August 26, 2014

Loved It: Dangerous Calling by AJ Larrieu + Character Chat

Series: The Shadowminds
Format: ebook
Release Date: August 18, 2014
Publisher: Carina Press
Source: Author
Genre: Urban Fantasy
After years of denial, Cass Weatherfield has finally accepted her telekinetic gifts. Living with her boyfriend, Shane, has given her the confidence to be herself, but the fear of losing control and harming those around her is always present.

Knowing firsthand the hell of growing up without a mentor, she agrees to meet and help Diana, a young Shadowmind. But when Cass shows up, the terrified woman changes her mind and flees. Cass and Shane track her across New Orleans, and soon discover that Diana is being held against her will by an illicit organization that’s selling her rare clairvoyant skills to the highest bidder. In charge is an ancient creature more powerful than any they’ve ever encountered. And apparently she wants Shane dead.

Cass and Shane work to free Diana. But as Cass uses more and more power, drawing it from her friends in the fight against evil, she feels an addictive pull that challenges her control. And, in the end, Cass may be the greatest threat to those she loves the most.

An angel, a sybil, a vampire, and a pair of telekinetics walk into a B&B and it was mayhem. Beautiful, heart pounding, flucking, bloody MAYHEM! Oh AJ Larrieu, you really stepped it up in DANGEROUS CALLING, you MUST write faster so you can give us the next one ASAP!

There are so many great things to be found in this series, unassuming but powerful heroes, endearing secondary characters, evil bad guys, and some sexy time thrown in between. Plus it's set in Louisiana, the hub of otherworldlies so multiple wins go to The Shadowminds. Also I admire an author who doesn't hesitate throwing their heroes like tinder to a bonfire and killing off beloved characters. DANGEROUS CALLING is just book two people, I shiver at the thought of what Larrieu will do next to Cass and Co. in the coming novels. So many terrifying and exciting possibilities *rubs hands together in glee*. 

The first one, Twisted Miracles, was more of an introduction, showcasing what Cass Weatherfield can do and is capable of but no main thread was built. DANGEROUS CALLING is the start of a series arc IMO, and it's off to a bloody beginning. Cass and Shane are helping a sybil, a seer named Diana, who foresaw some pretty important and interesting things concerning Cass and Shane's future but her master, Annette, a vampire, compelled Diana not to share it with them. Diana running away from Annette's clutches set in motion a high adrenalin chase and nobody will stop at anything not until either Cass and Shane or Annette is destroyed.

I never expected a vampire to be a villain but in hindsight Annette is the perfect antagonist here. What creature can best a telekinetic, even a powerful one like Cass, than an ancient vampire? A bloodsucker who can sift through one's mind and compel them to do things. Cass and Shane battled one formidable foe in Annette which almost cost them their lives. I love the pace of DANGEROUS CALLING, it was *snap snap snap*, once the ball started rolling it just kept going exponentially, I felt the urgency of the situation, Cass and Shane's exhaustion from the chase, and the fear of failing to kill Annette and its outcome. The vamp might not have succeeded but she left a tremendous death toll and damage in her wake. 

I love Larrieu's style, doling out bits and pieces of The Shadowminds myth slowly. No info dump but more of a need to know basis. Her world isn't created in 7 days, or in one book in this case, so her universe is expanding slowly and I am loving each peeled layer. There is an Angel angle in this series, not much has been revealed but as I mentioned earlier, DANGEROUS CALLING set things in motion and it's headed to the heart of who and what The Shadowminds is. I can't wait to know more!

Thanks so much to Braine for having me [A.J. Larrieu] today! I’m thrilled to be hanging out on Talk Supe and sharing a little more about some of my favorite characters from my dark, sexy urban fantasy series, The Shadowminds. The second book in the series, DANGEROUS CALLING, came out last week, and since then I’ve been talking a lot about my tough female protagonist, Cass Weatherfield, and how she’s grown and changed since Book One (TWISTED MIRACLES). Today, I thought it would be fun to let two of my other favorite characters speak for themselves. Here’s Susannah, the Guardian of Biloxi, interviewing Shane, the hero of the series.

SUSANNAH: Relax. I just need to ask you a few questions.

SHANE: What is this about? Why am I tied to this chair?

SUSANNAH: As if you’d stay put if you weren’t being forced to. Calm down. If I’d wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already.

SHANE: Is that supposed to be reassuring?

SUSANNAH: I’m interviewing you, not the other way around. (takes out a bright teal notecard.) First question. How do you feel about monogamy?

SHANE, after a pause: That’s a pretty personal question.

SUSANNAH: So you’re a playboy. (under her breath) Should’ve known, any man who looks like you…

SHANE: *glaring* That is not what I said. (under his breath) Crazy winged freak.

SUSANNAH: *raising an eyebrow* So you are in favor of monogamy.

