July 28, 2016

Supe Shots feat. M.J. Rose, April Genevieve Tucholke, J.R. Ward

The Witch of Painted Sorrows, The Daughters of La Lune 1, by M. J. Rose
4 Cauldrons | Historical Fantasy | via Edelweiss | Atria Books | March 17, 2015
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Another beautifully written book by M.J. Rose. I love the setting, Rose's Paris is very mystical, dark, and oh so seductive. I love the whole romance aspect of THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS, it's multi-layered and the entire book is a story of love. The most powerful being the unrequited type which continues to motivate this malevolent ghost, La Lune, to posess her descendants with Sandrine her latest victim. 

THE WITCH OF PAINTED SORROWS is unlike any other book that belongs in this genre. It's more literary fiction than an exciting story filled with action and adventure. I'm completely seduced by The Daughters of La Lune, it's very unique and a gorgeous tale robust with love affairs. The mytical twist enhanced the legend of La Lune and made the series more enticing.

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke
Cauldrons | Gifted by Karen of For What It's Worth | Standalone
Contemporary Young Adult | March 22, 2016 | Dial Books
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My first reaction is What did I just read?! I'm sure a lot of you have read or heard of GTucholke's WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT and I'm certain that you've read mixed reviews for it. What's consistent with all the reviews that I've read so far, and I agree, is how weird this standalone is. 

There's this big teaser about who the villain, the hero, and the liar is. I liked the unique names GTucholke gave her characters, I also liked the character stereotypes because it fit her narrative and helped the brain tease. My favorite is Wink what with her strange family and eerie aura. I was expecting an epic mindfuck story based on the tagline, sadly it didn't quite deliver. I think it's the ending, it was so odd, like there's closure but not really, if that makes sense. Despite the off putting ending, I have to say that WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT is unlike any other book I've read in a long time.

The Angel's Share, The Bourbon Kings 2, by J.R. Ward
4 Cauldrons | via NetGalley | July 16, 2016 | NAL

Oh but I love this series! Yes it's a family dynastic drama. Yes it's reminiscent of your cheesy soaps. Yes it's nothing like Black Dagger Brotherhood. It's pure guilty pleasure! Rich people in dire straits, a murder investigation underway, love stories filled with unbearable yet delicious sexual tension, endearing characters, and an array of twists and turns that only J.R. Ward can deliver. 

THE ANGEL'S SHARE is a solid sequel, moreover I love The Bourbon Kings, I find it intriguing and addicting. I know Ward's fans are split in this series, obviously I'm one of those people who love it. I love the easy tale and familiar theme and tone, reading this series feels like comfort food for some reason. Say what you want but Ward is a talented storyteller and this series continue to confirm that. 

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  1. Some intriguing ones and I haven't read any. I'm curious about this Ward series.

  2. Looks like some good ones today. I've read a couple of these authors books before. Thanks for some new reads:)

  3. The Witch of Painted Sorrows looks amazing! I hadn't heard of the book, but I'm very intrigued.
    And I seriously need to pick up the J.R Ward series! It sounds way too entertaining to pass up!

  4. I really want to start The Bourbon Kings soon. Wink Poppy Midnight is also on my list. Great reviews!

  5. I liked the first book in the Bourbon Kings, very soap opera-ish. I really should read the sequel. Great minis Braine!

  6. I totally agree with you an MJ's newest. You can see my starred review for LibraryJournal at B&N, Amazon or on MJ's website!
    And I am hoping to Start JR Ward's new series soon! Thanks Braine!

  7. Wink Poppy Midnight was a very different book lol

  8. That sounds interesting. I hadn't heard of it before now.

  9. Woah, you REALLY make me want to read The Witch of Painted Sorrows. Like, right this moment. Nicely reviewed!

  10. I still haven't tried any of MJ Rose's books and they do look good. Curiosity about the second book. Definitely plan to read JR Wards' family saga series.

    You have such talent with your supe shots that say it all in just a few words. :)

  11. Melissa had similar feelings about Wink Poppy Midnight; still haven't decided if it'd be my type of book or not, although I do love the cover.

  12. I have enjoyed previous books by Rose, so need to check this out. Yep, loving the Bourbon Kings, and the Poppy book does indeed sound weird.

  13. Wink Poppy Midnight has me super curious now... ty for sharing

  14. The witch of painted Sorrows sounds like a good one. Not sure if Wink Poppy Midnight would be one for me as it sounds so weird, but also original. I am glad to hear The Angel's Share was a good sequel!

  15. Omg, I felt the same way about Tucholke’s BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. This one seems super weird as well, but I’m kind of intrigued. Great reviews!! :D


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