February 19, 2016

Loved It: '80's Mix Rewind by Karen Booth, Jenny Holiday, AJ Pine, et al

Series: Romance Rewind 2
Format: ARC
Release Date: February 16, 2016 
Publisher: Pink Kayak Press
Source: Karen Booth
Genre: Anthology | New Adult | Eighties

Save a Prayer by Karen Booth Angie Dawson never wants to see Graham Whiting again, a complete impossibility living in Stourbridge,England, the town outside London where she and Graham grew up. His band, Banks Forest, is so hot in the UK they might as well be on fire. She can’t turn on the blooming radio or watch telly or look at a magazine without being confronted by the ’80s Fab Four, fronted by the sexy bloke she’d once called her boyfriend. Every girl in England wants him. Bloody bastard.

Desperate to escape the 24-7 Banks Forest overload, Angie takes a twoweek job working as a photographer at the Music Revolution festival in the US. Finally, she can set her mind on something other than Graham and what it was like before he started being such a wanker. Maybe she can sort out what to do with her life. If she’s lucky, she’ll meet a cracking guy who doesn’t think he’s God’s gift to women. The instant she steps off the plane, she learns how daft her plan was. Banks Forest mania practically followed her across the Atlantic. Her new job puts her in Graham’s sights and he’s dead-set on winning her back. He knows the perfect things to say, the right way to kiss her and make everything brilliant again. She wants him, she wants him to be the guy he says he can be, but he’s about to go on the road for a year. How does a reunion with her ex end up being anything more than a one-night stand?

I'm going to come clean, I only planned to read Karen Booth's piece and I decided super last minute to give the rest a gander. Now there are a few stories that I enjoyed aside from Save A Prayer, but it was more half and half for me. 

Save A Prayer by Karen Booth: Banks Forest! Squee!!! You have to read her Chris Penman books if you haven't yet. if you have and enjoyed it, Graham! I wish this was longer, I do love reconciliation stories, and Graham and Claire have a lot more to tell than this cliff notes version. Of course I'm being self-serving because I want more. Subjectivity aside, I love this throwback when the band was at the height of its career, One Direction's got nothing on Banks Forest! Oh the cameos from other Brit pop bands was so good I was having a conniption from its awesomeness!

867-5309 by Jenny Holiday: This is like a John Hughes movie minus the boom box and trench coat. We instead have a blue poufy prom dress, a graffiti artist, and a condemned art building. I love the build up of the romance, made me giddy.

Drummer Girl by AJ Pine: Reality Bites minus the angst and awkwardness. Imagine your life changing for the better in just one night and finding your first love at that? Awesomesauce right?! 

I skipped, skimmed, and DNFd the rest. Believe me, I tried but it got to the point where it feels tedious. The storylines just didn't work for me and ill leave it at that. 

I love this anthology as a whole even if there were shorties I didn't like. The stories revolve around music and there were a lot of 80's pop culture references that made me very excited like the Swatch watches, teased and crimped hair, outrageous fashion, and in eye-blinding colors and style. At the same time, the stories have a strong coming-of-age/new adult vibe to it minus the over the top drama. Reading the stories made me very nostalgic and sure gave me the feels. This is a great collection and I'm hoping that all the couples featured here are still "together" at present.

Grab a copy for only 99pennies!

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  1. It sounds fun to have a period like that in books! i haven't tried any of the authors and I'm sorry to see that some weren't for you but I'm intrigued

  2. There are always the boring ones, and the good ones )

  3. Oh, I want this. Bummer that some were duds for you, but I love the theme.

  4. I thought I had read this but then I realized it was a different anthology. I guess mine was 90's mixtape?? Maybe they're going through the decades lol

    That one was a mixed bag too but the first story was so good it was worth it.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  5. Gah! I'll have to pick up this one since, as you know, I love Chris Penman and Banks Forest!! ;)

  6. Ohh this sounds like pure fun! Love some of the 80s culture - some, not all. :D Sorry you DNF'd some of the stories, though. But the two that you mentioned sound good!

  7. Oh man, I'd read for all the 80's stuff! I hadn't heard of this before so thanks for putting it on my radar!

  8. Ahh.... I love this but I am sad that most of the stories were a fail. At least you found a few you loved. I hate that about anthologies.

  9. Glad you enjoyed KBooth's book! :D I thought of you as soon as I saw it.

  10. Aw too bad, but at least a few worked for you. I'm going to have to check out the Penman books. Thanks for the rec!

  11. I haven't tried any of these authors before but what a great idea for a throwback to the eighties. I'm glad you enjoyed a few of these, Braine. I'm never fully satisfied with all storied in an anthology of different authors. :)

  12. Looks like there are some great stories in this collection Braine! They are all new to me authors!

  13. Dude, you had me at anthology and 80's pop culture! This sounds like my type of read.

  14. Anthos are so hard! Yay for the good ones outweighing the eh!

  15. Oh goodness, the 80's. I grew up then and think this would be so cool to read. LOL! Sounds like fun!


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