October 25, 2014

Suped Up: Last Light by M. Pierce

Last Light | Night Owl Trilogy 2
ARC | From the Author
St. Martin's Press | October 28, 2014 
Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead.

Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret...

Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper in the highly anticipated second book in the Night Owl Trilogy.

"Let's not live like other people. Let's not be like other couples."

Where do I start? There's so many things that I want to share about LAST LIGHT by M. Pierce but I don't want to bore you with the details nor do I want to give out spoilers so I'll do my best to focus on the highlights and let you discover and experience Night Owl 2 for yourself.

I must say, M. Pierce the author is one clever mofo. He plotted this series from beginning to end in all aspects starting with the layout of the series down to the marketing. 

I interviewed this turtle last year he said that the series is metafiction. After reading Night Owl I thought M. Pierce is so cocky to present "himself" this way through his character, writing himself in the story thereby blurring the lines between reality and fiction. In hindsight, it is pure marketing genius. I think curiosity is the most harmless reaction he has from his readers at this point because I'm sure half (or more) of us are already in love with him and we all want to know if art is imitating life at this point. So hat's off to you, Sir, you just turned yourself into a sex symbol and I look forward to hearing about what your fandom is going to look like after this.

Last Light
Night Owl lured us with its glorious cliches and Matt & Hannah's impassioned and consuming love affair. Now that we're in deep, M. Pierce is giving us the real deal as LAST LIGHT is nothing like Night Owl plot-wise. Lies, deception, scheming, these just skims the surface of LAST LIGHT. Artists are infamous for their eccentricity and Matthew Sky is no different. He frustrated me to no end in this one and I can only be glad that he's Hannah's pill to swallow because I don't think I'd be able to stand the dude let alone forgive him for his "good intentions". Matthew is definitely a different kind of broken but just as addicting, he can be one manipulative, selfish person and if not for his creative genius, he doesn't have a lot of redeeming qualities at this point.  His brother, Seth, though is more up my alley and I hope we see more of this rocker and yummier Sky sibling in the next book. 

Hannah Catalano is the most improved in this equation, Pierce fleshed her out real well in this installment and showed us why Matt is madly and desperately in love with her. At one point I thought she'll still continue to be a 2-D cliche (her words, not mine) and I'm glad she didn't meet that expectation and showed Matt that she's not blinded by her love for him. Hannah gave a good portrayal of a conflicted woman in love. I don't agree with a few of her decisions, won't cross some of the lines that she did, but she's Matt's Hannah and its her loyalty and faithfulness to him that won me over in the end.

LAST LIGHT is a superb sequel, not only do I love the story, the technique and writing style, this installment confirms that M. Pierce is not "one of those writers" but someone whose career you'll want to follow. I especially enjoyed how he poked fun at the flaws of Night Owl, clearly Pierce managed to take the constructive from the criticisms and used it to his advantage. He also included us bloggers in this tempestuous tale through one of the new characters, Melanie, showing that our sphere is an integral part of a book's success and maybe an homage to us? I don't know but I appreciate the inclusion, it was very thoughtful of him to do so. Finally LAST LIGHT is worth reading and it's the one that will make a fan of you yet (in case you're not quite there), if you're following the series, you should should get to this soon, pre-order the darn thing as waiting is ill advised.



  1. Definitely sounds hot! Glad you loved this as much as you did. :D

    1. This had less sex and more plot, my perfect sexy read

  2. Sell it girl. Wow, you make me want to drop my current read and fall into this story!

    1. You'll love his writing, I know you appreciate technicalities like that

  3. Ahh I did not know this was a guy. Very neat. I'd skipped these because of the covers (you know how I am about those covers) but damn you have me curious now.

    1. Psh, the kindle covers are different and quit being such a cover judge!! LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Bah, he didn't sign my copy, I think he's saving it for his big reveal. He's one author I'd definitely go see if he decides to do a book signing

  5. Oh I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with this one. You make me really curious with all your enthousiasm and your review.

  6. Excellent review, girl. I one-clicked Night Owl because of your review and interview. Now I'm even more anxious to merry these characters. I'm so happy you loved this!

  7. This sounds so good! And I LOVE getting signed stuff from authors I enjoy! This is awesome!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  8. Wow I like the sound of that and more plot and less sex, I prefer that too. Great review Braine!
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

    1. Erotica that's smart and emotion-ridden is rare and that in itself makes it a must-read!

  9. oh wait this was written by a man? wow o.o i dont think there's a lot of them writing books like this


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