February 4, 2014

Quick Chat: The Outmate by Victoria L. Trenton

The Outmate
Victoria L. Trenton
September 7, 2013
Adult Contemporary
Live life out loud.

Chrissie Laursen doesn't date models. Having barely survived her battle with alcoholism and just out of a ten-year marriage that lasted nine years too long, she's laser focused on her thriving Miami Beach business: promoting erotic photographers in local galleries. She has no time for the ego driven pretty boys that proliferate in that business. For so long she's wondered if life and love would ever truly touch her that she decides to go it alone. Then she sees the glacial blue eyes and rugged, animal intensity of Nick Jessup, and her resolve begins to fracture.

Irresistibly drawn to him, she begins a relationship with Nick and soon becomes obsessed with his dominant, controlling personality. Even his dangerous past doesn't scare her. But before their charged sexual energy culminates in passion, the peril of Nick's past explodes into the present and he is sentenced to thirty-five years in prison for a horrific crime. Faced with the reality that her life can either return to the empty normalcy she's always known or continue through the terrifying and exhilarating doorway that Nick's arrival has opened...she makes a decision to do something that will never allow her to go back to the fragile life she's just rebuilt.

A wild, erotic, and powerful journey of self-discovery, The Outmate shimmers with the intensity of what it means to be human-and the clarity that comes with finding your truth before it's too late.


I begin at the end. Why? That’s how I clarify it in my own mind. It was that one moment when suddenly everything made sense. That last glimpse of Nick before it all went dark. That’s what I’ll always remember first when I think back on our story. After all the exhilaration, danger, and sexual ecstasy on my journey with him, then came that crystal clear moment. I lay on the ground where I had fallen and stared over my shoulder at the oncoming barrage behind me. I was in searing pain. I was terrified. I saw the end as it came for us and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Even worse, I knew the fault was mine. When I looked back to Nick, to the man I loved more than life itself, I think I already knew what would happen next. He stood not twenty feet from me, every muscle of his powerful body coiled with perilous intent. He looked over my head and his glacial blue eyes filled with that familiar ferocious expression. For a split second, his gaze flicked to me and he took one step towards me. The realization I had in that one step was the most important of my life. It’s not every day you understand someone so perfectly. It’s not every day you die.

Was that one moment worth everything I went through for him? I’ll tell you our story, and then you can decide for yourself.


It was a glorious Saturday afternoon in South Florida. It was Valentine’s Day, to be precise, and the weather was perfect. The sky was deep, heavenly blue and the palm trees swayed in a light breeze. I paused to admire the sparkle of sunlight on a fountain as I hurried along the sidewalk. I was running late for a blind date. It wasn’t my fault. I’d been held late at work.

But I’ve already started with a falsification. I decided to tell this story to give you the truth, not to lie. At thirty-three years old, I came to hate the pattern. I discarded the white picket fence. I longed for something different. I knew there were other women like me out there in the world; there were women who sat at home wondering if life and love would ever really touch them. They were disgusted with the everyday grind just like me. I couldn’t be the only one. I kept telling myself that as I moved through my life, but I was lost on the edges of normality, and I never really fit in. One day I found what I was seeking, but I paid a heavy price for it. I paid a heavy price for him.

I had not dated for several years when I met Nick. I think I’d lost the knack for it. I’d been wrapped up in my career instead, and in myself. My ten-year marriage had ended at last in divorce, nine years too late. I had finally admitted to myself that I was an alcoholic, and embraced the tenants of Alcoholics Anonymous, perhaps just in time to save my life. Those of you who have traveled that road know what I mean. Work and A.A. became my sole focus, and for two long years I had no room for anything else. Until the day I saw a picture of Nick.

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You know that one of my reading guilty pleasures are stories that are unconventional with gray area characters and plots that blurs the lines. THE OUTMATE by Victoria L. Trenton is next on my list. Read on and you'll understand why.

Hi Victoria! Thanks for stopping by to talk briefly about your book. It's been mentioned that The Outmate is semi autobiographical, how much of the book is non-fiction/based on your own life? 

