December 23, 2013

Emerald Eyes Primer with N. Michaels

Emerald Eyes
Emerald Eyes Trilogy 1
N. Michaels
November 1, 2013
Contemporary Romance
After years of being pressured into becoming a neurosurgeon like her father and refusing each time, Katherine Slav’s father has enough of her partying and cuts her off from all financial support, leaving Katherine to find her own place in the world, out of her father’s provision.

Finding a job was a priority. Finding Eric Miller was a bonus, a bonus that quickly proved to be impossible to conquer. How can you have the only man who resists you every step of the way? How can you seduce your boss without losing your job?

Struggling not to blur the lines, Eric tries to keep Katherine at an arms length, but the more he’s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes. At the end, Katherine gets what she wants, but is it all she thought it would be? Discovering Eric’s secret and baring her own, Katherine fights for her newfound love with everything she’s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric’s life? Will she be enough?

Hi N. Michaels! Can I call you "N" or better yet, what does N stand for anyways?

Hey there! N. is fine by me. It might stand for Naughty or Nerdy, or better yet, Naughty Nerd. ;)

OK, Naughty Nerd! So let's talk about Emerald Eyes. I understand this is your debut novel right? What is it about the book and series that makes you nervous and excited?

Yes. Emerald Eyes is my first novel. I've mainly written novellas but never a full novel, so it was a challenge I was excited to conquer. And of course, stage fright is still a strong element for my nervousness. 

The story of Emerald Eyes is unique because Katherine is confident in herself. She is not the meek, mousey girl that will blush over the slightest sexual provocation. I wanted to create a strong woman who was not self doubting, and that might not be welcomed by many readers, so it's quite the risk. 

Oh yeah, I'm personally over the meek ones, bring back the bra burners! Emerald Eyes is a contemporary romance right and the blurb is hinting at something quite intense. Aside from the theme of starting fresh and the sticky trope of falling for your boss, what is the meat of Emerald Eyes?

Well, I can't give too much meat but it's a love story that takes you on a roller-coaster ride of sorts. Eric and Katherine are both struggling with their own private secrets, so when the two of them clash together it's quite an outcome.

What a tease! Can you tell us why we will fall in love with Eric Miller?

Besides the fact he's sex on legs? He's extremely protective and even though he has his dark moments, he is still tender. Oh and he's beyond gorgeous, of course. I think if I'd meet him on the street I'd just stop and stare, and drool... possibly... probably...

Drool worthy men are always a plus. And what is it about poor little rich girl, Katherine Slav that we'll find most relatable?

Katherine was born into luxury, she knows no other way of life. When life throws her a curve ball, she is forced to experience the hardships of life without her extravagant life style. She experiences new emotions she never encountered before like, rejection, jealousy, fear and at some point even hopelessness. 

Throughout the story we come see her not only as the untouchable image of a rich socialite, but as an actual human being that falls in love and struggles with the path her life is taking.

If you were to compare Emerald Eyes with previously released books out there, what series would it be and what are the similarities?

Although I hate comparing any book to another, I'd say it might resemble Bared to You in a way that Eva and Katherine are two strong women that came from a similar background. Although Gideon and Eric are quite different.

I love Eva so in that regard, I think I'll like Katherine too. Lastly, In Twitter style, how would you sell Emerald Eyes

It's a novel that will take you on ride. It has angst, fiery desire and an unstoppable love. The sex is passionately erotic and will have you reaching for the nearest cold glass of water ;) and there is a surprising twist that will leave you wanting more!

