January 26, 2017

Shelley Liked: Wondering Sight by Melissa McShane #Historical #Fantasy @mmcshanewrites @CuriosityQuills

Series: The Extraordinaire's 2
Format: Mobi | 322 pages
Release Date: January 19, 2017
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Source: Publisher
Genre: Historical | Fantasy

Sophia Westlake is an Extraordinary Seer, gifted with the ability to see past, present and future in Dreams and Visions. Her talent led to the destruction of the Caribbean pirates plaguing England’s shipping and gained her renown and the accolades of her peers. But when she accuses a prominent politician, Lord Endicott, of embezzling from the Army, her Dream is “proved” false and she is disgraced, her reputation ruined and her career in the Army’s War Office over.

Humiliated, Sophia returns to London, but Lord Endicott follows her, intent on making her life increasingly miserable. Furious and desperate, Sophia takes the only course left to her: she sets out to discover Lord Endicott’s criminal enterprises, to expose him as the fraud he is and bring him to justice.

Sophia’s allies are few, but loyal. Cecy, her best friend, supports Sophia in her quest, while her cousin Lady Daphne, an irrepressible Extraordinary Bounder, is always ready for a challenge that will strike at Lord Endicott’s heart. And always watching her is the mysterious Mr. Rutledge, who claims to be interested in Sophia’s friendship—and possibly more than that—but who has an agenda of his own.

But as Sophia delves deeper into prophetic Dreams, Cecy and Daphne begin to fear for Sophia’s health and sanity. Driven to collapse by her frequent Dreaming, Sophia is forced to reevaluate her motives: does she want Lord Endicott brought to justice, or is it revenge she seeks? As Sophia draws closer to the secret of Lord Endicott’s criminal enterprise, a counterfeiting ring, his torment of Sophia increases, until the two are bound together by their respective obsessions. Though Sophia insists she is in control, her friends fear she is turning into the man she most hates.

Sophia’s Dreams and Visions are leading her to just one place: the destruction of Lord Endicott. But the cost of her vengeance may be too high—and may demand the sacrifice of her own life.

WONDERING SIGHT is the second installment in author Melissa McShane's The Extraordinaire's. The author returns to Regency London, circa 1812, where there are some extraordinary people living in this era. From seers, to scorchers, to bounders, sharpers & movers they all have some pretty remarkable abilities & skill sets. This time out, Author McShane writes about an entirely new cast of characters outside of Burning Bright. 

WONDERING SIGHT features Sophia Westlake, who readers of Burning Bright should be familiar with. She's a powerful seer who discovered how the pirates were tracking Royal Navy ships and therefore saved the day when things looked bleak. Sophia's visions are said to perfect in accuracy. Which is why when her Dreams show Lord Endicott being guilty of embezzling money from the Army, the War Office releases her. Sophia still doesn't know what happened, but she is sure that her dreams somehow changed. 

Now, Sophia faces another reality. One of burning rage, hatred & a desire for revenge on the man she knows is guilty as charged, and at the War Office for not believing her after 3 years of perfect service to the country. Luckily for Sophia, no one really knows how she left the service, and therefore her reputation is pretty sold when it comes to well to do of London Society. Especially since Sophia wears red gloves signifying her extraordinary talents. 

Sophia is an entirely different character from Elinor Pembroke. She didn't just wake up one day and find out she was extraordinary. Plus, she has some really interesting friends in Cecilia Barham (speaker), and her cousin Lady Daphne (bounder) who more than makes this story a delight to read. Sophia is definitely driven to drive a stake into the heart of Lord Endicott who plays cat and mouse with her for a large part of this story. You definitely find yourself asking who is the prey, and who is the one being chased because of all the twists, and turns.

There is a sort of brilliance to the MMcShane's writing and world building. She can easily put you in a setting like Regency England and get the conversational pieces going so well, that you feel as though you are in the room with these characters. WONDERING SIGHTt isn't bogged down with unnecessary romance. It is a back and forth, give and take between Sophia and a secretive, older gentlemen named Alexander Rutledge that doesn't smother the story. 

Fun fact: According to author Melissa McShane, Lady Daphne St. Clair will be the heroine of the as-yet-untitled book 3 in the series. I loved Daphne, so I eagerly await the release of the title, cover, and release date.

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  1. Hmmm this series sounds rather interesting

  2. it sounds like a nice series there =. I hope you'll have book 3 soon!

  3. I love Regency Era for a setting and you have me curious about the fantasy element. I'll check out the series, Shelley.

  4. I enjoyed the first book much better, but this was still pretty good. Yay, I didn't know Daphne was getting her story next, but I was hoping she'd get one. :)

    1. Yep! Daphne was one of the bright spots in this book. Definitely eager to read her story.

  5. This series sounds like something that I would enjoy. What is the first book called. Thanks for the review. You have peeked my interest about it.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  6. Oh this sounds good. And the series sounds really good too. :)

  7. this looks like a very creative and different series, I am so glad to hear the world building is good as for this kind of book I find it really important


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