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May 18, 2015

Gush + Gripe: Blog Add Ons (Mobile Active Pt. 2) @Shareaholic @Tsu @Goodreads @Blogger

Add Ons That Can Boost Your Numbers
This post is the continutation of last week's Blogger Mobile Settings edition. Below are a few extra gravy that may help your blog's health and a few apps that I love/dislike.


You might have noticed these little babies on other blogs as well. They're Shareaholic buttons and they're my favorite add-ons! It comes in different styles, I just want to be obnoxious with mine, but if you're the sleek and modern type, you can definitely pick that setting. If you don't have it, I suggest you create one and add it ASAP. I did a lot of boo-boos when I was setting it up for the first time. Thank God I have a few helpful bloggy friends who didn't get too annoyed with me. So if you need help with setting up yours, just holler and I'll be there. Paying it forward :)... Shareaholic  is a great tool because generous bloggers can share your posts on their social media accounts withouth a hitch.

I've noticed that when I'm viewing some blogs on mobile view that their Shareaholic buttons are absent but are working just fine via desktop view. Again it's worth checking because you don't want to lose a good post share from your followers in any way.

As for my own settings, below is what I did with mine. I pasted the codes to my blog's template and I think that's what made the difference.

1. Go to your dashboard. 
2. Click "Get Set-up Code. 
3. Go to your Blog template and click "Edit HTML". 
4. Add the code before the </head> part.

Also I suggest you personalize your Twitter share button by changing the tag from @Shareaholic to @talksupeblog, for example. NOTE: Just like commenting, the thirst is real for sharing posts. If we share your posts, we're hoping you'll share ours too.

Also you can link up your own social media sites after they share your post. Under Sharing >> Post Sharing Dialogue >> Follow Buttons, look for the little gear. Scroll down that small window and you can personalize the settings.


I am also loving the Bloglovin' phone app! Have you checked if your Bloglovin' feed is updated? I follow a ton of people but I only get updates from a few blogs.  I personally had issues myself just recently and though it took some time to resolve it, my feed is working fine now. 

Kimberly, The Caffeinated Reviewer, had a post previously about Bloglovin'. My take away from that article is for you to search your own blog as sometimes you might have duplicate or even multiple accounts. The help support can consolidate all the accounts and you following so that's something you might want to add on your to-do list as well.


Lastly, I downloaded the Blogger app for iPhone. It's basically useless for creating posts, it's only useful for editing existing ones. I have a template and it won't load on the app when make a New Post. There's no html setting, I can only bold, italicize, and underline words. I can't do other fancy stuff like font style, colors, alignment, etc. It's convenient when I'm pressed for time and was unable to write up my post the night before. As long as said post is on the drafts, I can easily add content. I just have to tweak the format when I get home.


Goodreads: The app almost has all the features the desktop version has.

Kindle for iPhone: I have a Kindle Fire (1st Gen) and I prefer the app version over the built-in one in the device. If not for the small screen, I think I'll read on my phone all the time. Anyway, what I like best about the app is the Reading Speed feature. I get impatient with my books sometimes and it helps how many minutes/hours I have left to spend on the book. It also helps me plan my reading week, organize my books via the projected amount of time I'll be spending with said novel.

Tsu: I'm not very social to begin with but I still downloaded the app for convenience sake. I love that you can earn pennies (or more) for specific posts, and connect your account with both FB & Twitter so you hit 3 birds with one stone. Also, tsu is a lot like the old Facebook where the system doesn't filter the posts for you. What I don't like about the tsu app is it constantly asks permission from Facebook when I already linked my accounts accordingly. So tedious!

Pic-Collage: Very handy when taking screenshots, book mail, etc. The photo editing options are great!

Viggle: For those of you who are unfamiliar with this app, you use it when you watch TV or listen to music and you get points for the shows and songs which you can exchange for stuff. Well did you know that you can exchange your points for ebooks now too? YES! It depends on what book you like, it can run up to 35k points for the newer, more popular ones. It's a new update from them and I'm debating if I should use mine for Sarah J. Maas or V.E. Schwab. 

In closing, please check your blog from all angles using different devices. Our personal blogging habits are not reflective of our followers'. We might be desktop divas, but as it's the digital age, more and more people are relying on their mobile devices and tablets to surf and follow the internet including blog hopping. 

If you have other tips or great practices, I hope you'll share it with us via the comments section.


  1. This is very helpful, Braine. I especially like the Tsū one, because I know next to nothing about it. I've been having a hard time syncing my post with both twitter and Facebook, so this is really what I needed.

    Thanks, B!

    1. You're most welcome. Anything to help make things easy. Smart blogging ;)

  2. I would love to use Shareholic, but I only use free Wordpress for now. I used to have the Bloglovin' app on my old phone, and I haven't bothered downloading it on my new one yet. Thanks for reminding me! I love the Goodreads and Kindle app. I also have a Kindle Paperwhite, but sometimes I need something lighter to carry around. I really want to start using Tsu as well!

    Thanks for sharing, Braine!

    1. I love bloglovin! It made following and keeping up to d ate with posts easier

  3. Very helpful. You make me want to switch to Blogger, Braine!!!!

    1. DOn't. I think Wordpress is better, I just don't have time to study it right now

  4. I have checked my blog on my phone, but I don't remember if my share buttons are there. I need to double check. I had some issues with Bloglovin three years ago and it took forever to sort it out. I did notice that there are two blogs with my name that are mine, I need to consolidate them. Sigh....

