June 27, 2014

Year 3.4: Eternal Guardian Series by Elisabeth Naughton + Casting Couch & Giveaway

Eternal Guardians Series
Elisabeth Naughton
Love Spell
Paranormal Romance
As unrest in the Underworld threatens, seven immortal warriors descended from the greatest heroes in all of Ancient Greece may just be mankind’s last hope.

Old school paranormal romance. 
That's how I'd describe Elisabeth Naughton's ETERNAL GUARDIANS series. And any PNR lover can relate to me when I say we always "cast" these beautiful people in our heads when we read their fiery and passionate love stories. So I thought I'd let the creator do it for us, after all Elisabeth made these delicious men and I think she's the best person to flesh them out and give us a good visual of what they look like.

Enjoy the drool-worthy post, Supies, and have a wonderful Friday!

Eternal Guardians Is...

The Eternal Guardians are a group of warriors descended from the greatest heroes in all of ancient Greece. They protect the mortal realm from threats of the Underworld and are in a race to keep Kronos, the most evil of all gods, from being released from Tartarus. Should Kronos escape, the landscape of the world—both human and immortal—will change forever. 

Mythology & Cosmology
Each book is based on a different Guardian through this journey of good vs evil — his life, his struggles, and the fate of his soul mate, which in their world is a curse rather than a blessing. Finding that soul mate invariably brings more trouble than not. Set in modern times, the books move from the human world, which all the gods are clamoring to control, to Argolea, the supposed utopian world where the Guardians live, and bounce back and forth between the Underworld and sometimes even Olympus.

Let's get to fun part! Cast your heroes, please! 
Fantasy casting is always hard for me, but I’ll give it a try!

Eternal Guardians 1: MARKED
Theron is the leader of the Eternal Guardians and a descendant of Heracles. He is 203 yrs old. He’s also the strongest of the Guardians, and believes duty comes before anything else. When he meets and falls for a human woman who is the key to a prophecy that could bring about the downfall of his world, duty clashes with desire and tests his every belief.

Eternal Guardians 2: ENTWINED
Zander is the only immortal Guardian and a descendant of Achilles. At 829 years, he’s served with most of his current Guardian’s fathers, and has grown tired of the fight. Cursed by Achilles’s legacy of rage, and a soul mate he once loved and lost, he’s continually searching for his weakness—that element that will save him from a life of immortality and send him to the afterlife.

Eternal Guardians 3: TEMPTED
Demetrius is the largest and darkest Guardian, and a descendant of the famed hero Jason. A fierce fighter, he hides a dangerous secret, and most of the other Guardians steer clear of him. When he’s trapped on a mysterious island with the princess of the realm, his secrets threaten more than just her safety. They threaten the very fabric of the world the Guardians protect.

Eternal Guardians 4: ENRAPTURED
When his Guardian brother was enslaved, Orpheus, a major thorn in the Guardians side, is suddenly chosen by the Fates to take his brother’s spot in the order. A descendant of Perseus and half witch who hides a secret even his brother doesn’t know, Orpheus could care less about duty and honor to a group that overlooked him. He has only one goal: to find and free his brother from his prison in the Underworld. He sets out on his quest, only to be interrupted by a Siren—one of Zeus’s elite warriors—who has her own agenda. 

Eternal Guardians 5: ENSLAVED
Enslavement in the Underworld changed Gryphon forever. A descendant of Perseus, he now battles a dark voice, pushing him toward a fate he can’t seem to change. Not wanting to hurt his Guardian brothers, he escapes from their compound with only one goal: to find and kill the person who imprisoned him. But to get away from his friends who will never let him leave on his own, he takes one woman hostage—a refugee herself: Maelea, the daughter of Zeus and Persephone. A a woman whose allegiance is unknown and whose destiny could change the direction of the war between the Guardians and the gods.

Eternal Guardians 6: BOUND
Titus, a descendant of Odysseus, is the thinker of the group. He’s also the only one who can read minds. A gift that has turned into a curse when combined with his ability to feel the emotions of those he touches. When a mysterious redhead enters the Guardians world, Titus is tasked with finding her and uncovering her agenda. He just never expects to be drawn into the fight between gods - Titans vs Olympians — or how his fate will be inexplicably tied to it from here on out.

