February 25, 2016

Shelley Loved: The Night Before Dead by Kelly Meding

Series: Dreg City 6
Format: Mobi
Release Date: 172 pages
Publisher: Smedge Press
Source: Author
Genre: Urban Fantasy

In twenty-four hours, everything they know will change forever.

Evangeline Stone has died twice, survived dozens of wounds that should have killed her, bled to save innocent lives, and she’s still standing while so many of her friends are in the ground. With one final confrontation with the Fey brewing and an end to the constant battling in sight, Evy is ready to fight one last time—and then she’s done. She only has to get through one more day.

Wyatt Truman has loved Evy secretly for years, and openly for only a few months. Their time together has always been fraught with death and blood and fear, but they have overcome all odds and defeated every enemy in order to earn their happily ever after. And once again, Wyatt is putting his trust in an elf in order to secure that future.

Brevin’s plan to stop the Fey will require a leap of faith for everyone involved, as well as the potential loss of life for the three Therian men who volunteer to host and control a Tainted—a demon from the place where magic began. Creatures of emotion and instinct whom Brevin insists can be controlled if summoned correctly and into the right vessel. As time ticks down to the summoning ritual and Dreg violence breaks out all over the city, both Evy and Wyatt find themselves torn between doing what’s right and following their hearts.

"My name is Evangeline Stone. Six Months ago I died and rose again."

THE NIGHT BEFORE DEAD, by Kelley Meding, is the sixth installment in the Dreg City series. Over the course of this series, Evy Stone has fought for every single minute of her second life, and then some. From waking up 6 months ago in a different body after being killed and tortured by elves, to surviving so many attempts on her life, and to her friends lives, that you have to wonder how anyone can continue without having severe issues with PTSD. If you have read the previous novels, you know that Evy, and her lover Wyatt Truman have gone from being Dreg Hunters working for the Triad, to working closely with those they once hunted. They really didn't have much choice. 

Once protectors of the city, they became the hunted and their numbers dwindled rapidly. The city has become a battleground for every supernatural with a chip on their shoulders, including Amalie, Queen of the Sprites, and Nessa, Queen of the Goblins. Now, as part of the Watchtower (an alliance formed from human and paranormal groups, not including vampires who are still reeling from a madman's desire to kill them), it is up to Evy, Wyatt, and their allies Phineas el Chmal, Astrid Dane, Gina Kismet, Marcus Dane, Rufus St. James, and Milo Grant to end the threat to their city. 

As Allies who once helped Evy fall by the wayside knowing that their deaths will hurt Evy on a personal level, things are made even more interesting, when an Elf named Brevin suggests that he has a way to end the threat from Amalie who has an especially keen interest in Evy. All it will take is three willing volunteers who are supposed to take on the hated Tainted and walk into battle as near indestructible forces. The story takes an interesting turn when characters long thought gone from the series, Aurora, come back to help Evy in their battle for the city. 

Evy has been one of my favorite characters from the very first page of Three Days to Dead. She is a force that has learned the hard way how to take a punch, and keep getting back up no matter how much it hurts. She has learned to use her new found gift to travel from one place to another, and she has quick healing abilities which come in handy. One could say that author Meding did her best to torture Evy with every idea to ever come out of horror novels. I've once said that it was way past time for Evy to take a nice long, and perhaps permanent vacation away from the city. That time has now come.

One of the things that has evolved from the first book, is Evy and Wyatt's relationship. He has gone through his own dark challenges over the past few books, and I'm happy to say the romance has gotten even steamier. I love the idea that Evy has become a leader in her own right. People look up to her, and she's become respected by the Therians, even with her sarcastic attitude, and ability to piss people off at the drop of a hat. I love that she has become a mother figure to the teenaged Lupa's (Mark, John, & Peter) who were tortured by a psycho and rescued by Wyatt. I love Evy's growing relationship with Gina Kismet who once tried to kill her, and of course, Milo who is one of the youngest human Hunters. 

"The end...Kinda." With those three words, Meding ends Evy & Wyatt's adventures in Dreg City, but hopefully it's not the last time we will see characters like Phineas, Kismet, Milo, Marcus, and Astrid. I believe that fans of this series should be grateful that the author was able to come back and write the last two books. Some authors don't get the chance to end their series in a way that they have imagined from the first moment they started putting together a story. So, Goodbye Evy and Wyatt! I do hope you enjoy your happy ending as you walk into the sunset and enjoy a few cold drinks as they go!

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Talk Supe


  1. Okay I have had the first and even second book on my kindle for I don't know how long and still haven't tried them. You have convinced me to stop putting this series off! Wonderful review!

  2. I remember tryong book 1 and be really disappointed by it but maybe I should try more to see how it is!

  3. It never worked for me back in the day, sad :/ book 1 that is

  4. I really need to try this series. I loved Kelly Meade's Cornerstone Trilogy series. Great review.

  5. I will have to look this series up at my library. Great review!

  6. I'm happy this left you satisfied, Shelley. I'll get around to this series at some point. :)

  7. Wow, this sounds intense! Someday when I catch up on some of the UF series I've started I may consider this series.

  8. This is a UF series I still need to read. I don't know why... other than time... that I haven't yet. I am glad you still get 2 more books and this was only a kinda ending. :) I agree, more writers... especially those in UF need to see their series through to their intended ending.

  9. If I had a nickel for every time a character was tortured and killed by elves just to rise again, I would nickel. lol. Sounds like a good one.

  10. This is right up my alley, why haven't I come across this before?!

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