    1. They take some time to reply but once they're on you, they're on you. I suggest you email them now

  5. Too tired to check if I have this right. 'saving the post*

  6. I am on self hosted wordpress and use the plugin jetpack for social sharing buttons. I think it's a good idea to have those buttons as I am thinking it makes people more likely to share your posts.
    I lvoe bloglovin I use it for visiting blogs and ofcourse I claimed my blogs on there. I haven't searched for duplicates, might have to do that again soon. Thanks for the reminder.
    I have an ipad although I basically only use it for reading and sometimes playing a game. I have the kindle app, which is handy for reading all those netgalley and free amazon books I grab. Great post!

    1. Hi Lola, I'm biased, but even though you use Jetpack for sharing, you may want to check out Shareaholic as a better alternative to increase sharing on your site :) We're constantly releasing new goodies for your blog - for instance, we just released support for WhatsApp and SMS share buttons! Learn more about 'em here -

      ps - Shareaholic also has Bloglovin follow buttons

    2. Lola - I hope the kindle app over the actual device

      Oh I have to grab that bloglovin button! Thanks, Jay!

  7. I wish that the Blogger app was a lot more useful because it would be such a time saver to be able to compose posts on my phone or Kindle. I'll have to check out Pic-Collage- been looking for a photo editing app like that for a while.

    1. Right?? When I'm pressed for time, I do the draft and update the actual post throughout the day.

  8. Good point about personal taste not necessarily being that of our followers. I really don't surf and visit on my phone so I forget about checking such apps. I need to get busy on that angle.

    1. It's good to check it once in a while just to make sure it's working on all fronts

  9. Still waiting on BL to email me back, thank you for telling me <333

  10. Great post girl! I think I would like those sharing buttons... I am going to look into it!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    1. It's worth having great share buttons.

  11. I usually just click on the 'more' button at the top left hand side of the blogger page to share on Twitter and facebook. I'm not likely to change things on my blog because it seems everytime I try to, I mess it up some how. lol

    1. I feel you. I'm like that with the codes!!! So I copy it first and paste it on doc so in case I mess up, I can revert

  12. oh, great post! I still need to add our share buttons to our mobile platform...I'm going to try your suggestion over the weekend. I deleted the mobile blogger app from my phone, it was pretty useless to me. But you can edit posts and stuff like that but I was barely using it.

    I love the Bloglovin mobile's how I'm able to comment on posts during work hours...shhhhh!

    1. Let me know if you need help with the stuff although Ana's there so I'm sure you gals can figure it out

  13. I reaaaaaally want to try out Tsu but for the life of me just can't get how it's supposed to work! :| Which really pisses me off because I've heard so much about it, but nothing is really clicking with me about it. Oh well :P And YES to GR and Shareaholic! I have those on my blog as well!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  14. Many I didn't know about but I confess that the first one sounds nice, when I have some times I think I'll take a look! thank you lady!

    1. your share buttons are cool but I don't know how you can personalize it and add your own twitter handle. When I share your posts I have to add it manually

  15. This is a really great post Braine! I recently spent a bit of time finally fixing up my mobile site, it was something I avoided for a long time lol. We're lucky the Wordpress app works well, but it doesn't work with my commenting plugin which is annoying.

    1. Your comment plug in takes a bit longer to use on mobile.

  16. I really wish my shareaholic worked on mobile. It just won't no matter what I try which is crazy frustrating. I love shareaholic when it works though. Mine's had some trouble lately (the links don't match the actual post being shared) but they've been great about trying to get it fixed :)

    1. That's so weird! You're one of the people who helped me set up mine. Yours used to work on mobile then it went away :(

    2. I'm guessing at some point I added something to the blog that conflicted with the mobile part of shareaholic. I think it disappeared after a blog update. When I have more time I may try to figure it out again but I gave up last look around.

  17. Okay, so I actually signed up for Tsu but have not touched it ever since! I'm horrible with social media! :-/ I do live the Bloglovin app though, especially on iOs becaus you don't need to leave the app to comment on blogs! Sometimes I get annoyed switching apps because lazy. Lol. This is great Braine! Thanks for taking the time to do this :)

    1. Me too! I'm so anti-social!

      Exactly! It doesn't revert to Safari even when you're blog hopping on the window.

      Thanks for checking it out :)

  18. I'll have to see if my share buttons work on my mobile.

    I don't really look at blogs on my phone because it's too difficult to comment that way. Big thumbs and all & I can barely see. lol

    I do have Goodreads mobile and I use that to check ratings before I buy a book a lot.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. I visit your blog usually using my mobile (sorry for the typos!).

  19. Like Karen, I usually avoid visiting blogs from my phone because when I visit, I want to comment, and it's so hard to do from the phone. But Bloglovin' app is still awesome

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  21. Great post. You're totally right about mobile stuff. I'm so lazy though and have only gotten part of my sites working lol

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  35. Very informative post, Braine! I'm not using Tsu as much as I could, and find that I'm most social on twitter and facebook...
    And on this post, I can't find your shareoholic buttons o.O so I can't easily share your knowledge :(
    I hope you're having a fabulous Friday :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  36. Great post, lady! I guess i should ask you to make sure my shareaholic works properly. I how it does. :) Thanks for recommending it. I haven't done tsu because I'm not that social and Facebook makes my left eye twitch. But if i can link them all together that might be worth it. Thanks for sharing all the good info!

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