July 26, 2016

Shelley Loved: Sun and Moon by Desiree Williams

Series: Standalone
Format: E-Galley | 255 pages
Release Date: April 28, 2016
Publisher: Amazon Digital Svcs.
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Genre: Fantasy

There is nothing in life that eighteen year old Zara craves more than her freedom. Stolen from her home in Cadrebia at the age of eight, Zara has spent more years than she cared to admit as a slave to the Tankadesh courts. Her days are filled with protecting the princess, while she spends nights entertaining the king and his officials with her mastery of weapons. Any spare moment in between, she plots escape.

Yet her hopes for freedom come to a crashing halt when a stranger arrives bearing the mark of her assigned lifemate, and he threatens war if she isn’t turned over into his care. But a lifemate is not part of the plan. Her dreams, of choosing her own path and being the master of her own will, weaken as her Moon seeks to claim his Sun.

Is it possible that this stranger, with gentle blue eyes and a ready smile, didn’t come to be her new master? That there could be more to his tale?

Zara soon finds that neither her captivity nor her parents’ deaths were mere random attacks. And by returning to Cadrebia, she may have put the future of the royal line—and her Moon—in jeopardy. While Zara breathes in her first taste of freedom, her enemies move in, seeking to rob Cadrebia of its blessed prophecy.

To keep what she holds dear, Zara must rise above the pain and uncertainty to claim the lifemate assigned to her, or more than her freedom will be stolen this time.

In the land of Cadrebia, lives 22-year old Jaedon. He is the Prime Regent of Cadrebia who has been hoping for FOUR years to be Marked. The Mark indicates that the Giver of Life has matched him to his lifemate. His lifemate is supposed to be the next Royal Sun who was born on the same day. When the Giver of Life also sends him a warning that his lifemate is in danger, Jaedon, and his FOUR Minor Governors set out to Tankadesh to find her. In Tankadesh, there lives an 18-year old girl named Zara, who when she was 8-years old, was stolen away from her home in Cadrebia during a raid on her home that left her parents dead, and the Eastern Quarter in shambles.

Zara found herself working as a slave/entertainer to the ruler of the land King Melchior. She is the King's favorite entertainer with her blades. Zara is also guard to Princess Roxana, but it's more of a friendship than a master/slave situation. Zara has been forbidden from speaking when anyone else is around thanks to her own disobedience. But, after being marked shortly before she is set to flee with Roxana, Dareh (Captain of the Guard), and Essie (the only remaining link she has to her family), she isn't at all happy and neither is Essie who knows what the mark means. If King Melchior discovers her real importance, she will have no chance of escaping and neither will Roxana who is tired of being used as a pawn by her own father in order to gain a male heir.

Enter Jaedon and his men in one of the more glorious entrances possible. He and his men have the gift for flare, that's for sure. They are also very loyal to their friend and soon to be ruler Jaedon. Especially after learning that the King had his lifemate whipped. During a rather long journey that is fraught with danger, and trying to learn more about what it means to be life mates, Zara and Jaedon also have to come up with the reason why she was taken in the first place and who was responsible. What makes Zara so special and important that an entire Quarter was destroyed to destroy any evidence of her disappearance? With Zara's return, it also brings about the possibility that Zara could be targeted yet again. But, don't fret for Zara. She has some really bad-ass abilities and isn't afraid to kick some ass.

Desiree Williams' SUN AND MOON isn't a very long story by any stretch of the imagination and I dare say that there could have been a bit more added and I would have still enjoyed the story. This is a story that is pure fantasy and romance. If is a story with a male protagonist who is truly amazed by his luck with having Zara as his lifemate and goes to great lengths to prove it. It is a story that takes two people who were truly meant to be together, and tosses in danger, suspense, twists, and surprises that get tossed in their way before they can enjoy their HEA moment. SUN AND MOON is a story that is filled with secondary characters who you will love as much as I did.

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Talk Supe


  1. Loving fantasies of all kinds lately so I'll have to give this one a try too. Wonderful review!

  2. It's great when you have characters like that! I didn't know about the book so thanks for the review

  3. Ohh I like good secondary ones

  4. Great title. Made me come over and check it out. I like the pretty cover and your rating makes me think this may be for me.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. I love a heroine who can kick some serious ass.

  6. Love that it isn't HEA right away and they had to work for it. Sounds like a winner!!

  7. That's awesome it was such a good story even though a short one. That's hard to do!

  8. At least it seemed an enjoyable read even tho it could've been expanded. Added it to my wishlist :D


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