February 19, 2014

Love It: Unscathed by Tim O'Rourke & C.J. Pinard

Series: Stand-alone
Format: Mobi
Release Date: October 25, 2013
Publisher: Self
Source: Author Carolyn Pinard
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Mina Porter's mother sent her away because of a terrible secret. When Mina meets tattooed bad boy Jax McElvoy, she's immediately drawn to him, but not for the reasons he might think.

Jax falls for Mina too, but quickly figures out she's hiding something. He's determined to break down her walls and find out her secret. But Jax soon realizes he should have just let hidden secrets stay buried, because this one will cost him his dearly.

Unscathed is a contemporary romance with a deadly twist by bestselling author Tim O'Rourke and author C.J. Pinard

If you've been following the blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a fan of Tim O'Rourke and I've had C.J. Pinard guest here on several occasions as well. So when I saw that these two have a New Adult collaboration, I know I have to take a look-see. 

But before we move forward with my review, here's a little BTS with C.J. Pinard about UNSCTHED.

Congrats on Unscathed! Woot! So let's cut to the chase and tell more about this? 

C.J. PINARD: This book was my idea. I asked Tim if he'd like to write a book together. He was all for it. We decided to write from a first-person POV. I wrote Jax, he wrote Mina, in case that wasn't already obvious ;) We wrote this across the miles.

What an interesting back and forth! How are Jax and Mina like? 

C.J. PINARD: Both of these characters have been seemingly rejected by one of their parents. They bond through this rejection.

That sounds like Trouble! Who or what inspired these characters? 

C.J. PINARD: Jax is damaged and hard. Mina wants to be a good person and overcome her mother's rejection. I made Jax American while Tim made Mina British. And believe it not, I've never watched Sons of Anarchy. I was told about that show's "Jax" character after the book was 3/4 done. I did decide to leave his name the same. If you notice at the end of the book, Jax's mother's maiden name is "Jackson" and this is why his parents named him Jaxon. :) You'd have to ask Tim about Mina's inspiration.

This is NA right? How is this same and different from other NA novels out there?

C.J. PINARD: It's part NA with a paranormal twist. I don't think it's overdone with sex. Some NA novels on the market are (but hey, that's not such a bad thing, right?!)

Of course! If Tim has his fingerprints on it, there's some twist somewhere. Unscathed is a collaborative effort between you and Tim O'Rourke. How was the writing process like? 

C.J. PINARD: It was fun! We would pass the document back and forth between us. It took us quite a few months, as we were both working on other projects at the time, but it came together eventually. We're definitely going to be doing more in the future.

What part of Unscathed was the most difficult to write for you and Tim? 

C.J. PINARD: We had to come together over Skype to discuss the plot. We were going to just pass it back and forth and let what happens, happen, but then he had an idea. Oh and I need to mention that Tim made me write the "rude" scenes! Haha! (Love you, Tim!)

LOL! Rude scenes eh?! I've read a lot of Tim's work and he's a master of plot twisting, what kind of mind fluckery should we expect from Unscathed? 

C.J. PINARD: Yeah... lots and lots of mind fluckery. It was totally his idea for the twist. As I'm sure you're not surprised to find out! He actually had a few twists for it and we decided finally on the one that went in.

You've published a few books yourself, how has it been so far? 

C.J. PINARD: It's been fun! I am still holding down my fulltime job, so I definitely can't write as quickly as some authors (*cough*TimO'Rourke*cough*) but I like to think I get by. I am having fun with it, that's for sure!

True! Tim churns his stories like *snap snap*. You're a copyeditor too, does it come handy when you're writing or do you still ask someone else to peek at your books before you release it? 

C.J. PINARD: I think it does; however, I do have someone else look at my books (I have two people, one is another author I swap editing for). I always say, don't edit your own work - ever! You WILL miss errors. And Tim's wife Lynda is a wonderful structural/story editor and she chopped some stuff out of UNSCATHED

Yeah, Lynda is the "soul" of Tim's books (aka Potter) What was the most outrageous review you've ever read and how did you handle it? 

C.J. PINARD: Haha... one person said I didn't do my time-era research on Enchanted Immortals (book 1) but anyone who knows me knows I'm the queen of research, so I just laughed. I've received a few others but I definitely don't comment on them. It's okay though, I appreciate the reviews regardless. And everyone's entitled to their opinions. I'm not dumb enough to think everyone's gonna like everything they read. Sometimes reviews can be helpful (as long as they're not mean!).

Good to hear that. Some writers out there think they're the salt of the Earth. LOL What other projects are you working on currently?

C.J. PINARD: I've got a paranormal romance called "Soul Rebel" I'm working on now, about a guy who gets his soul taken by a succubus. He has seven days to kill her before he turns into a vampire. But first he has a to find her (and try not to fall in love with her twin sister!) The project after that is a contemporary romance called "Beneath Broken." And I may or may not be working on a 5th Enchanted Immortals book ;)

Very interesting, make sure you come back to Talk Supe when your new babies are ready to be introduced to the blogosphere. In Twitter fashion, why should we read Unscathed?

C.J. PINARD: #awesome #authorcollaborations #romancewithatwist #hotsex #hotbikerboy (and last but not least) #timorourke

UNSCATHED is a new adult, slightly paranormal, stand-alone novel by Tim O'Rourke and C.J. Pinard. As I've read both of these two's works, I know I'm in good hands reading their collaboration. The plot is your typical girl-meets-boy kind of thing where girl pursues boy and boy falls for it. The dialogue is good and the pacing is great. Then it slowly gets creepy and obsessive and the question why gets persistent until it turns into a big shouty WHY?!?!. And that's why I love O'Rourke's books, he never fails to put a twist on things in the most unexpected but believable way. 

