March 6, 2016

Liked It: Her Fierce Warrior by PaigeTyler + Some Advice & Giveaway

Series: X-Ops 4
Format: eGalley
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy

The woman tensed. As anger and fear ricocheted across her face, her eyes changed from red to green to brown in a dizzying display like nothing he'd ever seen.

Every instinct in Angelo's body screamed at him to lunge for his weapon. Instead he set his feet for impact, blocking her slashing claws. Unbelievably, after a few moments of struggling, she went still, all the fight gone...

Minka isn't sure she should trust the sexy Special Forces soldier who found her. Subjected to horrors, on the run from scientists set on locking her in a cage, Minka is terrified of the monster she's becoming...and somehow, Angelo is the only one who can calm the beast inside her and make her feel safe.

But can she trust the way he makes her feel when she's not even sure she can trust herself?

HER FIERCE WARRIOR is by far, the most emotional installment of all the X-Ops series IMO. In this book, Paige Tyler showed us the dark side of being a hybrid, that weird stage of grasping your new self before you become a superhero. Minka brought a certain level of vulnerability to the story attributed to being kidnapped and experimented on, things that were somewhat glazed over in the previous books.

I love how PTyler really got to the down and dirty of the story, slowed down the action for a bit and focused on the other side. The surviving side that Ivy (Her Perfect Mate) was hiding in the shadows that is now brought to light. It's not pretty, in fact surviving Stutmier's lab of horrors isn't the end of the nightmare for his test subjects, PTSD seems tame compared to the trauma Minka and Ivy have to deal with on a daily basis. And even if HER FIERCE WARRIOR is a romantic sci-fi/fantasy tale, I can't help but be moved by Minka's terrors.

And it's no wonder that Minka gravitated easily towards Angelo. Not only did he rescue her, I guess he's the first person in a long time that showed Minka real kindness and concern. The romance between the two is slow-burning. Angelo's reaction is rooted in compassion which eventually blossomed to something more hot and intense. I personally didn't connect with the romance much, I generally don't respond to "innocent/virginal" tropes and HER FIERCE WARRIOR is no different.

All in all, I love the direction this series is going. Stutmier is one slippery SOB and the government conspiracy coupled with it is so juicy! I am looking forward to the eventual confrontation between the X-Ops and the mad scientists, I'm sure it will be one hell of a fight!

“So what did you and Landon do this afternoon?” Minka asked, her soft voice dragging him back to the present.
Angelo looked up to see that Minka had already polished off two fajitas. Damn, the girl could eat. “Landon gave me a tour of the DCO complex. I did some target shooting and blew up a few things. He even let me play with the expensive surveillance toys. I swear, it felt more like a recruiting pitch to get me to work there than anything.”
Minka’s eyes flashed green, her full lips curving slightly. Damn, why the hell had he said it like that? Now she probably thought he was going to come work for the DCO. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t, not after just reenlisting for another five years. The army wasn’t the kind of job where you could walk into the boss’s office and say, “I quit.”
Thinking it would be a good idea to steer the conversation back to safer ground, he reached for another fajita and asked Minka a question instead. “What do you think you’ll work on next with Ivy and Tanner? You going to practice with the claws for a while or move on to something else?”
Angelo felt a little crappy about changing the subject, but if Minka noticed, she didn’t seem to mind. And it wasn’t like he had to fake interest in what she was saying. Anything that involved Minka was important to him. Besides, he didn’t know much about shifters or hybrids, so the whole thing was pretty damn fascinating.
“What do you visualize when you see the beast in your mind?” he asked.
“Before today, I thought of it as a giant, blurry monster.
But after learning that the beast is a cat, that’s how I picture it now.” She smiled. “Not a little house cat, of course. They aren’t scary enough. More like a big cat that roams the mountains.”
“Makes sense,” he said.
Minka set the other half of her fourth fajita on her plate and gave him a curious look. “Would you mind if I ask you a personal question?”
His mouth twitched as he prepared another fajita. He wasn’t used to Minka being so reserved. She usually said whatever was on her mind, regardless of whether it was personal or not.
“Go ahead,” he said.
“The first time we met, I had claws, fangs, glowing red eyes, and I tried to kill you. Since then, I’ve spent most of the time telling you about an imaginary creature that lives inside my head and makes me act like a monster. How are you so calm about that? Most people would have run away already.”
Angelo chuckled. Not exactly the personal question he’d expected, but then again Minka rarely did the expected.
“Well, my mom was full-blooded Cherokee, and I grew up around all kinds of Indian folktales and legends.
My dad was in the army, and whenever he was deployed, Mom would take my sisters and me back to the reservation where she grew up in Oklahoma. I’d stay up half the night listening to the old men tell stories about shape-shifters, animal spirits, skin-walkers, and trickster spirits.” He grinned. “I’m not saying I necessarily believed in all that stuff back then, but after meeting Ivy, Tanner, and the other shifters at the DCO, it just didn’t faze me that much.”
Minka looked at him with wide eyes. “You’re a real American Indian? Like in the movies? With horses and everything?”
He laughed again. The expression of wonder on her face was adorable. “First, I’m only half-Indian. My dad is Mexican, so there’s that. And second, Native Americans are almost nothing like you see in the movies. We don’t all live in tepees and ride horses. In fact, I don’t even own a horse.”

