December 5, 2013

Blitz + Giveaway: King of Hearts by Kay David

King of Hearts
Kay David
Entangled Ignite
November 25, 2013
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
She loved him so much, she was willing to kill. He loved her so much, he was willing to die.

One night with bad-girl biker Jessie Delacort should have been enough for straight-laced cop Kingson Landry. But she got under his skin and hasn’t let go. Discovering she’s an undercover Texas ACES agent makes it even harder to resist her. But he must, because his past could kill Jessie just as easily as it has the other people he loves.

When Jessie Delacort rides into town on her Harley, the last thing she wants is to fall in love with another man who is hiding secrets too dark to reveal.?But when they’re forced to work together to bring down a powerful drug cartel, Jessie knows she’s got it bad for the quiet cop with the haunted eyes.

When the cartel’s vengeance-driven leader sets his sights on the two of them, King knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Jessie safe. Even if that means giving up their chance of turning the white-hot attraction between them into love.

The last time a guy bought you a drink, how did it happen? Did he order one and have it delivered to your table? Did he ask you what you liked to drink and buy it for you? Did he sit beside you and nod to the bartender for a second round? Choices. Always choices.

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When Jessie said “Let’s get outta here,” King was ready to do just that. Then he thought again. Being suspicious had kept him alive this long. Why give that up, even for a beautiful woman. She might be hot and she was definitely interested. But he didn’t want to die.

King whirled his finger at Keeper, the barman. When the cold cans of beer appeared, King regretted more than ever that they weren’t somewhere else. The choices at the Ice House were limited to beer, beer and beer. If the machine was working, margaritas might be available but never for long.

“What’s the hurry?” King handed her one of the bottles. What would she order if they were in a nice bar, he wonderd, as she took the beer, her fingers brushing his. A glass of red wine? A Long Island Iced Tea? A shot of tequila? Would they have a leisurely meal, listen to some music, go home and take it slow? Or would she rather hit the clubs, take in a movie or see a concert?

Jessie took her first sip. He finished his in in two swallows. Even though, he’d told her to be patient, he wasn’t sure he could be. He suddenly had one thing on his mind and that was leaving. 

King didn’t have time for the niceties and he doubted Jessie did either. Anyone could die at any time, but their chances were greater than the average person. Arresting a stranger, stalking a killer, working a sting… The man King was searching could catch up with them then it’d all be over. He had no idea how long he had to live before that happened. Working undercover, Jessie had risks almost as great.

They had to live now, he decided. Later might not be an option.

What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard? Or the worst? Stay with my blog tour to learn what happens next with Jessie and King.

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Kay David is the author of over thirty-five romantic suspense novels. After enjoying a variety of careers including computer programming at NASA, custom home building and working in the oil and gas industry, Kay admits that writing has always her been her first love.

Living in such diverse countries as the United Arab Emirates, Argentina and Bolivia has made Kay appreciate her own great home in Texas while allowing her to add intimate details to her books of the exotic settings she knows firsthand.

Kay’s latest romantic suspense trilogy features Smokin’ ACES, an undercover Texas Rangers team fighting crime along the Texas/Mexico border. Hot Texas nights full of dark secrets and dangerous men.

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  1. *book sigh* Sometimes being a cover whore is really really hard. lol I so need this one. Must. Have. It. lol It's gorgeous and lickable and sounds really great too. Thanks for the heads up! I hadn't seen it yet so all excited :)

  2. I haven't gotten picked-up in a bar in so long that I've forgotten (thankfully) how cheesy guys' pick-up lines can be. However, that model on the cover can buy me a drink anytime! Hehe

    1. Haha! I feel you, my guy friends are just as cheesy it's embarrassing sometimes.

  3. Nice excerpt! It's been 16 1/2 years since I've been single so I probably wouldn't know a good pick-up line if I heard it. Luckily my husband is all the time cracking me up with cheesy lines!

    1. Awww congratulations on being "attached" for so long, Andrea! Being single has it's moments but dating-wise, it's a nightmare!

  4. i didn't know this one but It can be interesting and well it's a really really nice cover!

  5. I love cheesy pick up lines, but I dislike players. It's the fake stuff that makes me roll my eyes. My guy can get cheesy and it cracks me up because he's just being fun.

    I'm with everyone else. That cover is delicious. The story even sounds good. ;D

  6. The worst two I can think of at the moment are the classics about light switches and parking tickets. Never had either used on me, thankfully. Looks like a great read!

  7. You know that country song...well, you may not. :) But I had the words "why don't we get drunk and screw" sung to me...cheesy, huh? But that was many, many, many years ago. ;)

  8. 'King of Hearts' looks and sounds AMAZING!! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway ~ i love the playing card theme! It is a book that certainly stands-out. x

  9. This is going to be such a great read thank you.

  10. The book looks great! I love the cover!

  11. Love the cover and can't wait to read it!

  12. Hi, Thanks for this awesome giveaway! The cover looks great and the book sounds interesting, can;t wait to read :)

  13. Love the reviews I have read. Sounds intriguing. Look forward to reading. Thank you for the giveaway.


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