Mia Porter and Jax McElvoy are your typical college/new adult peeps with messed up family histories designed to choke the readers with either sympathy or grief. Mia is a college student who's from England, she's currently living with her Uncle because her mom kicked her out after she found Mia with the mom's younger boyfriend. Jax had a caring but alcoholic dad. After his mother passed, Jax's dad was never able to get over it and instead turned to the bottle for consolation. Jax's dad has been missing for a while now. Either that or he's dead. Jax is willing to live in denial for the moment because the thought of being an orphan is a little too much to digest right now. 

It all started in a flirty way where Jax and Mia crushed on each other which led to "accidental" meetings and a couple of dates. It gets creepy when Mia starts obsessing over Jax, taking photos and videos, following Jax, and building a collage/shrine of Jax's photos on her wall with the latter oblivious to Mia's stalker tendencies. For 3/4 of the novel, I'm motivated to read because I want to know WHY Mia is pursuing Jax so intently and what is it about Jax she's after. I was bracing myself for some major mess up or some of sort supernatural blast because C.J. Pinard did mention that UNSCATHED has some paranormal elements to it. 

When the conflict was finally revealed, I'm a little relieved that it wasn't this jaw dropping, end-of-the -orld, kind of thing. Rather, it was the sad/closure kind with a squeeze of paranormal stuff to make it interesting. I wasn't blown away but I do appreciate the somber tones that UNSCATHED gave. Excluding the conflict, I loved Mia and Jax's back and forth and Mia's borderline crazy approach on the issue was very entertaining. I was expecting her to wield a butcher knife on several occasions, thinking she'll go on a rampage. Good thing nothing like that happened. 

UNSCATHED is a mild, romantic, "paranormal" new adult novel. Tim and C.J. didn't go deep into the romantic aspect of the novel, instead UNSCATHED showed the beginnings of what could be a great relationship between two people who's connected somehow. I guess the mystery and suspense element of the novel stood out more than the other parts. The writing is eloquent and flowed really good. Tim and C.J. have good writing chemistry and I hope this won't be their last collaboration. I sure would like to see if Tim can shed his fascination for the otherworldly and write a straight up contemporary story just for the heck of it. Someday...

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C.J. is a west coast native currently living in sunny Florida, USA. An editor of over 40 books, C.J. has writing in her blood, and hopes people will lose themselves for a little while in the fantasy and fun of her stories.

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His bestselling book, 'Vampire Shift' Kiera Hudson Series One, has spent more than 15 weeks at number 1 on the Children's Horror Chart. 

Tim's interests other than writing, include watching South Park, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and listening to Pitbull, LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Adele. 

Tim lives in Buckinghamshire, England.

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  1. Always awesome when two authors come together and have the right blend of chemistry to make it work!
    I have to admit, the stalking factor that Mia has would probably creep me out a bit.

  2. NA just makes me...sigh, not good

    1. I not generally an NA reader but there are some that are good. This one included

  3. I like that tbis has a paranormal twist. It's so nice when you have trusted authors who never let you down!

    1. Trusted authors are like good deodorants, they won't let you down ;)

  4. I'll have to get this! I wouldn't have connected Jax to the Jax of SoA, there are a lot of other guys with that name popping up.

  5. I just love your interviews. So personable. thanks for sharing another amazing book.

    1. Awww thanks! I'm a fan of your guest posts too!

  6. This sounds different for NA..and I love that..and it's a standalone..woot! Awesome review it was nice getting to know this author and how the tale came to be.

  7. I heard great things about the first author but I didn't know the second one so thanks for the shout out. I love to read NA even if I don't have a lot, it's always really interesting. I'm glad you liked it. It sounds like a great association.

    1. Tim is really good, I think you'll enjoy either/both his Black Hill Farm and Kiera Hudson series. C.J. has a great story telling voice as well :)

  8. I usually enjoy collaborations and I like that this is a NA paranormal without a lot of steamy sex, I agree that a lot of them are way overdone. I am also tired of the NA drama. I am sure this is one I would like!

    1. This won't make you cry, it'll just creep you out.

  9. I haven't read a book by either author, but I have Cowgirls and Vampires on my wish list. The interview and review now have me eager not only to try this book, but well, try anything by either author. Thanks

    1. I think I can lend you C&V, let me know if you want to read it.

  10. Sophia, Cowgirls and Vampires is now called Vampire Seeker and published by Piatkus. I really loved that one :D

    Awesome chat Matey. Great questions.

    1. I wondered why they changed the title... thanks for stopping by Matey!

  11. Always love your author chats, Braine! :) And Unscathed sounds really good. I can't imagine writing a novel with someone on a different continent but it seems like they pulled it off! That's talent. :) Great review, girl!

    1. Testament to their great chemistry. C.J. just so happens to be Tim's copyeditor so there's a harmonious working relationship there already.

  12. Awesome review, Braine! I actually got goose-bumps reading only that - so guess what book I'm adding to my Mt. TBR? Yup, Unscatched is keeping other awesome books company as of now.

    Your author chat is great, too! I wish I could think up some interview questions one day...

    Have a fantastic Friday!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Who's TBR ISN'T humongous?!

      Try a character chat, maybe that'll be easier for you.

      Happy Sunday, Lexxie!


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