June 2, 2014

Year 3.1: Mia Marshall's Elements Series 101 + Giveaway

To help kick-off this month-long celebration, please help me welcome MIA MARSHALL to Talk Supe
*canned applause* *cue confetti*
Urban Fantasy lovers, lend us your ears... or your eyes... because this is one series you want to get familiar with!

Elements Is?

Mia Marshall: ELEMENTS is all about magic and mayhem among the supernatural races of Lake Tahoe. Aidan Brook is the heroine, but the series also focuses on her group of friends, a Scooby Gang that doubles as her makeshift family.

What are they?

Mia Marshall: Elementals and shifters are the only magical races in the Elements series.

What are they like?

Mia Marshall: These aren’t elementals like we usually see. Rather, they were born from the very first magic and are a union between humans and the forces that created this planet’s original landscapes. So, in addition to water, fire, and earth, there’s stone, desert, and ice (but no air). The shifters are a slight variation of that first union, which has led to no small amount of conflict between the two races over the years. I sometimes call my books “urban fantasy without the urban” because of the connection both races have to nature and the land.

Aidan Brook, Heroine.

Mia Marshall: Aidan is not a bad ass. She would rather eat pancakes and avoid exercise than study martial arts. She doesn’t own a single pair of leather pants. Because of her sheltered upbringing, she’s a bit fragile and awkward, but she’s also quick-witted and good at seeing the big picture, which often allows her to see things others miss. Plus, she would be a contender for the gold medal in the Babble Olympics, if such an event were ever held. 

Oh she reminds me of the offbeat heroine, Natalya Stravinsky (Coveted Series, Shawntelle Madison)

The Warm and Fuzzy.

Mia Marshall: Let’s just say there’s a certain bear shifter who catches Aidan’s eye. Mac is the strong and silent type, emphasis on the strong. He’s intense, loyal, and prone to impressive displays of temper when something pisses him off. He also has his own secrets and demons, so he and Aidan have a few issues to work out on their way to a happy ending.

Volumes of ELEMENTS.

Mia Marshall: I have five books planned for the series. More than halfway there! I definitely have an end game in mind, and each book moves the series a little closer to that goal.

ELEMENTS is like...

Mia Marshall: Well, it’s set in a rural environment rather than an urban one, so fans of the Mercy Thompson books might like that aspect of the series (if you can forgive my cheek in comparing myself at all to the amazing Patricia Briggs). I’ve also heard the tone compared to Amanda Steven’s Graveyard Queen series and the humor compared to the Chicagoland Vampire books, if that helps at all.

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Mia Marshall: Angst, snark, mystery, hot shifters, and characters you want to be best friends with. What more do you need?

Catch me. Or not!

Mia Marshall: I just got back from the RT Convention, so no traveling for a while. I need to close my office door and get back to work—Elements #4 is waiting for me!

Mia Marshall spent time as a high school teacher, script supervisor, story editor, legal secretary, and day care worker before deciding she would much rather spend her days writing about things that don’t exist in this version of reality. She has lived all along the US west coast and throughout the UK, where she collected an unnecessary number of degrees in literature, education, and film.

These days, she lives in a small house in the Sierra Nevadas, where she is surrounded by her feline overlords.

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  1. This sounds like a great series Braine! Thanks for sharing it. And congrats again on 3 years!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. Oh it's interesting, I didn't know this one but the covers are really original. thanks for the interview.

    1. she just had the covers redone, it's distinct right?

  3. Ohh tone compared to the Graveyard sries, that I like

  4. I am reading Turning Tides right now. I really like this series. I love how Aidan is not kickass, but still brave and strong. The elementals aren't over the top powerful but still powerful enough to keep things exciting. And Mac, OMG, I love Mac. But these two need to have sex STAT!

  5. The fact Aidan is not a badass, is happier eating pancakes, makes me really happy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm digging the bear shifter aspect! There needs to be more bear shifter books in my kindle :)

  7. I love Urban Fantasy and hadn't heard of this series or author so I'm all kinds of intrigued. The Lake Tahoe setting is great too been there many times and love it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lake Tahoe has that magical mystical feel to it, I think there are still fae/elves there, so it is the perfect setting for UF series

  8. I think this series sounds fantastic. I love elementals in UF, and bear shifters, AND pancakes. Already added the series ;) Great post!

    1. I like waffles better, I love the extra crunch & craters, perfect place to pool syrup & butter :D

  9. OMG! I've never heard of this series, Braine. I soo want to read it though - a heroine who'd prefer to eat pancakes to exercise?!? That's my kind of gal! ;)

    Happy Blogoversary, by the way! <3

  10. I haven't read anything from her before but I will be remedying that soon. The series sounds great. UF is a favorite genre and I love elementals.


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