"After a quick introduction with the other band members, I gracefully sit down on the bench, moving the gown’s train to the side. Jonathan gives me a list of songs they will be playing and I realize I’m actually a little nervous. Last time I preformed to this big of an audience, was when I was twelve years old at my last recital.
We start with, ‘Arrival of the Birds’ and, ‘Transformation’ by The Cinematic Orchestra. About a minute into the second song, I feel my skin tingle and my heartbeat speeding up.
What the hell?
I take a deep breath but when it doesn’t help, I look over at the guests, trying to distract myself. The guests are still coming in, but there’s an impressive group present already, chatting with each other, drinking champagne and some are watching the band and me play. My eyes come to a stop and focus on very familiar and breathtaking turquoise irises.
I look at Eric and I want to smile. I want to cry. All the heartache, the confusion comes crashing down on me. But somehow I keep playing, not even missing a single note.
He looks amazing. In a fitted tux that shows off his show-stopping body, making me want to rip if off of him. His hair combed to the side and his signature strands fall on his forehead. He looks at me mesmerized with awe and another emotion I might consider as longing, but that would contradict his behavior lately. Eliza is there, right next to him. Her arm is wrapped around the crook of his elbow. She’s dressed in a tight coral gown with a deep thigh-slit that leaves very little to the imagination. I notice her earrings. The BLVGARI earrings I delivered him not too long ago. I fucking knew it.
Eliza presses herself closer to Eric when she notices I’m looking at her. I want to look away but I can’t. It’s just like a car crash waiting to happen, it’s horrifying but you just can’t look away. Eliza lifts her lips to Eric’s ear and whispers something. When he turns his head to answer her, she pounces. Locking her lips with his, she kisses him and he does nothing to push her away. Absolutely nothing.
My stomach free falls to my toes and my heart squeezes so painfully, I think it might have collapsed into itself. I guess we really are over.
I force myself to look away and focus on my breathing, focus on the music. I look at the other side, not wanting to see them anymore and see a microphone stand angled next to the piano. Instantly, an idea strikes me and I know what I want to do.
Sorry mama, but I hope you won’t kill me after this.
When the current song comes to an end, I quickly glance at Jonathan. I get his attention and ask him if he and the band know, ‘Broken Vow’ by Lara Fabian. Jonathan says they do and at first he seems uneasy about my idea, but he gives in and agrees to let me have my way after I smile my sweetest smile and cause him to blush. Men like him are too easy to persuade.
Jonathan adjusts the mic in front of my lips and I take a deep breath.
Been a while since I sang.
I count down quietly and start pressing the keys. A heartbeat later, the violins join me flawlessly. When I start humming, the room quiets down and I force my voice to come out evenly. I start singing the first verse, about wanting to know about the other woman and why the relationship ended.
My voice breaks a little on the last word and I swallow past the lump in my throat. I feel the tears starting to prickle my eyes, so I take another deep breath and continue. The next lines are about wanting to know who is that woman who broke my trust, that occupies his bed at night while I’m lying alone and reminisce about belonging to him. I inhale a quick breath and sing the chorus and my resolve to Eric.
I sing about letting him go, releasing him. About questioning myself on why I’m still asking why it happened.
I continue to the next verse, keeping my voice steady, even though I feel like I’m about to fall apart. I push through that feeling and sing about wanting to hear the things he never told me, to show me his tears, the ones he never shed. I sing about wanting to feel his touch, that he vowed I’d always have, and I ask if that touch is forever gone. I repeat the chorus, of letting him go.
God, this is so hard… I just have to keep breathing and fight the tears.
I take a breath and sing about closing my eyes and imagining us together, but when I do I realize that this life is more than bitterness and lies.
The melody swells and my eyes flutter shut. As I surrender myself to the crescendo, visions of Eric and me talking, laughing and loving burst like fireworks in my mind. I sing about sacrificing everything, just to embrace him one more time and continue like that forever.
I take the deepest breath and release my anguish into the chorus for the last time. Pouring my heartache into the words, I sing about releasing him and knowing it was all just a broken vow. The melody reaches diminuendo, softening down gradually, and after pressing a few more keys the song is over.
I release a shaky breath, then rise gently and without looking at the crowd, take a small bow. The hall erupts with the sound of applause and cheers, but I want none of it. I step down the stage and make a beeline to the nearest ladies room. I think I hear Eric call my name, but I don’t let that stop me. I just want to escape.
I walk into the beautiful restroom and find it blissfully empty. I walk into the furthest booth and walk in, quickly closing and locking the door behind me. I sag against the door and bite down my lower lip, so hard I taste the metallic tinge of blood. I take a deep breath and feel my whole body tremble. My hands are clammy and cold, so I rest the back of my hand on my forehead, trying to cool myself off.
I feel the hopelessness surging in me, bringing the tears along with it. I yank two tissues out of the tissue box that’s is on a shelf, right above the toilet and dab my eyes very gently, not wanting to look like a panda bear. I stand there for a few moments and eventually calm down.
Laura’s words come rushing to my mind, ‘you have fun tonight. Eric or no Eric, understood?
I smile weakly and sigh. I unlock the door and step out, heading towards the sinks. I look at my reflection. The tip of my nose is a little pink, like it always is when I cry but other than that I look the same. I wash and dry my hands and make my way back to the ballroom.
Time to put on my best act yet.
The moment I step outside, a slender figure blocks my way.
“My, my… what a performance.” Eliza drawls, clapping her hands halfheartedly.
I feel the little hairs on the nape of my neck rise and I cock an eyebrow. “You’re in my way, please move.”
“Oh, I’ll always be in your way. What, did you really think that you were something special? That you’ve captured Eric?” She laughs maliciously and eyes me from head to toe.
When I don’t answer her, she goes on. “Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t even know him, where know him inside and out and I can tell you this much, he might fuck your brains out, but he will always, always come back to me. Tonight is an example, he’s here with me and not you,” she says with a smug smile that I’m dying to punch off her face.
But Eliza’s words hit home. They pierce me like a small dagger right in the heart, right in the center of my fear of how much she means to him.
“Eliza, I don’t have time for this jealousy trip of yours. Move or I’ll move you myself.” I say through clenched teeth.
She leans into me and the smell of her overly sweet perfume attacks my nostrils.
“Stay away from him. You’ll regret it if you won’t.” She hisses in my face.
I feel my nostrils flare as fury rises in me. I close my hands into fists, my nails digging into my palms just so I won’t introduce my knuckles to her face.
“Eliza.” Eric’s voice thunders in the hallway.
Immediately, she pulls back and twirls around to face him. “Missed me already?” she purrs.
Frowning at her, Eric stalks closer then his eyes collide with mine. He stops in his tracks and stares at me, ignoring her completely. His angry expression transforms into a one of longing and sorrow.
“Katherine…” he whispers my name like a desperate prayer and the dagger twists painfully in my heart.
Eric takes a step forward and I take one back. He stops moving, still looking at me tormented.
Why the hell is he playing victim? He left me!"

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N. Michaels resides in north NJ in a quiet suburb. She began telling stories at the tender age of six, and later on, she began penning her ideas and sharing her stories with her family and friends. She’s a passionate reader and writer. She can be found daydreaming, listening to music and watching her favorite shows… oh and writing, of course.

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