SHANE: Listen, I don’t know what you’re getting at here, but I’m a one-woman kind of guy, and I found the woman a long time ago.

SUSANNAH: Are you in love with her?

SHANE: That is really none of your business.

SUSANNAH: (waits, flaring her wings)

SHANE: I’d die for her.

SUSANNAH: Good to know. Next question. How many people have you killed?

SHANE: How many—how many—excuse me?

SUSANNAH: A dozen? Half a dozen?

SHANE: What? Look, I’m a part-time mechanic with a family bed & breakfast to help run. I don’t go around getting into gun fights. 

SUSANNAH: But you just said you die for the woman you love. Surely that means you would also kill for her.

SHANE: If it came to that, yes. I would.

SUSANNAH: Do you like to travel?

SHANE: That’s your next question. Do I like to travel. You ask me about my sex life and whether I’ve committed murder, and now you want to know if I like to travel.

SUSANNAH: *confused* It’s a reasonable question.

SHANE: Yeah, that’s what concerns me. 

SUSANNAH: Well, do you?

SHANE: *shrugging* I love New Orleans, and I love my family. I’m a lucky man. I’ve never wanted to see the world—I want a quiet life.

SUSANNAH: *sadly* We don’t always get what we want.

SHANE: *looking toward the door* Sometimes we do.

SUSANNAH: *shaking her head* You’ll find out what I mean when you’re ready.

SHANE: Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? 

SUSANNAH: *walking to the door* You can show yourself out, right?

SHANE: *holding up cuffed hands* Hang on—what about these?

SUSANNAH: *as she closes the door* You’re telekinetic. Work it out.

SHANE: *shaking head* Thank God New Orleans doesn’t have a guardian. (cuffs fall off and hit the concrete floor) Batshit crazy, every one of them. 


If you want to find out more about Shane, Susannah and the rest of The Shadowminds crew, you can read more about TWISTED MIRACLES (Book One) or DANGEROUS CALLING (Book Two) on A.J.'s website.

A.J. Larrieu grew up in small-town Louisiana, where she spent her summers working in her family's bakery, exploring the swamps around her home and reading science fiction and fantasy novels under the covers. She attended Louisiana State University, where she majored in biochemistry and wrote bad poetry on the side. Despite pursuing a Ph.D. in biology, she couldn't kick the writing habit, and by the time she graduated, she had an addiction to writing sexy urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Her first book, Twisted Miracles, was a finalist in RWA's Golden Heart® competition in 2012. The book kicks off her dark, romantic urban fantasy series, The Shadowminds, which follows a group of humans with unusual powers through New Orleans' supernatural underworld. A.J. is currently a working biophysicist in San Francisco, where she lives with her family and too many books.

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  1. Oh this book is just full of the supernatural elements I love. This sounds good. Great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. She is a fan of urban fantasy, you can tell that she really wrote this for the reader's enjoyment

  2. I am always on the look out for a good UF and this one sounds like exactly what I would love.
    Great review and interview!

    1. It's a short novel and with the fast paced plots, it'll be quick reads.

  3. It sounds like a great UF book and it's always great to discover a new one to read. I saw the cover around but it's the first review I read and I'm quite intrigued by all the characters.

    1. I know how much you LOVE UF so please, indulge me and take this rec to heart, I promise you will like it at least :)

  4. The expanding universe sounds really interesting. I haven't heart much about this one but need to look into more.

    1. It's one of those obscure jewels, truly enjoyable

  5. I really really need some solid new UF. I started the last Hollows book last night sniff.... I love the sound of this and LA is always one of my fav settings. I haven't heard of this series so I am most curious thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Awww, I want to read that series especially as it's a solid one. A series that has so many books and maintained consistency is so rare.

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  9. That interview was a hoot! And the review has my attention, Braine! Sounds like a good UF series.

    1. It is! I was skeptical about the telekinetics but Cass won me over

  10. I like the sound of this one. Love your first line ...hehehe. Your review has sold me on this one. I gather it is # 2 in series? Loved the interview too :D

    1. Yes. These are quick reads, Matey, you can finish it in a day if you have the time.

  11. I love you're opening line! I'm not sure what a sybil is, but I'm so interested in this series! And I love a good vampire bad girl.
    Great review!

    1. Hahaha, I borrowed that line from somewhere. And yes, been a long time since I read about vamps, I kinda miss them bloodsuckers.

  12. WOW, this series sounds like it's amazing, Braine! I love magic and UF, and a strong female character who might or might not go off the deep end... Yup, definitely adding!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, too, *crossing fingers*.
    Great review - you totally got me!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

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  14. This sounds like some action-packed goody-goodness! And that character interview really intrigued me even more!

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    Lovely review, Braine and thanks for sharing that scene with us, A.J.! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  16. Wow, you had me at flocking mayhem..this sounds fantastic!


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