June 27, 2016

Loved It: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

Series: Shadow 1
Format: Paperback
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Publisher: Jove
Source: Publisher
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Whether it’s fast cars or fast women, Stefano Ferraro gets what he wants. When he’s not fodder for the paparazzi, he commands Ferraro family businesses—both legitimate and illegitimate.

While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth. The Ferraros are a family of shadow riders capable of manipulating light and dark, an ability Stefano thought ran in his family alone—until now…

With little left to her name, Francesca Cappello has come to Chicago in hopes of a new life. She wasn’t expecting to attract the attention of a man with primal hunger in his eyes, driven to claim her as his to protect and to please. And if he discovers her secret, it could ruin her.

My very first Christine Feehan and I haven't read paranormal romance in so long. I have no idea what to expect from the lauded Queen of PNR. Overall, SHADOW RIDER is a great read, very old school, and it's everything we love about PNR. I'm swooning from the first chapter (you HAVE you read the excerpt below). Intrigued by Stefano Ferraro, his family, and what kind of creature is a shadow rider.

I find the myth unique although a little vague. Or maybe it's not as complicated as your run of the mill night crawlers. It's very literal and these Shadow Riders are like a vigilante group/assassins for hire. There's some action and the final confrontation is perfect! But as SHADOW RIDER is a PNR, CFeehan focused more on Stefano and Francesca's relationship, building the romantic tension to the point where I'm shouting at Stefano and Francesca to do the deed and get it over and done with.

I love SHADOW RIDER, it's formulaic and like coming home. Half of me got the feels, I had to take mini breaks just to catch my breath because Stefano is so effing intense! He's every bit an Alpha, very commanding, always frowning, on the edge, ready to snap at the smallest provocation and Stefano is SO DAMN SEXY! That said, part of me find Stefano and even Francesca your stereotypical PNR couple. After a while, I started to find their antics amusing and I would play their scenes like a parody. Anyway, read SHADOW RIDER, you won't be disappointed.

From Christine Feehan's website, read the rest of Chapter 1 here

The door opened and a blast of cold air swept into the shop, chilling her further. She turned her head and froze. She had never in her life seen a man more gorgeous or more dangerous. He was tall, broad shouldered, tough as nails and totally ripped. His hair was jet black and seemed messy, but artfully so, as if even it refused to disobey him.

He wore a three piece dark charcoal, pin striped suit that had to have been tailor made in Italy or France and looked to be worth a fortune. His tie was a darker gray to match the thin stripes in his suit and was worn over a lighter shade of charcoal shirt. He wore buttersoft gloves and a long, dark cashmere overcoat. Even the shoes on his feet looked like he’d paid a fortune for them. He made her acutely aware of her shabby clothes.

She wasn’t the only one who noticed him. The moment he entered, all chatter in the shop ceased. Completely. No one so much as whispered. No one moved, as if they were all frozen in place. Pietro came to attention. Beside her, Joanna took a deep breath. The atmosphere in the store went from friendly chatter and lighthearted gossip to one of danger.

His face was carved in masculine lines and set in stone. He had a strong jaw covered by a dark shadow. He was easily the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. His eyes were such an intense blue she almost didn’t believe it was his natural color. The blue eyes swept the room, taking in everything and everyone. She knew he did. So did everyone in the room. Just like her, they were all staring at him. The eyes came back to her. Settled. Narrowed.

The impact was physical. Her breath rushed from her lungs. He could see right through her. She had far too many secrets for him to be looking at her and seeing so much. Worse, his gaze drifted over her, taking in the cropped sweater that molded to her breasts and just barely reached her waist. Her jeans rode a little lower than her waist so she had to resist pulling at the hem of the sweater, although her fingers automatically curled around the hem to do just that. The sweater was one of the few things she owned that was warm.

His gaze traveled down her holey jeans to her wet shoes and back up to her face. She wished the earth would open up and swallow her. The tension in the deli went up several more notches. Francesca knew why. Not only was this man gorgeous and dangerous, he was angry. A black wall of intense heat filled the room until no one seemed able to breathe. She could actually feel his anger shimmering in the air. The room vibrated with his fury.

She found herself trembling and shrinking back under that brilliant blue stare. She didn’t understand why he’d singled her out, but he had. His diamond hard gaze was fixed on her, not on any of the other customers— just her. She took a deep breath and let it out, tugging self consciously on the hem of her sweater. When she did, his scowl deepened.

“Mr. Ferraro.” Pietro stepped around the counter.

Pietro’s shoulders were square, his face a mask of concern, his tone respectful. He looked as if he might faint any moment. Everyone did. Francesca didn’t understand what was happening, but clearly Joanna was very aware. Her friend trembled and put one hand on Francesca’s arm as if to steady herself.

They were all afraid of him. Francesca could see why— he looked and felt dangerous. But every single person in the store? Afraid? Of. This. Man. That was a little terrifying. She wished fervently he would stop looking at her.

