September 5, 2014

It's The Brazen Babes!

Today's guest bloggers are way way special to me because I've been "with" these two since almost the beginning. Back then Ana and Sharonda have their own blogs, Beach Bum Reads and Salacious Reads, respectively and we'd sign up for the same blog hops, reading more or less the same books, and feeding each other's blogs via comments and views on a regular basis. 

Then Ana got busy with school so she kinda dropped off the sphere and would do The Walking Dead recap posts with Sharonda when zombies are in season. And because these two have amazing chemistry together, they then decided to start a new blog called

So without further ado...

Welcome back to TALK SUPE guys! So what should we expect from BRAZEN BABE REVIEWS?

Sharonda: This blog is really about Ana & I coming together as bloggers to give folks a lil piece of both of us. This is a review blog, a book review blog. But we also will be reviewing movies, TV shows and just having conversations about different things whether it be book related or not. 

Ana: Pretty much what my girl Sharonda said. We’re bringing ourselves to the table. What you got in our own blogs is what you get here at BRAZEN BABE REVIEWS

Is BRAZEN BABE REVIEWS going to be the same with the now defunct, Salacious Reads & Beach Bum Reads?

Sharonda: hmmm, good question. You know when I wrote my good bye note over at Salacious Reads, I pretty much stated that much wasn’t going to change in how we did things. But you will see us doing more posts together, like Tuesday Jams & know things like that. I mean, for example...Ana is a gamer, so you will see her possibly update how she’s doing on a game she’s playing right now. Me, as some of you know, I’ve been doing more and more video review posts, so you will probably see a tad bit more of that. Ana? 

Ana: Yeah.. soooo Sharonda pretty much has it all down pact. Everything will stay the same and our review styles won’t change, but there will be a few combined posts. 

LOL @ Ana is a gamer. Awwwh my co-blogger knows me so well. Luuurve you giiirl! 

Oh that's an interesting mix! I know gamers but haven't really got the hang of it. What sort of shenanigans should we expect in BRAZEN BABE REVIEWS since you all went so wholesome back there *snorts*. I know you two's got something up your sleeves!

Sharonda: LOLS, oh we can’t really spill the beans. But you know just talking to Ana via messenger, I feel that we have this almost kind of same warped personalities, like we’re kindred spirits, except you know...I’m the old lady one, LMBO! So, IDK might come across some strange things on some days BUT we will always be respectful, but damn sure funny. 

Psh, I feel "old" myself although age ain't nuthin' but a number right?

Ana: haha. giiirl you know you ain’t old ♥♥ But, yes we won’t be spilling any beans but you can expect some great things from us in the future. And we really are kindred spirits. So far we’ve agreed on just about everything as far as the blog is concerned. If we could publish a book with all our conversations I’m sure you’d be laughing for daaaays. 

I can only imagine, your convo about The Walking Dead is always hilarious!

Do you have favorite genres?

Ana: Ahhh. As far as authors go, it’s very limited and I don’t really have a fave at this moment. But if you’re a follower of mine, then you know I’m a die hard romance fan. Anything with romance and I’m in. #RomanceJunkie 

Romance is always a safe bet.

Sharonda: Well, if you followed me on SR..then you know my go to genre right now is interracial romances and why? Because I love the the sense of forbiddeness in the stories. Especially the historical romance ones. Just the thought of two people coming together and fighting for their relationship...their love because the world tells them that the can’t be together because of they’re different (skin color, social status,etc)? G!rl, sign me up. I’m down for it. I love when I’m reading and folks are fighting for their relationships and I feel that IR/MC romances give you that RAW and at times with no filter. And I love historical romances, but me?

I like it with just a lil more of a erotic feel too it. I don’t want the old stuffy “Oh Brett” and faint ones, no (remember that, LOLS). I want mines with the females that are NOT so innocent to the world. Because honestly, just think about it. The hard times that folks faced back in the day, like really how many innocents to you think there were? We had women that had to become “grown” at early ages, like 12 and 16. So no, this woman doesn’t want to read about virgins. 

I feel you, I always say there's no such thing as "YA" back in the day. Once you get your period, sometimes even before that, you're shipped off somewhere.

