September 23, 2016

Motivate Me with Joel Osteen and Gary Chapman

It's been a while since I've done this. Call it a palate cleanser/expander, an effort to improve oneself, etc. I indulge in these once in a whole in an effort to better myself. Also, I turned a year older this week so maybe that's it. :P

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I'm a Joel Osteen fan. I'm not a member of his church but I like his style as it's more motivational than devotional. YOU CAN YOU WILL is basically a book about self-empowerment. Most of the things JOsteen mentioned here we're familiar with, we've heard it before, but needless to say, we all need reminders now and again. My favorite is the part where he's basically saying that we need to love ourselves first before anything or anyone else. That we can still be a good friend with that person who's always negative without having to partake in that negativity because it's holding us back and is weighing us down.

I reread that part a few times because I have a friend who's always having some relationship drama and though I love her, I'm at the point where I'm getting frustrated with the cycle but thought I can't quit because that's not being a good friend. JOsteen's chapter on that helped put things in perspective for me so I now plan to apply that theory and hopefully, it works! If not I think I'm on the verge of losing a friend. Lol

As for Gary Chapman, I got curious after this person I follow on Instagram would always post snaps of her GChapman devotional. I'm not married but I feel like most of his teachings and principles can be applied to any kind of relationship be it family or friendship. THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES is a great introduction to GChapman's book for me. Like the JOsteen book, it's easy to imbibe because we know this, it's just a matter of putting things in perspective so we can effectively apply it. 

What I love about THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES is it made a lot of sense to me. It's not some hifalutin concept, people do respond differently depending on our background, upbringing, and needs. Like in my family, we're not big talkers, we're demonstrators when it comes to emotions and love affirmations are usually awkward and saved for special occasions. That said some people crave verbal confirmations and for our relationships to work, we also have to acknowledge the other person's love language. Like they might not pick up on say my demonstrative ways but will appreciate me telling them that I care. 

Both YOU CAN YOU WILL and THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES are Christian based books. BUT it's far from devotional, both JOsteen and GChapman quote scripture but to me it's more of a reinforcement than a strategy to force feed their faith on you or convince you to convert if you're not Christian. I'm Catholic and I'm sensitive to preachy books, I wasn't offended with either of these nor was I bothered by the bible references (there's a reasonable amount). Then again I've never been non-Christian so I don't really know how people of other faith will take it. I still recommend you try it if you're curious, you only have things to gain and none to lose.

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  1. I've never tried this author or watched any of his stuff but my mom really enjoys him. ;)

  2. I think we all need books like these at certain points in our lives. Good luck with your friend. So glad you're trying to stay positive despite what your friend is reflecting. Thanks for sharing about these reads!

  3. I like when religious books can be read and enjoyed by people of other faiths or who don't follow any religion.

    I do like the idea that you have to lose yourself first before focusing on someone else, and it's definitely not good to be around a friend who is constantly negative and bringing you down.


  4. He's new to me Braine so thanks for posting it
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  5. Motivational books are great to read and try to apply to your life. I haven't tried any of his books before but I'm hoping to one day.I'm a fan of Rick Warren, though. Have you tried The Purpose Driven Life?

  6. Glad to hear you liked it but it's not my kind of book.

  7. I've not read any of Joel Osteen's books, but I've read one Gary Chapman. Like you say, it wasn't new to me, but it reminded me of things. Always good to reassess our lives on occasion. Birthdays are a good time for that. :)

  8. A coworker told me about The Five Love Languages book, still haven't read it but eventually I will :) Hope everything works out with your friend!

  9. I don't really read books like that but it looks interesting

  10. Hmm...I'm not familiar with either of these and also tend to avoid religious type books, but glad you enjoyed.

  11. I've not read anything from Osteen but since you say he's not preachy, I may give this one in particular a try. As you said, we all *know* we need to love ourselves first but I think many of us put ourselves way down on the priority list. I absolutely love The Five Love Languages. It helped me understand that people show their love/appreciate in different ways and need love/appreciation shown to them in different ways. It was fascinating and enlightening. I'm happy it made a difference for you, too! Love ya, B!

  12. I love J. Olsteen daily motivationals, they always resonate with me. I'll have to check out the other guy. They both sound like amazing books though


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