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May 4, 2014

Steampunk Sundays: Verity Hart vs. The Vampyres by Jennifer Harlow [Parts 4 & 5]

Verity Hart vs The Vampyres
Hart/McQueen Adventure
May 6 & 20, 2014

The whole of Victorian London knows there is something not quite right about the Lady Verity Hart. She may be the daughter of an MP and the sister of famed inventor Lord David Hart, but she is a spinster whose own father threatens to send her to the madhouse every fortnight. Because Society is correct-Verity Hart is no lady. If they suspected how quick with a quip she is, let alone the majority of her brother's ingenious machines were her design, the sale of fainting couches would double.

Verity requires one herself when her beloved brother is kidnapped by vampyres in the dead of night. With the aid of an aggravating, rude American bounty hunter with a secret of his own, Verity takes to land, sea, and even air to rescue the only person who could ever love and truly accept her. Or is he?

I look forward to hearing from you.

VERITY HART VS THE VAMPYRES parts 4 and 5 by Jennifer Harlow is the climax and resolution of this entire odyssey so I can't help but read it back to back otherwise I'll lose my mind from the suspense! In part 3, Verity and Jamie finally reached Ireland after getting attacked by vampyres and literally falling off the dirigible. It is also here where we finally get to see Jamie in wolf form and it's feral and magnificent. 

Part 4 is meeting Jamie's family in Ireland from his mother's side. His uncle, Albert, Jamie's mother's brother, is pack master and Verity is determined to get them as allies against the vampyres who abducted, David. Albert is a slime bucket! I think I can overlook his lack of excitement and warmth in meeting Jamie for the first time, they're strangers after all. What I can't take is his advances towards Verity but in fairness, Verity also deserved it because in her desperation to get his pack's help, she was flirting with the old man in front of her so-called husband, Jamie. 

Aside from this little family reunion, Verity and Jamie is finally on a mutual understanding. They're in love but Jamie's still resisting it. I can't help but find Verity amusing at this point because she's really smitten with Jamie, even when he walked out on her due to frustration, Verity was mooning over the guy, telling herself that she loves him and that Jamie loves her back. Now that's faith!
Love is the most frightening force on this planet, especially for people such as us. Oddities. Freaks. We know how rare this force is;  just as we know it can be taken in a moment with one misstep.
Part 5 is when it finally goes down. The rescue mission was heart pounding, fully of suspense and action. The vampyres they're up against are very cunning and because Verity and Jamie are outnumbers, they too were taken hostage. Their biggest error is letting Jamie go, this part where Jamie was negotiating with Michael, the leader of the vamps, was very clever. For a minute there even I was convinced that Jamie is a bastard and left Verity and David to hang out and dry. 

The resolution leading to the HEA was too short or maybe even rushed. Everything was happening too fast and all at the same time I wish some parts were shown, explored and fleshed out more. Nevertheless, I don't think VERITY HART VS. THE VAMPYRES is the last Hart/McQueen Adventure. From the looks of things, David might have been saved but Verity is yet to face the wolves back in London. Can Verity, David and Jamie salvage what remains of her reputation? Now that Jamie's met his wolf brethren, will he go back to America or stay in Ireland? Where is the next adventure going to take place? So many questions! 

Jennifer Harlow, I hope you're writing the next one!


  1. Oh it's nice to see it's always so good! I love a story where you absolutely need to go back to know what will happen. I'll have to try when she finishes with them

    1. The last volume is coming out in two weeks, you can binge soon enough!

  2. Yay steampunk! I need more of that

  3. I love a good steampunk and this sounds great except for the rushed ending. I think I have read another book by this author, a witch werewolf book?

  4. I love a blend of SP and PNR so I definitely plan to read these. Verity sounds like a little firecracker.

  5. Looks like you have really enjoyed this serial Braine! Definitely one that I would enjoy and it is good to see you were able to read these ones together.

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. I can't stop, I can't impose a cliffhanger on myself LOL

  6. Happy this series is going good. But, dear god, I am so tired of rushed endings. The beginnings and endings are the most important parts of books, they should blow us away!

    1. The rushed ending I was pertaining to is about Jamie's proposal, I hope this isn't spoilery.. I wish his proposal was better or more romantic or something like that LOL

  7. OOo I don't know this series and I love me some victorian steampunk. I shall have a lookie into this series. Oh they are little reads too. I do like reading short books sometimes, if they are entertaining.


    1. Yeah, short stories are great in-between esp if one's ADD is kicking in

  8. sounds like a really great and original series, but it sounds like something you'd want to wait for all the books to come out first. Glad you loving it.

    1. Yup, this is very good, I suggest you wait for all the books to come out, it's hard to keep still waiting for the next volume to come out


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