Eternal Guardians 7: TWISTED
Nick is the leader of the half breeds. While not a Guardian of the order, Nick sports the Guardian markings, directed but the Fates, and he has become an unlikely ally to the Guardians in their fight to protect the human realm. But when he trades his life to Hades to save that of his soul mate—and his brother Demetrius’s soul mate—Nick’s life is forever changed. Imprisonment in the Prince of Darkness’s lair will test him not just physically, but emotionally when he meets a woman who will change the fate of the war.

I was never one of those people who knew they wanted to be an author at the age of six. I didn’t have imaginary friends. I didn’t write stories in my journal or entertain my relatives by firelight after Thanksgiving dinner. For the most part, I was just a normal, everyday kid. I liked to read, but I wasn’t exceptional at it. And when my teachers complimented me on my writing abilities, I brushed them off. I did, however, always have a penchant for the unique and absurd. And as my mother told me all throughout my childhood, I should have been an actress—I was a drama queen before my time.

Years ago, my husband bought me Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone With The Wind. If you ever saw the book, you know it’s a long one. I sat and read that thing from cover to cover, and dreamed of one day being a writer. But I didn’t actually try my hand at writing until years later when I quit my teaching job to stay home with my kids. And my husband? After that week of reading where I neglected him and everything else until I finished Scarlett, he vowed never to buy me another book again. Little did he know I’d one day end up sitting at a keyboard all day drafting my own stories. 

My writing journey has not been easy. I didn’t just sit down one day, decide I was going to write a book and voila! sell my very first attempt. As most authors will probably agree, the path to publication is filled with hours of work, pulling all-nighters I thought I’d given up in college, sacrifices, rejections, but a love I discovered along the way I just can’t live without. Instead of a big, thick book to read by lamplight (I do read much smaller ones when I get the chance), I’ve traded in my reading obsession for a laptop. And I’ve never been happier. 

I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a wonderful family and fabulous husband who put up with my writing—and obsessive personality—even when life is chaotic. More than once my kids have been late to swimming or baseball because I needed just five more minutes to finish a scene. Their support and encouragement mean the world to me. I also have amazing friends and a support network I couldn’t survive without. So to all of you out there who have encouraged me along the way, sent me emails and fan letters, phone calls and congratulations, I just want to say, thank you. You make this whole writing gig that much more enjoyable. I truly wouldn’t be here without you.

Fan Girls & Boys Welcome

It's another winner's choice! You can pick which ETERNAL GUARDIANS book you like and whether you want it on print or ebook. Open INT'L!!

Also don't forget to join the PRINT book bonanza (US Only) here. Lots of prizes overall in this blogoversary so the odds are in your favor. 


  1. I have seen this one before and have been super curious about it.

    1. I think the first book is permanently free on Amazon

  2. I love a good myth in a book, it's always so interesting to discover everything. Thanks for the post!

  3. I have the first and fourth book in this series, but I just need to get around to reading them and the ones in between. It sounds fab. Thanks!

    1. I feel you, sometimes I wish I knew of this pre-blog then I would be caught up

  4. YUM! I didn't realize this series involved Greek mythology, Braine. Yet another series I gotta check out!

  5. I have the first book on audio YAY!, I put it on the back burner and I forgot all about it. Thank you for this, I will be moving it to the top of my list :)

  6. You had me at old school paranormal! Then I was even more convinced by those pictures! YUM! These sound good. Thanks for sharing!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. Yeah, I call 'em old school coz of the Greek myth thingy

  7. I have been wanting to read this series..Thanks for sharing with us, and I will have to bump it up!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this series and I am waiting anxiously for Twisted!!

  9. I've had this series on my shelf for so long! I really need to get to it soon. I been to a few panels with Naughton and she's always so smart and funny.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  10. Great casting!!! I'm adding this series to my TBR list!

  11. Oh I have all these and just haven't read them yet. *hangs head* I've got to try to do something about all the stacks of books around here and actually getting those suckers read!

    1. Girl, don't feel bad coz you're not the only one. We all carry some sort of guilt like that

  12. Really love this series. Each book gets better and better. I am always excited for a new release.


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