April 23, 2015

A Shot of YA: Some Kind of Normal by Juliana Stone

Series: Stand-alone(?)
Format: eGalley
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Genre: MYA-Contemporary Romance
What is Normal?

For Trevor normal was fast guitar licks, catching game-winning passes and partying all night. Until a car accident leaves Trevor with no band, no teammates and no chance of graduating. It's kinda hard to ace your finals when you've been in a coma. The last thing he needs is stuck-up Everly Jenkins as his new tutor—those beautiful blue eyes catching every last flaw.

For Everly normal was a perfect family around the dinner table, playing piano at Sunday service and sunning by the pool. Until she discovers her whole life is a lie. Now the perfect pastor's daughter is hiding a life-changing secret, one that is slowly tearing her family apart. And spending the summer with notorious flirt Trevor Lewis means her darkest secret could be exposed.

It was about meeting someone who kind of knocked you on your ass. A girl who wasn't anything like I imagined. A girl who was hiding stuff, and just like me, she was hoping no one would notice.
So maybe we could hide together, or maybe we could fix each other. [Trevor]

Oh my heart! Juliana Stone, why do you always give it such a firm but gentle squeeze?? You guys! SOME KIND OF NORMAL is my first Summer-ish read and it. Was. Wonderful! In case you didn't notice the 5-cauldron rating. And if you haven't tried Juliana Stone's contemporary romances (there's a couple of FREEBIES on Amazon), I suggest you do! Her stories are always relatable, realistic, and heartfelt, you'll come back for more to get the feels! 

So I don't know if SOME KIND OF NORMAL is part of a series or what. A sequel was mentioned in the end of Boys Like You, and Trevor was first introduced there... That said, this novel can be read as stand-alone, although I suggest you still read both... for the feels! Anyway, Trevor had it rough. He just came out of a coma after getting into an drunk driving accident and now things are sorta, kinda, normal with a few kinks that requires a lot of adjustment, positivity, and resilience from our young leading man. 

Trevor Lewis' struggle was very believable to me. I appreciated that he wasn't angry all the time, he didn't dwell on the things he used to have, things he used to and can't do anymore because of the after effects of his accident. I find it normal for him to be frustrated at times, but almost losing his life gave him some perspective, and helped him understand the difference between concern and control. Trevor's a good guy overall, I expected him to pull the "victim" card but instead he surprised me by still maintaining a good vibes attitude. Suffice to say that Trevor wasn't in a dark place that he failed to spot Everly's need for friendship and empathy.

Everly (I love her name!) Jenkins was the pastor's daughter and everyone put her in this "perfect box". What people don't know is her "perfect" family is going through a rough patch. For once, I love a young adult heroine who didn't make every stupid thing about her! Anyway, Everly's issue is about her parents' crumbling marriage and I was astounded with how matured she handled the situation. I think it's expected that Everly had her moments. After all, she's only 17 and is forced to share the burden of her parent's issues. But on those tense confrontational moments, Everly was very mature and even wise for her years. And amidst all of her personal problems, Everly still found it in her to extend the same empathy Trevor gave her in the beginning. And fixing each other is exactly what they did. 

I had a personal connection with SOME KIND OF NORMAL, this story hit so close to home, it set me in a melancholic/contemplatative mood after reading it. These kids are dealt sour lemons and I love how they turned it into a sweet and tangy lemonade. There was just one part that I felt was unneccessary, I don't think the dirty laundry here should've been aired in that manner. But for the sake of dramatic tension, I'll give it a pass. Fans of Katie McGarry will totally get into this series, it's not as angsty as Pushing The Limits, but just as hard hitting. I just love this (series) so much I hope there's another on the way!

Talk Supe


  1. Oooh, this is so interesting! I've been getting into the Contemporary vibe lately, and it would be intriguing to see the dynamics of a kid who woke up from a coma and a pastor's daughter. Glad to see that you embraced a YA book, Braine!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. Hey, hey! I already have some of those freebies, so in addition to adding this one to my wishlist, I'm moving Stone up the TBR ;) Realistic stories that get you in the feels without absolutely destroying you are what I look for in contemporary YA ;)

  3. I haven't tried this author but want my heart squeezed so I took your advice and grabbed some of the freebies and added Some Kind of Normal to my wishlist.

  4. Oh this one sounds great! I love the sound of the characters for sure!

  5. Wow. Love seeing that five star rating. I need a nice summery read right now. Plus this one seemed to really move you and speak to you, I like that. I am going to have to see if I can still snag a copy. I will be so glad when your Bloglovin feed is fixed, I keep missing you when I do my daily commeting. ARGH!

  6. Braine, you better be glad I already had those freebies from Stone! ;) Actually, I'm pretty sure I'd one-clicked them because of how much you love Stone's work. I'll read 'em soon as I can. :) I really like the sound of Some Kind of Normal. It seems like things are conveyed realistically and Trevor and Everly sound like mature young adults. I like YA written this way. :)

  7. I've been seeing this book all week. Everywhere!! I not only added it to my tbr, but my wishlist as well. Great review!

  8. I love me some YA contemporaries. I'm gonna have to give this one a read and check out her other books. Your review gave me chills (in a good way)! I'm uber curious to find out Everly's deep dark secret. :D

  9. I do like the books I have read by her

  10. Ooh this sounds like the kind of book my YA book club would love to read.

  11. I read the first book and loved it. I was curious about Trevor so glad his story was the sequel. Glad its a fantastic one.

  12. Oh I'm so happy you loved this one! I thought it was a companion novel of Boys Like You? But I guess it could be a stand alone. I can't wait to read it. I downloaded it last week. ;) Also, I hope your Bloglovin' issues have now been resolved. It sucks not seeing you on my feed.

  13. Sounds like something I could really enjoy as well

  14. Hooray for YA! :D I haven't read Boys Like You yet, and I'm thinking of reading that before this one. :) But it sounds wonderful since both of the main character sound so matured and well-developed. Bonus points since I am a lover of angst. ;) Lovely review, Braine!

  15. Okay, you're definitely on a roll here, Braine. Each review is even more enthusiastic than the last - I love it! I wouldn't've figured it this own for a summer-isn read, so now I'm quite curious. Yay for complex characters and twisted plot lines! Awesome review :)

  16. Her romances sound always so nice! I haven't tried a book by her yet but I think I may have a book in fact in my TBR pile, I'll investigate. Great review!

  17. I know how that goes, when you connect to book on the personal level, this sounds good regardless. I'll add both, Some Kind of Normal and this to my wish list.
    Thank you Braine :)

  18. I didn't know about this author, but for what you said about this book and her other books, she is an author I could enjoy. Thank you for the freebies link. I got both of them. ;)

  19. Okay, you convinced me. I got her free books. I am trying them out. Thanks!

  20. This book sound incredibly relatable and terrific in that the characters kept their head up through every situation. Sounds like a great book Braine, glad to hear you enjoyed it!


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