June 6, 2014

Year 3.1: Arrest by June Gray + Law Enforcement Romance & Giveaway

Series: Disarm 2
Format: Mass Paperback
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Source: Publisher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Life begins at happily ever after…

For Elsie and Henry, getting married and buying a house is only the beginning of their passionate new adventure. Elsie is flourishing in her job while Henry embarks on a new career as a police officer. Everything, it seems, has finally fallen into place.

Just when it’s all smooth sailing, they face life-altering changes that make Elsie question her ability to adapt. With Henry’s job putting him in constant danger, she watches helplessly while he slips back into his old habits. Elsie must find a way—through any means necessary—to prevent the past from repeating.

With the sand constantly shifting underfoot, Elsie and Henry have to figure out how to strengthen their bond—before they end up losing what matters most.
4.5 Cauldrons to be exact

My heart! MY HEART! My poor heart went through a stiff beating from June Gray's ARREST. As if things in Disarm aren't enough, what I hoped was a smooth sailing HEA between Henry and Elsie was too much to hope for. This couple had many many things they had to work on before they even get to that blissful place we all imagine married book couples have. Old demons coming back to the surface, babies, job situations, miscommunication, pride, stragglers and a bunch of other stuff that throws a wrench on all of our perceived notions about happily ever after. 

The best part about ARREST is how believable Henry and Elise's story is. It's not glossed over nor is it exaggerated. Theirs is a story that could happen to anybody and I'm sure that a lot of us can relate to their struggles one way or the other. Henry, to begin with, is already a fragile and vulnerable person. His childhood was rough and going to war certainly didn't help his disposition. Joining the [police] force is masochistic IMO because the cases he worked on dredged up a smorgasbord of issues, I'm surprised Elsie still managed keep it together for them. 

The thing is, Henry carried some of his demons in his marriage to Elise so you can only imagine how trying that can be for Elsie. Now Elsie's a good gal but she's no martyr so she's reached her limit once or twice and I loved how she basically gave Henry the finger, cuing him him get his shiznit together or she's OUT! Girl's got some balls and I loved her for it! Henry sure irritated me a bit, I mean stop with the antics already! You got a great girl, apply what you've learned in therapy, man and make. It. Work!

The series is also mildly erotic and for someone who is so wary of sexed up novels, JGray sure has her own style of making intimacy not just erotic but emotionally sweeping too. Every sex scene between Henry and Elsie is a revelation of some sort and it's not just a physical expression of their love, frustration and sometimes even anger at each other. It's beyond sex, ALWAYS, a true depiction of "making love" if you get my drift. 

I can't express how fiercely I love Disarm and now ARREST. I'm not a big fan of angsty tales and I sure hate emo characters but for some reason I loved Henry and Elsie. I believed in their love, their struggles are very real and even on those moments where they're acting childish and petty, I understood where those emotions are coming from. I rooted for these two like a rabid sports fan! Disarm and ARREST to me is the epitome of contemporary romance and a definite must-read.

The Untold Story

The life of the spouse of a Law Enforcement Officer is not easy, and one that is rarely told. There are plenty of stories about the “hot alpha cop” and even a few about the LEO’s struggle with their job, but when was the last time the story was told from the point of view of the spouse who has to deal with these issues at home? Whose job it is to stay at home, hoping their cop comes home that night?

DISARM was told from the point of view of the military girlfriend and tells the highs and lows of dating someone who has pledged their life to protecting their country. ARREST is similar in that way. The uniform is different, but the commitment to service is still there, and the issues that come hand-in-hand with such a job is still very much present.

Henry’s time in the Air Force, and especially his deployment to the same place where his best friend was killed, changed him in ways he could never have imagined. In DISARM, I wanted to bring to light how war changes people, sometimes in ways so subtle that a bystander wouldn’t normally see or understand. 

It’s this change that prompted me to write ARREST, to show that being a police officer can also affect a person’s psyche. Henry, for all his bossy sexiness, is a sensitive soul and becoming a police officer will no doubt challenge him.

On any given day, a police officer will bear witness to the worst of humanity, oftentimes putting their lives at risk to save others. Their lives will be touched by grief, shock, sadness, anger, and a multitude of other emotions caused by their job, issues that will no doubt follow them home.

We saw in DISARM that Elsie is tenacious when it comes to Henry. She will do nearly anything for him, even when he is on the brink of disaster. And I suspect, many other LEO spouses can say the same thing, that they will do everything in their power to keep their LEO from sinking into their dark place. It’s not easy being married to a police officer (or a service member for that matter) but it takes a strong person to live with it, to roll with the punches and be the support system their loved one needs.

When it comes down to it, being an LEO spouse is not an easy job, nor is it an easy story to tell, but I wanted to write it regardless. Because it is a story worth telling.

June Gray is a daydreamer who was born in the Philippines, raised in Australia, and now calls the United States home. At the age of ten she penned a short story inspired by a Judy Blume novel and has been unable to stop writing since. She resides in California with her family. She loves to titillate and enrage, to break the reader's heart and put it back together again. 

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  1. I took Arrest for review bc of your review for Disarm. I thought it was a standalone, silly me! I was going to stop and read Arrest, but got so caught up in it thAt I didn't want to stop. And your review is so perfect and spot-on on all the details that made Arrest a great read. I also agree on the erotic aspect, very steamy and full of impact emotionally and story-wise.
    Anyway, this is a great review and thank you for being Gray to my attention!

    1. You're welcome. That means a lot to me because you're a wide contemporary romance reader so I'm pleased to have introduced something new to you.

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, June, your visit and comment is very much appreciated!

  3. Oh I remerber your review about the other books and this one sounds so good! It's nice to see that their story is realistic, it's easier to relate sometimes. I'll really have to read them both! Great review!

  4. Awesome review, Braine! I own Disarm, I won it in a giveaway in March, and actually received a signed copy. I have no idea why I haven't started it yet! But I definitely will very soon. I need to get to know Elsie and Henry, even if it might be dangerous to my poor heart!
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. yup, you won it here, get to it ASAP, girl!

  5. It is nice to hear that the sex scenes serve a purpose and they are not just there for sex. This sound like a great read.

    1. That's how it should be IMO and not just sex for sex which is basically porn sold as literature

  6. Sounds like great books. I'd never heard of Disarm...I'll have to check that one out.

    1. It's about time you heard of the books, it's worth reading

  7. Already married, now that is cool. cos well, you know. We see them fall in love and then we are let to believe they lived happily ever after

    1. True which makes this a very interesting and unique read

  8. I finished this latest installment a few days ago and went on a downer just b/c I missed Henry and Elsie. I usually despise heavy drama and maybe its b/c it doesn't quite ring true, but with these two it does. My brother in law is and LEO and its tough on my sister and law and the kids. We're all there for them. From what I know as extended family this story rang true- not that I have any doubt after Disarm. Nice summing up, Braine and I enjoyed June's piece about why she wrote the book.

    1. I don't like heavy drama too but like you said, it rings true here. Being surrounded by chaos like that on a daily basis will take its toll even on the happiest person. How much more if said person is cracked and bent. Glad you enjoyed, June's, post!

  9. Braine, my heart is kinda breaking just from your review. You know I bought Disarm after reading that review. I haven't gotten to it yet but I plan on reading it soon. I think this is a story that's just right for me. :) Thanks for sharing June's post as well. I dated a Marine and have a friend who married a Marine, who's now a State Trooper. I can't imagine what it's like to live with the danger day-to-day, but she's is a story worth telling.


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