July 5, 2016

Supe Shots feat. Jennifer Estep, G.R. Manning & Emily Giffin

Because it's Summer, I'm going to do sporadic review digests and will be in and out the sphere. I thought I'd quit my anti-social ways for now and do more carpe diem-ing.

Bright Blaze of Magic, Black Blade , by Jennifer Estep
4 Cauldrons | via NetGalley | April 26, 2016
Kensington Books | Young Adult | Urban Fantasy
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BRIGHT BLAZE OF MAGIC is a fantastic ending to a fantastic series. Jennifer Estep delivered a fitting conclusion to all the build-up regarding black blades, monsters, magic, and feuding families. Lila might be the lead, but everyone had their chance to be the hero, proving that beating the enemy is more of a team effort than a super fantastical tale of how one teenager beat a formidable and more experienced foe. My favorite parts are the ones with the monsters, especially the ones with the lochness, its scenes with Lila are very touching. Once again, JEstep surpassed whatever expectations I have including ones I wasn't aware of. Yes, Black Blade, is that good. I look forward to her next series, this lady's imagination is boundless and how she executes her fantasies into stories is flawless. A definite must-read author for fans of the Urban Fantasy genre.

Feathers, The Tales Trilogy 2, by G.R. Manning
DNF | via Edelweiss | July 5, 2016
Sky Pony Press | Fantasy
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DNF @ 64% 

I initially love the setting and Ode's story. But this fantasy lacks action, Ode's adventure is so chill I wanted more confrontations, more combat, but instead, Ode is always fleeing or flying somewhere. Granted I haven't read book 1 and there seems to be a bigger plot at play here, yet there's no big spike in the flow of the story for FEATHERS to be exciting or thrilling. Aside from mild curiosity, sadly FEATHERS failed to engage me.

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin 
3 Cauldrons | Standalone | via NetGalley | June 28, 2016
Ballantine Books | Contemporary Women's Fiction
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FIRST COMES LOVE is unlike any of the books by Emily Giffin that I've read. It's not romance driven,  rather it's a love story about family sisterhood. Fifteen years ago, Josie and Meredith's older brother died from an accident and their family has never quite recovered from it. There are also other themes that were explored such as marriage in crisis, the perils of being single, motherhood, and career humps.

The sisters Josie and Meredith are portrayed well, they're very flawed, sometimes relatable, yet they didn't quite endear themselves to me. My schtick is FIRST COMES LOVE dwelled too much on their brother's death. Fifteen years should've been enough time to deal with residual issues more maturely yet Josie and Meredith come at each other like emotionally handicapped teens. There were no poignant moments, just a lot of anger and resentment that leaped to the eventual resolution. The relationships between all characters evolved, but their characters not as much. By the end of this little story, I could care less about Josie and Meredith. 

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  1. Great reviews! I loved Bright Blaze of Magic too. First Comes Love is on my list to read, so I may grab it from the library soon.

  2. I'm listening to the second Black Blade book right now and am almost done. I'm really enjoying it!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes all you need are mini reviews.


  4. Thanks for the reviews. Hope you have fun being out there doing what you're doing.

  5. Glad you enjoyed JEstep's, I did as well :)

  6. I will be online, but in Rl, I will so sink into a reading dark hole when vacay starts

  7. I almost downloaded Feathers from Edelweiss because it seems like such an interesting retelling, but it also seemed like the kind of books that would be kind of meh for me. Sorry you didn't like it! I didn't read the first book either, so you've made me feel better about my decision not to read this one.

  8. I've only read the Estep one but I really enjoyed it and had a great time with the story. I didn't know about the others.

  9. Really want to read that new Emily Giffin one, but I'm scared it might make me mad,too. Hmm.

  10. Enjoy all the carpe diem-ing! I'd be happy if I accomplished one thing this summer lol Maybe I should just take the message the universe is trying to send me and nap until September lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  11. The Jennifer Estep series is one I want to read after seeing everyone's thoughts on it.

    Enjoy your summer drifting. :)

  12. I had a lot of fun with the Black Blade series and look forward to her next series too!

  13. I have yet to read Emily Griffin but I like the idea of a story about ties of familial love.

  14. Well that's a bust, as I JUST received a copy of Feathers today!! Even First Comes Love doesn't look all that amazing, though I like the idea of it not focusing on the romance :P

  15. I need to read Estep's series already, especially since it had a good ending.

  16. I love Jennifer Estep. I still need to try her other YA series. I loved Black Blade series and Gin and the gang are some of my favorites. I'm not familiar with the other two books. I'm sorry they weren't as good as you had hoped.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  17. I'll have to catch up on the Black Blade series, I loved the first book and own book 2 and 3, but haven't read them yet. Glad to hear you thought it was a good ending. Too bad about the DNF.

  18. Bright Blaze was a great ending to the series. I love that series so much.


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