December 18, 2013

Tour Stop + Giveaway: Duet in Crimson by Patricia Rosemoor

Duet In Crimson
Patricia Rosemoor
Entangled Ignite
Romantic Suspense
November 25, 2013
In Holiday in Crimson

Westbrook Department Store’s Christmas party wasn’t that wild--but Santa ended up dead and now window designer Shelby Corbin suddenly finds herself the prime suspect in his murder. While CEO Rand McNabb's romantic attentions both thrill her and frighten her—is Westbrook’s impossibly sexy co-owner really helping Shelby search for the truth about that fatal night? Shelby wonders if Rand has a deadlier motive for courting the only possible witness to the crime...

In Nightmare in Crimson

Last holiday, Pippa McNabb's faithless husband was found murdered in a Santa suit after a Christmas party. Another year, another Christmas party, and another dead Santa – this time, run down by eight tiny reindeer and a sleigh. And now Pippa is the prime suspect.

Sexy sleigh driver Sky Thornton seems intent on helping her, but is the man who knows too much about her really trying to clear her name, or is he trying to frame her for a murder he committed?

He murmured something low and urgent against her mouth, then trailed quick, moist kisses along her jawline to the tip of her chin. Shuddering, she arched her neck for him while splaying her hands through his hair. His lips nuzzled her long throat, his tongue lathed the smooth skin, his teeth bit the soft flesh under her jaw. And then his mouth slipped lower, brushing the valley between her breasts. With a quick intake of breath, Shelby let her eyes slit open.
Through her lashes, blobs of color danced through darkness. Red. Green. Blue. Familiar shimmers.. .gleams of fuzzy brightness. Widening her eyes, she focused on the elongated silver star topping the Christmas tree. The reflected twinkling lights on its gleaming surface reminded her of similar images she’d seen on the door to the inner office the morning after the party…and consequently, they reminded her of why she was in the executive suite now.
So how had she ended up in Rand McNabb’s arms?
Her escalating pulse had nothing to do with the desire that was still fighting to claim her. Horrid images tried to slip past her guard, but she closed her mind to them.
Rand’s head rose, changing her view to softened masculine features and mussed auburn hair. She took a deep breath. His lips loomed closer for another kiss. Panic replaced the more beguiling sensations still zipping through her body. She arched her neck farther in a successful attempt to block him. Determinedly, she placed flat palms against his chest and pushed.
He let go of her immediately, withdrew and stared. His expression changed from passion to surprise to confusion to blankness. Nothing. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking. She didn’t want to know. Somehow, she’d been lulled into pretending she was in a situation that was, in reality, a fantasy. Rand had forced this evening on her because of Pippa. Because he suspected her…at least of knowing something she wasn’t sharing.
Trying to deny the guilt she felt at deceiving Rand—not that she’d actually lied to him, Shelby told herself—she was relieved to be free of his embrace.

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I grew up a junkie...a Christmas junkie. All Mom’s fault. She instilled the magic of Christmas in me. She made me believe that dopey artificial Christmas tree that sat on a table in our front window was the best tree ever. I was allergic to pine and couldn’t have a real tree, and the fake trees back then were...well, really fake. She had me anxious to decorate it every year. Properly. Lights, ornaments, nativity scene, then tinsel. One. Strand. At. A. Time.

We used to get Christmas cards in those days. Paper ones. We literally hand addressed nearly 100 cards every year. We got an equal number in return and set them on every horizontal surface in the house as part of our Christmas decor. They were more than cards, they were connections to people we cared about. I realized that people were filled with cheer and generosity during the holiday. I learned that it was time to make others feel happy, too, whether with a kind greeting or home-baked Christmas cookies or a donation in the Salvation Army bucket outside the grocery store. Mom taught me that was the true meaning of Christmas.

Every Christmas, Mom took me downtown to see the State Street department store windows. Best of all, she took me to Marshall Field’s. Even as a kid, I knew those windows were special. They always told a story that touched my heart, that sent me home feeling happy, believing in the magic of Christmas.

As I thought about writing a romantic suspense novel set during the holidays, I wanted to tell a story that would touch my readers’ hearts. But first I had to murder someone. Rather my villain did. Though I don’t exactly write funny, I have a wicked sense of humor, and I knew Santa Claus had to die. Twice. I had such fun using the Christmas theme in HOLIDAY IN CRIMSON, that I did it again in NIGHTMARE IN CRIMSON. Both books are set at the Westbrook Department Store (modeled after Chicago’s late iconic Marshall Field’s) and feature nearly the same cast of characters.

This year, Entangled Ignite is offering both HOLIDAY IN CRIMSON and its sequel, NIGHTMARE IN CRIMSON, in one, specially priced package: DUET IN CRIMSON.

So what do I love now about Christmas?

The way people seem to go out of their way to be generous of spirit, giving to food banks and warm clothing drives and animal shelters.

Spending time with relatives I see only a few times a year.

Getting together with writing friends for a special holiday outing—this year to New Orleans!

Driving around the neighborhood to see how everyone has lit up their homes with cheerful lights.

Cooking for Christmas Day—I take the opportunity to go back to my ethnic heritage and make it an Eastern European feast.

The smells—not only food, but wood-burning fires and cinnamon-scented pine cones.

And most of all, memories of Christmas pasts that keep me warm inside.

Happy Holidays to you all. Leave a comment about your favorite Christmas things...

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Patricia Rosemoor has written 95 published novels that have generated more than seven million sales for eight publishers. Her fascination with “dangerous love” has led her to bring a different mix of thrills and chills and romance to each book. ANIMAL INSTINCTS and CRIMSON DUET (2 related holiday novels at a discounted price) are now available at digital retailers.

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  1. 'Duet in Crimson' sounds like such a fantastic festive treat! I am going to definately add it to my 'wish list'!

    I also love the giveaway prize of a donation to an animal shelter/ charity - lovely :)

  2. This sounds like a very sweet Christmas read - but the cover kind of promises some hotness as well! I haven't read any books by Patricia Rosemoor yet, so I cannot really say what I think about this series, other than the fact that I am adding it to my TBR mountain :)

    I think it's great to actually have a prize that involves sharing with others :) Great idea for a giveaway.

    Thanks for sharing, Braine :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Lexie
      The hot male cover is New to Ignite, but these two stories were written last year, so the are sensual rather than erotic. Hope you like them.

    2. The cover smolders right? Makes me think of fireplaces and animal print rugs

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome and thanks for helping me moderate the comments! :)

  4. Lucinda --
    They really are fun holiday reads. Enjoy!

  5. Ooh, sexy suspense involving dead Santas?!? These two stories sound like fun! :)

    Thanks for sharing the guest post, too. :)

  6. Well you totally sold me! Your mama sounds like a wonderful lady and your Christmas memories so made me smile. Gotta say I absolutely LOVE the giveaway you're doing. I run an animal rescue and it really means so much for people to do things like that. Especially this time of year :) I hope you have a wonderful one Patricia. Merry Christmas from our herd!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and checking out Patricia's GP & Excerpt! Happy holidays!

  8. Wonderful guest post..romantic suspense is one of my favorite genres, and I love the line where she says, "But first I had to murder someone" LOL Adding this to my list!

    1. Yup, I love the level of excitement RS brings to the table.


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