January 13, 2016

Fighting Mad by Kathy Bryson

Third in the Series
(Series name unspecified)
Soulmate Publishing
Paranormal Romance
December 23, 2015

Laid off from her job at the bank, Carla turns to her friends for support only to find they’re more concerned about their jobs. The one person she can count on is local bartender Murphy, but what kind of example is that to set for her daughters? Having learned the hard way, Carla’s not depending on any man, even if he is cute, charming, very kind, and some kind of leprechaun?

Murphy is used to sneers. Clurichauns are the redheaded stepchildren of the leprechaun world and then there are the late-night throw-downs at his bar. What he wants, however, is to protect the dainty little mom who ogles him when she thinks no one’s looking. He knows she’s fighting overwhelming odds, but she’ll need more than bravery when the conflict between the King and Queen of the Fairies becomes outright civil war!

January is a hard month to get through. New year, new resolutions, still digesting all that holiday feasting... basically I'm still in the holiday mood so I thought I'd ask Kathy to take over Talk Supe for me today. 

St. Patrick's is still a couple of months away, but is there a perfect time to talk SEXY leprechauns? I think not. Let's make that day today, shall we? 

When It's Love, You Fight For It!

Thanks Braine for having me! I’m thrilled to with Talk Supe to share my latest leprechaun love story!

I know what you’re thinking. Three books in and people still say, “Wait, wha?” It’s the leprechauns’ greatest trick. People automatically think little green men, when really they’re the warriors of ancient Celtic mythology, ready to do anything to protect the gold. Oh yeah, that part’s true! 

When I started writing, I just wanted to share a bit of interesting research and let everyone know that leprechauns are not little green men. They’re actually warriors of ancient Celtic legend, the ‘luch-chromain’ or the sons of Lugh, the Celtic god of war.

It’s a trick! They’ll do anything to protect the gold – and they have a really warped sense of humor. They think it’s funny to mess with researchers andthe ladies of Fayetteville who are trying to manage their jobs and families. In Feeling Lucky - Megan was just celebrating her 40th birthday when she pinched a cute guy and accidentally captured a leprechaun. Then Marilee found herself having to rescue her boss when he was kidnapped by fairies in Restless Spirits. All she’d agreed to was renovating a haunted house because she was desperate for a job! Both of these stories can be read alone, but should be read before FIGHTING MAD.

When Carla’s laid off from the bank and struggling to launch a business, civil war between the King and Queen of the Fairies heats up. It’s a good thing that these leprechauns are also honorable considering how much trouble they stir up. But it’s not trouble the world can ignore. Not only are the leprechauns the hidden power behind the world’s finances, they have the kind of magic that creates tornados! These are the secrets I’m fighting to expose, the kind of thing no woman can ignore, no matter how cute and charming the perpetrators!

“Hey, hey, it’ll be okay.” Murphy leaned over the bar and took my face in both his hands. Rocking my head gently, he soothed, “Shh, shh, shh.”
I almost laughed, recognizing the familiar sounds one makes to a crying baby, and with that hiccup, the torrent slowed and I realized that I sat in an empty bar in filthy, wet clothes with a drippy nose, probably red-rimmed eyes, and the most I could say I’d accomplished was that I was now congested. Oh, and one of the handsomest, nicest men I’d ever met cradled my face in warm, caressing hands with soft, sympathy in his brown eyes. Heat flooded my body and for a change, it wasn’t all from cringing embarrassment.
Murphy leaned forward, pulling me to him across the top of the bar. I went willingly, wanting comfort, wanting more. Murphy closed his eyes, dipped his head, and captured my mouth in a hard, firm press. He meant to be reassuring, I think, but as I caught my breath, he deepened the kiss, sucking my lower lip in between his in a firm grip that left me panting. I closed my eyes, savoring the taste of him and unable to stop a whimper as he ever so ardently kissed me, teasing with tongue and lips until I clung to him, his thin shirt clutched in my fists, kissing him as hungrily as he kissed me.
Murphy broke the kiss first, leaning his forehead against mine, his heavy breath rasping. I gulped for air too, noticing first my hands fisted against the curves of his broad chest and then that I lay half across the bar, my legs dangling a good foot or more off the ground. I squirmed, self-conscious, but more than that. I was good and stuck.

Kathy Bryson knew she wanted to be a writer when she finished reading through her school and local children’s libraries. She honed her writing skills on marketing brochures, websites, and several unfinished manuscripts before going into teaching and finishing award-winning books with all the stuff she enjoys most – from coffee to love to Shakespeare! Kathy lives in Florida where she caters to the whims of spoiled cats and wonders what possessed her to put in 75 feet of flower beds.

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Talk Supe


  1. Oh it sounds fun and it's true that we don't have a lot of books like that featuring this kind of men. thanks for the discovery!

  2. Hi Melliane,
    It was worth the hassle! ;)

  3. Well, well, I look forward to trying a story with a Leprichaun hero. Didn't realize they were a bit something more.

  4. I've never read a leprechaun romance before. When I think about leprechauns, I think of the little horror that killed so many for his pot of gold. LOL!

  5. This sounds like a fun series! And I didn't know that about leprechauns. ;) I think I'd much rather meet a big warrior than a little green man, so I'll check out this series some time. :)

  6. Leprechaun hero---well that is different and sounds totally fun :)

  7. Wow, a Leprechaun hero I'm really interested. Thanks Braine!

  8. Loved this and it is so true! Anything worth having is worth fighting for. ;)

  9. Love the sound of this one, thanks for sharing. And YAY MIPS!

  10. I do love when books take a different spin on things! I think the author contacted me about doing a feature but I'm just so overwhelmed I don't know that I got back to her. They wouldn't fit as well on my blog though so I'm happy to see them here!

  11. Sexy Leprechauns for the win! Murhpy sounds great, and I love that he knows she's looking - even if she thinks she's being secretive about it :) This sounds fun, Braine!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  12. Hm... now I do think I want to meet a leprechaun! LOL This looks like a different and fun concept!

  13. I love a good Irish book with leprechauns, and we don't get very many of them. Thanks for putting this on my radar, it sounds like fun. Cant' wait for March and Spring now.

  14. Oh my gosh. How fun! I don't think I've read a leprechaun of any variety before. Hmmm.

  15. Nice. :) Cute covers too. Thank you for sharing today.

  16. A story about leprechaun? That sounds original! I don't think I've heard of many if any books about leprechauns before, it's fun the authro decided to put a mdoern twist on leprechauns.

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