Braine I haven't read her yet and I love second chance romances

  4. It's so romantic in an unromantic sort of way, now that is an interesting way to describe it.

  5. Mmm candy *drools* But in all seriousness glad you had a good time with this one hehe

  6. I don't know the series, but I AM glad this was an enjoyable novella. :) They aren't always!


  7. It looks nice mainly for a novella!

  8. I haven't read this series but it sounds like it was a great addition for readers.

  9. I've liked some of her books. Might have to pick this one up now.

  10. Oh this one sounds sweet...definitely perfect for Valentines Day Reading.

  11. I love unromantic romantic books like this one. Though the cover sucks.

  12. I'm pretty sure I read By the Rules but I'm not sure about the other one. Need to check because I love when a book has a follow up novella just to wrap things up completely and check back in.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  13. are all of them novellas or just this one? I'm curious about the proposal, but I am glad the author stayed true to the characters

  14. This sounds like an adorable novella! I love then the author gives us just a bit more to the story!


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