November 14, 2013

Naughty Bit: Girls, Boys and Their Toys by Adam & Eve

 The succeeding post is a guest blog special edition. Since Fifty Shades blew up the book sphere and permeated the imagination of many, sales and curiosity about Christian Grey's toys have skyrocketed. Personally, I too have looked up some of the accoutrements in the infamous Red Room.
Today, Megan Sweeney and Adam & Eve gladly provided the article below to give us a little insight on said toys. Links are provided and rest assured that though the article is provocative, it's discreet and still very much GP.

The Erotic Book and It's Sexual Accoutrement
While Fifty Shades of Grey has certainly had it's day, what with the sexual furry it created in 2012 and the buzz that continues to linger due to the movie and cast changes, it still remains as one of the top selling erotic books/series. Any simple Google search is going to continuously suggest Fifty Shades as it's top pick for someone interested in erotica. However, you could definitely debate that many better erotic books have come before and surely afterwards, but it doesn't seem to change sales. In fact, when it came to those Fifty Shades, it did more than just spike erotic genre awareness, it boosted sales across a variety of markets like automobiles, travel, rope, tea, and music. The most notable sales spike, you ask? Sex toys.

In the year and a half that Fifty Shades has been on bookshelves, sex toy sales have seen a 400% increase. So while we're all a little bored with the Christian Grey and Ana routine, it doesn't hurt to remember the best parts in sex toy form. Plus, while these may be pulled from one manuscript, there's no reason you can't have them accompany anything else you've been dabbling in or used to spice up your own bedroom.

Rope is undoubtedly the most purchased prop inspired by Fifty. In fact, hardware stores originally were running out and had no idea why. Regardless, you can find rope at any hardware store now or at sex stores like Adam and Eve. Use this to tie your partner up into an X on your bed or to bind their wrists together. Be sure to read about rope safety before diving into the practice though. You could easily hurt your partner if you're not careful.

Ben Wa Balls:
Easily one of the most memorable scenes, when CG mixes spanking with Ben Wa Balls. These balls have long since been known as Geisha Balls, Venus Balls and simply put, vaginal balls. They can be fun mixed with a partner or used on your own. Stick with the ones that are strung together if you're a little apprehensive about using them.

Handcuffs and Spreader Bars:
No need to set up a whole wall apparatus to contain your partner, like CG did. Just get a pair of hand cuffs or a spreader bar. A spreader bar can be used to separate your partner's ankles or wrists. It's usually a metal bar that keeps them from bringing their arms or legs together. Handcuffs and just be a great way to keep their hands out of the way or attached to a certain piece of furniture.

Blind Fold:
Blind folds make an appearance once Ana gets introduced to the Red Room of Pain and some classical music (it goes together, right?). These can be a great addition to your bedroom when you want to heighten your partner's senses or instill a feeling of anticipation. Don't feel the need to go out and get fancy though. You don't have to buy a blind fold. Simply use a scarf, tie, pillow case or shirt.

The whip comes out right about the same time the blindfold does. Whips are great for the couple trying to up the sub/dom side of their sexual exploration. Be sure to proceed cautiously and have a safe word. Start with a fabric whip to ensure you and your partner can handle the pain.

Morgan Sweeney is an erotic fiction fan as well as a sex blogger. She's currently living in Brooklyn and looking for the next great guy who can be a proper Dominant for her.



  1. Fun post! And I won't lie, this kind of info interests me a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Goodness me, look at all that!! I still haven't been brave enough to google a sex swing, ha! A very original post :)

    Mich xx

  3. I still haven't read Fifty Shades, but I'm sure that is pretty accurate. lol @ the hardware people confused about rope ;)

  4. I confess Fifty shades isn't really my kind of books. But it's fun to know all that!

  5. wow...400%. I do love my toys, I've always been interested in different type one even before FSOg (which I didn't read). I cracked up that hardware stores had no idea why they were running out of rope...thats funny.

    awesome post.

  6. I finally have a copy of the series loaned to me. Thanks for the education :)

  7. I didn't know about the hardware stores. It would have never crossed my mind to go to a hardware store to get my "supplies".

  8. This is a great post to read on a Friday night! Very entertaining, thanks!

  9. Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Braine! A 400% increase in sex toy sales?!? That's incredible...and all due to a book. ;) And I wonder if there is a hardware store like this near me...hmm...


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