Sharonda: And as for my favorite authors, in IR/MC of course Sienna Mnyx and KoKo Brown. You want a authors who can write in different sub-genres and keep you coming back?, then you want to pick their books up. Sienna, I discovered a while back and just started swallowing up her books. KoKo Brown, I just discovered...but man oh man! I’m liking what this woman is writing. As for historical romances, Natasha Blackthorne and Jess Michaels are my tops. Natasha and Jess give you strong female characters in times when we were suppose to be these weak, useless things. I love just about everything N. Blackthorne has lie. And Jess, I just discovered as well...but she is becoming a fan favorite. All of these authors are on my auto buy list. 


Ana: I’m a gamer. My IG name for most games is Miss Vishous (P.S. No one ever asks me why did I spell Vishous wrong - sigh… they just don’t know. If you do know what it is message me on FB - the first person to do this will receive a $5 amazon gift card) 

Oh I think I know! Do I qualify?!

Ana: I dislike comedies (movies) but people tell me I’m funny…. it’s weird, I know. 

Are these supposed to be book related? LOL… I’m not as artistic (drawing wise) as my buddy, Sharonda, but I do draw a mean palm tree! And I’m not shy to show it! wooot. xD 

Where's the palm tree?!

Sharonda: I work at B&N, but don’t tell anyone that. Tired of folks only wanting to be my friend because I work at a bookstore, LOLS. First thing out their mouth is, what discount do you get? or I just wrote this book, so…. like really… o_O

Hmmm... Sorry to hear that... so about that employee discount...we're supa friends right? #kiddingnotkidding

Sharonda: I just learned how to “really” cook. Yeah, cooking is not my favorite things. And I hope to find a chef boyfriend one of these day :D I draw, not professionally. And no I cannot show any pictures. I’m kind of shy like that :0

I enjoy cooking too! I actually enjoy it more than eating, making food is as therapeutic as eating it. And yes, I want a man that can cook too! Someone who looks like either Bradley Cooper or Chef Ludo.

Thanks for gracing TALK SUPE today ladies! As for you Supies, please check them out and follow them. These two are funny!

Sharonda | Sexxy Blogger

Ana | Miss Vishous


  1. *waves* hiii ladies <3 Ms Sexxxy & Ana :)

  2. Hello, ladies! I will be sure to check you out!

  3. Fun getting to know the ladies at Brazen Babes better- gaming and cooking...

    Enjoyed the interview!

    1. Yup, books and food goes well together, add some music and it's set!

    2. thanks Sopia :) cooking is coming along slowly, lols!

  4. Yay, fun interview, glad to know you better, ladies ! (I read my first Koko Brown this summer, really liked it ;)

    1. I will have to check out Koko, love the name

    2. KoKo Brown has become one of the authors I love to stalk ;)

  5. Hi *waves*
    I need to check the blog :)

  6. It's great to meet you girls. Loved the interview!

  7. Great interview! I love that you have known these two for so very long, that is just awesome!

    1. Yes it is! It's a special relationship :)

    2. Yep...we love it and it is special. Braine & Ana are the best :D

  8. I already pretty well acquainted with Sharonda :) I'm looking forward to getting to know Ana. This is one of my favorite things about bloggin, I really treasure the relationships I've developed and continue to develop with great peeps like all you.
    Fun interview!

    1. awww...thanks Loupe :D

      I know...this is my favorite part too & I can't thank Braine enough for sharing our blog here...she is like the best <3

  9. I love that you combined forces. *waves to Sharonda* I am totally stalking ya all now!

    1. Thanks Kim! so much appreciated...I'm stalking you back ;)

  10. Hello ladies, the blog sounds great. I will definitely have to check it out.
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

    1. Hi Sharon! Oh, check it out...we almost have the same name ;) I'll definitely be check your blog out as well :)

  11. Thank you Gorgeous for having are just too awesome for words! Gah! can't wait for Walking Dead and we need to be trading recipes :D

    Its been wonderful knowing you all these years...*sniff* I'm getting all teary eyed :D

  12. BRAINE!! Thanks for having us :) It was awesome! Since joining forces with Ms. Sexxy Blogger, blogging has become "fun" again, and we definitely have some posts worth talking about... just have to sort all that out. Thanks again for having us <333

    lol @ Sharonda getting all teary eyed over there. <3 ya girl!

    1. I'm sooo happy you're back in the fold! We should get Neyra back too!

      I love you girls, I hope you know that :)

  13. Thanks for the introduction, Braine! I'll be sure to check out these Brazen Babes! ;)

    1. I am happy to hear that, they are wild, brazen, super fun, and very nice too!

  14. Awesome interview! Brazen Babes indeed :) I can't wait to get to know you both better Ana and Sexxy Blogger!
    Have a fantastic week everybody!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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