May 28, 2015

Shelley Liked It: Endgame by C.J. Daugherty

Series: Night School 5
Format: E-Book | 315 pages
Release Date: June 4, 2015
Publisher: Bookouture
Source: NetGalley
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Broken. Scattered. But not defeated.

The spy is gone but the cost has been high - the rebels at Cimmeria Academy have lost their leader and Carter West is missing. Nathaniel can taste victory. But Allie and the other survivors aren't done yet. First they have to get Carter back. Then they plan to make Nathaniel pay.

One way or another - the game must end.

Endgame is the thrilling fifth and final book in the internationally bestselling Night School series.

ENDGAME is the fifth and final book in the Night School series. The story picks up right where Resistance left off. The opening chapter, in fact, is one big chase scene with non- stop action, and hold your breath suspense. The rest of the book is tension filled with Nathaniel once again hanging over every single thing that the Cimmeria students and teachers do, while Allie is trying to find a way to get Carter West back, and defeat Nathaniel once and for-all.

Allie has grown up rather quickly from the first novel forward. She went from being a trouble maker and angry girl who was thrown out of her parents house after getting into major trouble, to being sent to Cimmeria where she entered a entirely different world of beautiful and rich students. She's made friends with a core group who have been fighting by her side from almost the beginning. Carter, Sylvain, Rachel, Nicole, Zoe, Isabelle, Raj, Dom, Eloise, and Katie.  

Allie has watched friends die unnecessarily, and faced a megalomaniac in Nathaniel who twisted Allie's brother Christopher to joining him, while desiring Allie for himself to expand his powers and influence. She's become someone who knows how to fight after joining the secretive society known as Night School. She's a rebel leader against the normal and usual, and not shocking at all, pretty powerful in her own right thanks to her grandmother. 

However, always a however, she missed something pretty important that was right in front of her face. How can you truly call yourself a friend and miss THAT happening? Especially since EVERYONE else knew about it except you! Perhaps with everything that's been thrust onto Allie's lap since she arrived at Cimmeria, it took a toll on her. Perhaps it was because she was Nathaniel's target almost from the very beginning, and perhaps, because her friends were too busy to fill Allie in on OTHER things happening around her.

Didn't figure Sylvain into my thoughts of what was going to happen in ENDGAME, which is my mistake. Glad he was at there for the important moments in the story, and not missing in action. Perhaps I am a bit rough when it comes to him, and Allie's choices. I did start out hating him for many reasons, one being he was extremely possessive and grabby hands. But, one thing you can't fault him for is that he is someone you can count on when danger lurks around every corner. 

I was kind of surprised by the ending. Not at all what I was expecting and hoping for which is always nice. I do believe there was an alternative ending possible, but let's walk away knowing that the right couples are together, and that makes me happy. Let's walk away knowing that Allie did whatever she could do to survive until the very last page of the very last book along with most of her closest friends, teachers, and advisers by her side. Let's walk away knowing that Allie truly believes in what she's done, and let's hope that Allie finds a way to forgive her parents for what they've done to her and her brother.

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Talk Supe


  1. Oh man. This is one series that's been sitting forever on my TBR, but I keep neglecting to pick up. Too bad it didn't nearly end the way you'd hoped it would. Great review, Shelley.

  2. Another series that is on my tbr. I have the first 2 books already, but just haven't read them. My cousin has been eyeing them on my shelf and if I don't start them soon, she will sneak them away and read them before I do. She knows my rules - she can't read until I read. I'm hoping that I love the first book enough to keep going.

    1. LOL! I hope you get a chance to read them, and like them.

  3. Great review Shelly, I've been meaning to read this series but something is holding me back. Maybe I'll pick it up again ;)

  4. I don't think I've seen this series before. I don't read too much YA, but this sounds interesting, thanks for sharing Shelley!!

  5. I know I have the first or second book and I still haven't cracked this series. I am glad it ended well for you even if the end was a bit of a surprise.

  6. This is a series that I want to read but have never got around too, sounds like it could be worth a peek!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

    1. I'd say so! Hope you get a chance to read it Heather!

  7. The library has like only book 2 or something, sighs

    1. Same here. I was lucky in that the publisher saw me talking about the series availability in the US, and offered me 2, 3, and 4 via NetGalley. 5 was on NG recently.

  8. I read the first book of this series and then I forgot about it *slaps head* I liked it, so I'm not sure how that happened. Need to get back to it - thanks for the reminder :) Great review!

  9. It's too bad that the series didn't go out with a bang, but it sounds like an okay read. It is always nice to be surprised in the end of a series.


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