The man, Mr. Ferraro, stepped in her direction. He looked— predatory. His gaze didn’t waver. Not for one moment. If she wasn’t mistaken, he didn’t blink, either. The crowd instantly parted, just like the Red Sea, leaving open a path straight to her. She felt more vulnerable and exposed than ever. She couldn’t even ask Joanna who he was and why everyone was afraid of him or even how they all knew him. Or why his anger would be directed at her.

Everything in her stilled. Unless he knew. Oh, God. He couldn’t know. She had nothing left, nowhere to go. If she didn’t get this job, she’d be on the street again. Her face burned under his scrutiny. She knew he saw everything. Her thrift store clothes. Her wet shoes. Her lack of makeup. His suit easily cost thousands, as did his coat. His gloves probably cost more than her entire outfit when it had been brand ​new. What he spent on his watch could probably buy a car.

She felt her color rise, and she couldn’t stop it. Her gaze lowered, although she felt defiant. Just because he was wealthy— and he was more than wealthy— anyone with eyes could see that— he had no right to judge her.

God, but he was good ​looking. Italian American. Olive skin. Gorgeous blue eyes and thick black hair that made a woman want to run her fingers through it. No man should be able to look like he did. She tried to look away from him, but something in his steady gaze warned her not to and she didn’t dare defy him. She couldn’t imagine anyone crossing him. He didn’t exactly walk up to her. He stalked, like a great jungle cat emerging from the shadows. Silent. Fluid. Breathtaking.

“Poetry in motion,” she murmured under her breath. She’d heard the expression, but now she knew what it meant, how the words could come alive with a man moving.

He stopped abruptly. Right in front of her. Had he heard? She felt more color creeping into her face. A deep red. She was mortified to be singled out of the crowd. That was bad enough, but if he’d heard her ...

“I’m Stefano Ferraro. You are?” It was a demand, nothing less.

She opened her mouth. Nothing came out. She actually felt paralyzed with fear. Of what she wasn’t certain. Joanna’s fingers dug into her arm hard, hard enough to get her to blurt out her name. “Francesca. Francesca Capello.”

“Where the fuck is your coat?” His voice was pitched low. Soft. It sounded menacing, as if all his anger was directed at her because she didn’t have on a coat.

She winced at his language and the abruptness of his completely shocking question. She tipped her chin up and instantly his eyes were on her face, following that gesture of defiance. “It isn’t your business,” she said, keeping her voice as equally low.

A collective gasp went up in her store, reminding her they weren’t alone. She felt alone, as if there were only the two of them.

“It is my business,” he returned. “You’re shivering so badly your teeth are chattering. Where the fuck is your coat?

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  1. I love that you said this was old school. I definitely need to try this author and series.

  2. I love this author's Dark series and after reading that excerpt it's obvious I need to read this series as well. Damn, gonna have to get this one now.

  3. Formulaic can be good sometimes. I don't know if you noticed, but in their quest to deliver "different", "novel", and so on, authors sometimes manage to deliver not-necessarily-better, right? I think it's why I turn to classics - you know, the oldies-but-goodies principle. I haven't read Feehan either, but I will at some point. She's a phenomenon and is worth investigating :) Love the review, hope your summer is going well... Hugs <3

  4. OOh you know what Braine its been a while since I read one of her books, so many authors so little time LOL. This one sounds right up my PNR alley, I remember that I loved about her other novels was the very old time feel you mentioned above. Thanks for putting this in my path!

  5. I liked this one and it was my first Feehan, but I also had niggles about their relationship a bit. I definitely want more of the series. It was a nice all around start and cool world with the Shadow Riders.

  6. Stefano and his intensity sounds like a character I could get into

  7. This series is on my to try list. I loved her Carpathians once upon a time and love the Sister of the Heart series :)

  8. Oh yay!!! I've been wanting this one :D

  9. I have heard so many wonderful things about this author! One of these days I will have to read some of her stuff. Great review!

  10. I'll have to try this, or one of her other books. I had to DNF Dark Prince because it was too cliche and I couldn't get into it. I've been recommended her books a lot, so I'll give her another shot one day.

  11. I have not read Feehan, I know right

  12. oh I have been a bit worried about this one. Since her last two books that were released I didn't really like the heroes. But I have been hearing great things about this hero. I do love a good alpha, and I love a author that puts a focus on the romance :) Lovely review.

  13. I have only ever tried her Ghost Walker books, perhaps I need to revisit her. You do have me curious.

  14. I hear this author is kind of cliche but cracky fun. I have several of her books and want to give them a try!

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  15. We got this one in at the store and when I checked it in I was thinking it sounded good. I haven't read any of her books but I've heard she's amazing. I'm glad you liked this!

  16. She's one I keep meaning to try out. Yay for it being a good first go for ya!

  17. Sounds like a good paranormal romance! The Shadows Riders do sound original, even though it stays a bit vague. And sometimes a formulaic read that feels like coming home is exactly what you're looking for!

  18. I haven't read a PNR in a while either, I do like the sound of Shadow Rider though! Fab review!


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