March 5, 2016

Suped Up: Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

Series: The Others 4
Format: eGalley
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Ace Roc Books
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Fantasy

For centuries, the Others and humans have lived side by side in uneasy peace. But when humankind oversteps its bounds, the Others will have to decide how much humanity they’re willing to tolerate—both within themselves and within their community...

Since the Others allied themselves with the cassandra sangue, the fragile yet powerful human blood prophets who were being exploited by their own kind, the delicate dynamic between humans and Others changed. Some, like Simon Wolfgard, wolf shifter and leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn, see the new, closer companionship as beneficial—both personally and practically.

But not everyone is convinced. A group of radical humans is seeking to usurp land through a series of violent attacks on the Others. What they don’t realize is that there are older and more dangerous forces than shifters and vampires protecting the land that belongs to the Others—and those forces are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect what is theirs.

This series, The Others, is simply divine! Anne Bishop continues to impress, enchant, and embroil us deeper into the politics between humans and the terre indigene. It got bloody, the death toll was high, I was a mess by the time MARKED IN FLESH was over. And wanting for more that's for sure.

I won't do a recap, I'll leave that to the other bloggers who've posted reviews before me. The short of it is there's a race war going on, humans came after The Others, the latter retaliated, things are definitely changed, tensions are high, and the already fragile relationship between humans and The Others is vulnerable than ever. 

MARKED IN FLESH is yet another engrossing installment. Simon, Meg, and the rest of the characters had me wrapped around their fingers from beginning to end. There's a sense of danger almost from the start, something dark is about to pass and the entire world is on edge. This novel took us beyond Lakeside Courtyard and gave us a horrific glimpse of what's happening in this world. Sadly, I don't find it any different from the world we're living in right now.

And despite all the doom and gloom feel, there's a LOT of funny moments as well. To say that there's a big difference between humans and The Others is a big understatement. The Others are ruled by their instinct, they don't put much thought on their actions in that it's always purposeful and deliberate and it's their efforts to understand humans that had me chuckling and giggle-snorting in amusement. Case in point: 

Shifting his (Simon) head to Wolf form, he loaded the toothbrush with toothpaste a seond time and brushed the other, better, set of teeth.

Underclothes smelled a lot more interesting after the female wore them. 

This is my favorite though, a letter sent to The Others Etiquette column by a baffled Wolf, asking for advice pertaining to human dating and relationships.

Dear Ms. Know-It-All:

Last night a human female invited me for dinner ad some four-play. (It turned out to be a two-okay since no one else showed up.) After dinner she wanted to sit in the back of her car to play. Since this was my first social interaction with a uman, i was trying to be polite, so I didn't point out that the nearby field provided a lot more room to run around. I also didn't point out that she didn't have any toys. Anyway, she started patting me with her hands and licking at my mouth. When she put her tongue in my mouth, I thought sh was hungry despite having just eaten a large dinner. So I obliged and gave her a mouthful of pre-chewed food.

After she got done spitting and screaming, she told me to get out of the car. Then she drove off, and I had to walk home.
why did she do that?

Signed, Baffled Wolf


Yet despite it's fantastical tones, foreboding feel, and hilarious moments, I was very affected by the story. I can't help but read into the story and see it as a metaphor for what's happening in our world right now: racial discrimination and supremacy, hate groups, and the ongoing rape (yes, I believe in climate change) of Mother Nature and her eventual retribution, is very evident in MARKED IN FLESH. For all intents and purposes, The Others is a very entertaining read, but as I interpret the story a differently, it's also alarming. We are The Others and we are upsetting the balance of nature because of our own prejudices and biases. 

Anyway, I love this series so fucking much! Checking it out is a MUST!

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  1. Aaaaaah damn! I so need to meet these guys. They sound amazing!


  3. Yay! This series really is fabulous isn't it. I'm so sad there is only one more book!

  4. First of all, that letter! BAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't get over how funny that is!
    I am so so so excited to read this one, Braine! I read the series a couple of weeks ago and I'm majorly in love! I'm simultaneously terrified and excited of how dark the book is going to be! No doubt I'll love it though! :)
    Great review!

  5. I completely agree with you. I love the little funny sections mixed in with the darkness. I loved that letter about the foreplay. LOL. I also really felt there was a lot of similarities with the current real-life climate, which is really scary. Can we send the sharkguard after Trump? How about that ending??

  6. I can't wait to read Written in Red!

  7. I can't wait to read Written in Red!

  8. lmfao at baffled wolf's letter :D

  9. I will check out this series just because of that letter alone, LOLOL!

  10. I pretty much said the same thing in my review about the parallels to today's world. It's kind of scary and I hope we learn our lesson unlike the humans of this world.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  11. I love how you describe this one with the blend of darkness and humor. Need to get busy and read this series.

  12. Fantastic review! I can't wait to read this one. I loved that letter, it made me laugh so hard. I also think that it's very similar to earth now just 'the others' are hidden and no one knows about them (Others being the Earth and the spirit realm). I think the Earth may have to retaliate in some way. It's very sad.

  13. Even though I had an ARC, I couldn't read it. I had to wait for the audiobook which I get tomorrow, finally!

  14. Haha - yes, I love that there's those lighter moments mixed in with all the dark stuff happening. This series kicks ass.

  15. Gah! I've got to get started on this seems like it just keeps getting better! :)

  16. So many people like this series. I may need to look into it and add it to my TBR. It sounds interesting. Nice review!
    Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

  17. I loved the letter. This series is so fun to read/listen to. I've not read anything else like it.


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