Quite a bit of The Outmate is based on my life. I am the woman of an inmate. We’ve been a couple now for almost four years while he’s been inside, and he won’t be home for another ten. The first chapter of the book is almost verbatim how we met. In the first half of the book, I cover a lot of the feelings and experiences a prison wife has while we wait for our men. It’s a difficult, lonely, frustrating life, and we prison wives require a huge amount of strength and patience to see our men through it. In Chrissie’s, the narrator’s case, her patience gives out and she decides to throw everything away in order to be with Nick, who is the love of her life, and a dangerous convicted felon. After that, both of their lives take a very dark, sinister, and twisted direction that is purely fiction. The violent eroticism between them only deepens the treacherous connection. The characters are still based on my Beloved and I, but the events from that point forward are fictional.

That is intense and just the kind of story I take pleasure in. Were you ever a little apprehensive baring your own thoughts and experiences through a story?

Not really, no. I’m an open book about my personal life and I have no problems baring my soul about things of this nature. I was more worried about protecting others. Plus, writing The Outmate was highly cathartic for me. It let me express all of my secret darkness in a safe way. I always liken it to Stephen King. On paper he’s one of the most frightening men I’ve ever come across. His imagination is extremely black. In person, I hear he’s quite a charming, sweet person. We all have darkness within us, and it’s healthy to express it safely. That’s what The Outmate was for me. It was a way to live vicariously with my Beloved through the page, even while he’s incarcerated 700 miles away, and let out my inner demons.

I can only imagine how hard that must be. At what point did you draw the line that you shared enough and you just fill some spots with fictional stuff?

Never. Even though mid way through the book, the events become purely fiction, the feelings and characters are not. Mind you, Chrissie and Nick are my Beloved and I on steroids with absolutely no moral compass. But they are still us. They are the quintessential “what if there were no consequences” couple. They are two very intertwined and co-dependent people, wrapped in an intensely erotic, sadomasochistic relationship. It’s ever down the rabbit hole head first with these two. Would my Beloved and I go to the lengths this dangerous duo does? No. Well. Maybe.

On steroids, perfect people to indulge on if I can call it that. Did the people in your life mind that some of the characters are based on them and what were their reactions to their fictional counterparts, did they approve or not?

Almost all of the characters in my novel The Outmate are drawn from real life. But again there is an important difference- this is a fictional novel. So I pulled the personality qualities I needed from each of these people and then pumped them up another 150% to create their literary counterparts. Writers write best what they know, so who better to be my cast than my friends and loved ones? I warned all of them that I took this way over the top so they were aware before the book was released. For instance, my Beloved’s counterpart, Nick, does very closely match his real life inspiration. So does Chrissie’s best friend, Ivy. (She is also my editor) But yes, there is a line in the sand as to how far these likenesses go. So no, the people in my life whom I drew these portraits from did not mind. Not that I’m aware of. And if they do, well… remember that old saying… “Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.”

Very Taylor Swift LOL. Lastly, is The Outmate more dramatic, gripping and captivating than the real events it’s based on?

That depends. When you read a fictional book, you are prepared and even desensitized to the fact that what you read is fiction. The horror and the drama of it doesn’t touch you quite as much as if it were real. Reality, when you see or hear it, has a much more painful touch. So were the real life events of my life with my Beloved dramatic, gripping, and captivating? Yes. We are on a hard road together and we’ve paid our dues. We will pay still more before we can finally relax and be at peace together, and have a nice quite retirement somewhere on a sailboat. But have we done the horrific things that Nick and Chrissie do in my novel? No. Not unless we can buy an island somewhere, set ourselves up as dictators, and get some nuclear weapons. I will tell you though… the sexual chemistry is far steamier in real life. I’ll leave you on that note.

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  1. The Outmate sounds really riveting and edgy, Braine. And after reading your chat with Victoria, I'm even more curious to read it. ;)

    1. Right?! I live for contemporaries like this!

  2. oh wow... different very different! it sounds very personal to the author. looks very intense, thank you for sharing :D curious myself.

    1. Exactly! I know it'll be tumultuous and the passion will be fired up on different levels

  3. this.

    some co-dependent books just don't grip, but i am intrigued by The Outcome and I'm hoping it delivers ;)


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