December 6, 2015

Character Chat: Raining Embers by Jessica Dall

Order and Chaos 1
November 3, 2015
Red Adept Publishing

Palmer Tash always follows the path of least resistance. He has an unusual disability involving his hearing. But in theocratic Latysia, being different isn’t a good thing, so he conceals his problem.

Brier Chastain’s malady is even more debilitating, and she often must take to her bed for long periods. Her days are spent in meaningless pursuits as she awaits an arranged marriage.

When Palmer and Brier are kidnapped on the same night, they meet and discover that their so-called disabilities are actually budding powers. They are the incarnations of Order and Chaos. With their country on the brink of war, the two must step into their predestined roles and learn to take control of their own destinies.

Hi Supies!

Help me welcome Brier, Palmer, and Jessica today on Talk Supe! This book sounds so awesome and since I don't have the bandwidth to read Raining Embers now, so I thought I'd chat with the guys to know more about it. Also, I am digging the cover art, I find it pretty!

Braine: Can you introduce yourself and where you are as you answer this? Your state, condition, etc.

Brier: I'm Brier Chastain-Bochard, and this is Palmer Tash, since it seems he doesn't believe I can manage anything by myself these days.

Palmer: That isn't true. They just asked to interview the main character.

Brier: And you think that's you?

Palmer: Well, I do start the book. 

Brier: [sighs] Anyway, I'm Brier and from an old Latysian family--what people would call Innato, native to the area. Life's always been pretty good to me, though finding out I'm the embodiment of what Palmer would call a "metaphysical concept" has been quite a shock, to say the least. And Palmer, well, he's an orphan turned acolyte turned atheist.

Palmer: I don't get to do my own introduction?

Brier: You don't think that sums you up?

Palmer: [shakes his head but motions] Let's move on.

Braine: Okaayyy... I feel some tension here.... So, what's it like living in Latysia? Perks and setbacks?

Palmer: Setbacks? Few choices for what you want to do with your life.

Brier: Don't mind him. He's a little bitter. What comes from being an atheist in a theocracy, it seems.

Palmer: They control what we do, what we believe...

Brier: And you still can have some amazing parties if you no how to get around all that. Latysia really is a beautiful city, as long as you don't insist on being miserable all the time.

Braine: Order and Chaos, opposite sides of the same coin, how is that working for y'all? 

Brier: Surprisingly well, despite what it may look like here. 

Palmer: True. We have our...

Brier: Not-so-happy-with-each-other moments?

Palmer: Those, but just because we're opposites doesn't mean there are necessarily problems. The world actually depends on us getting along somewhat.

Brier: And both of us quite like the world existing, I've found.

Braine: As Order and Chaos, are you two what we've been reading in our literature books? How are you same or different from the texts? 

Palmer: We're probably a mix of what you've read and haven't. We are from what those we know would call "the old myths" which seem to be at the root of most of the new myths I've read. Things are added or lost or just get changed from tradition to tradition. We're still working to paring out the original truths in a few places.

Braine: From memory, I know Order and Chaos are revered if not feared by many. What's the situation like right now with the oncoming war?

Palmer: Latysia's been sacked three times in as many decades. I'm no sure there's ever been a time there hasn't been some sort of oncoming war. 

Brier: That's a little pessimistic.

Palmer: Realistic, I'd call it. There's just too much wealth in one place and too many city states who want it. A wall and a hill isn't enough to keep them out. People just force themselves to ignore it for the most part so they can have somewhat normal lives.

Braine: How can we help?

Brier: He's really exaggerating. We have everything under control. You don't need to worry.

Palmer: Really, everyone needs to worry, but I'm not sure there's much you can do to help that for the moment.

Brier: Sorry for him.

Palmer: It's the truth.

Brier: [closes her eyes for a moment and releases a breath] I'm sorry, were there any other questions.

Braine: I think that's it from me. Thank you for joining me.
Brier: Thank you for having us. [elbows Palmer]Palmer: Yes, thanks.

Jessica Dall finished her first novel at the age of fifteen and has been hooked on writing ever since. In the past few years, she has published two novels,

The Copper Witch and The Porcelain Child, along with a number of short stories that have appeared in both magazines and anthologies.

In college, Jessica interned at a publishing house, where her “writing hobby” slowly turned into a variety of writing careers. She currently works as both as an editor and creative writing teacher in Washington, DC.

When not busy editing, writing, or teaching, Jessica enjoys crafting and piano, and spending time with her friends and family. She can most often be found at her home in Maryland with a notebook and her much-loved, sometimes-neglected husband.

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