Minka was a little disappointed about the no-horse thing, but she was fascinated with what it was like growing up on an Indian reservation and being surrounded by all those legends. She immediately asked him to tell her some Indian stories. It had been a long time since he’d thought about them, but to make her happy, he dug through his head and tried to remember every tale he’d heard as a kid.


If you could give advice to Angelo and Minka before the start of Her Fierce Warrior, what would you tell them and why?

Minka has gone through hell since she was captured and experimented on by a couple psycho doctors who injected her with drugs that turned her into a monster—at least in her eyes. All she feels is rage almost every second of the day. But the moment Angelo wraps his arms around her, all that rage goes away. She wants to stay with him, but how the heck is this going to work when he’s a soldier?

Angelo is a career soldier in the Army Special Forces. He fully expects to spend the majority of his adult life in the military, just like his father. He saw first-hand what that kind of commitment can do for the other people in a soldier’s life, so he has no plans to even start a relationship with a woman. But then he meets Minka—a woman who needs him more than anyone ever has—he starts thinking that maybe he needs a new plan. But how the heck is this going to work when he’s a soldier?

If I had a chance to talk to Minka and Angelo, my biggest piece of advice would be to trust your initial instincts and don’t second guess yourself. This is going to work out because it has to!

Paige is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She graduated from The University of West Florida with a degree in education in 2000, but decided to pursue a full- time career as a writer in 2004. Since then, she’s written over fifty books in several genres, including paranormal, contemporary, western, sci-fi and erotica.

She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty, independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her stories of romance, adventure, suspense, passion and true love will leave you breathlessly panting for more.

She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

When not working on her latest book, Paige enjoys reading, jogging, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, going to the beach, watching NFL football, watching movies and hanging out with her husband (not necessarily in that order!)

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  1. MMMmmmm X-Ops! Sounds yummy. I like that this one got emotional. Each book of a series should have a little bit of a different focus, I think. That guy on the cover! I want!

  2. sorry to learn that you couldn't connect with the romance. I wonder if I have tried a book in the series, it feels like it

  3. I'm only two books into the X-Ops series, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm excited to pick up the next two books in the series.

  4. I'm debating on whether to start this series.

  5. Yeah that confrontation is high on my list of exciting anticipated moments for the series, too.

  6. I don't love the virginal angle, but I don't hate it either. I like the sound of this one and I might enjoy it. I love PNR and Romantic Suspense so... :D

  7. So they need to be read in order because of the overall arc, right? I don't read a lot of this genre, but it looks good.

  8. Good to hear it was down and dirty and you like where series is going

  9. I'm glad you're still enjoying this series so much, Braine. I'm eager to start it. :) I think the emotional vulnerability in this installment would work for me, but I get that the way it was done didn't work for you. I'm happy you liked Her Fierce Warrior despite not liking the romance trope.

  10. Nice to see you still like the series. Thank you for the review and guest post. I enjoyed both.
    Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures


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