October 27, 2013

Guest Blogger: Exotic & Salacious Reads

So excited to present you our guest blogger for this month! The sexxy Sharonda has been a Supie, and we 

Thank you Beautiful for inviting me on over to Talk Supe! 

So Braine wanted me show off some of the books in my um “exotic” book shelf *weg*. I can do that and will admit I have been on a search lately for reads that are a little more saucy…eclectic if you will. 

Below are just some of the books that took me by surprise whether they were good or disappointing. Hmmmm, lets see. 

M.J. Kane’s Butterfly Memoirs

The first two books are out…the third will be available later this year I believe. 

What surprised bout these books wasn’t just the stark differences between the male & female leads. But it was the human elements that Ms Kane added to her stories. She gave you real life issues and embedded them there, you truly did want her characters to prevail at all costs. Also, the heroes weren’t ga-billionaires (yes, I know this is not a word)…we get that so much lately right? No…these dudes were just ordinary hard-working joes. I liked that so much, it was refreshing to read. I was like gah! Normal men..lols.

I just finished Violette Dubrinsky’s Colorblind.

Now, this story is what I been looking forward to read. A story of a French slave owner in a relationship with one of his slaves. It was that forbidden element of the story that I really wanted to get into. But this story also had a paranormal element to it too as both our hero & heroine are werewolves. This author gave me exactly what I wanted, a forbidden romance where Leon & Penny fought to be together in a time where is was just not allowed. Totally blew me away. I read it in one day. Plus he called her Ma Louve which meant my wolf *sigh & melts in a goo puddle*

Angel’s Wrath by S.K.

The book had a hard-nosed gansta attempting to get out of the game, get revenge on his dead beat father and have a working relationship with his lady love. But what I loved most about this book not only was Angelo a hard domineering male, he stayed that way though-out the book. This make didn’t automatically bow for his heroine. She wanted him out of the game faster than he can leave and he pretty much told he would leave we it was best for him to. And when she left him because of it, he didn’t automatically chase after her. SHE had to come back to him! Oh this man was…was…this book kinda left me speechless. You know how hard that is?

On to the books I thought I’ll say disappointed me. Any reader dislikes to be disappointed, but alas…it can’t be helped sometimes. 

Canyon by Brenda Jackson

Ugh! What could have been a interesting read ending up being totally frustrating. The Westmorelands is a awesome long-going series, but this book just had my head spinning and the heroine was a whiny bitchy heffa, I just did not like her. I’ll just leave you to NeNe Leakes to give you a idea about what I felt about this one. I like strong heroines, but lawd don’t be shifty…shifty and bitchy. 

The Bad Death by Naima Haviland

Although, the cover is smoking hot, this book did not give me what I was looking for. Don’t’ get me wrong, the authors writing was exceptional and she added more of a horror element to her vampires than romantic. But this was still suppose to be a paranormal romance. We didn’t get much of that and then I didn’t get that feeling of the hero and heroine fighting to be together, you know? It was more like “hey, well we’re here and attracted to each other, so let’s just do this thing”. Especial during the time of slavery with Julian being white and Anika being black, I wanted what I got in Colorblind and didn’t get it. It just wasn’t exciting enough for me and fell flat. 

I could only come up with two. Well that’s it, just some of my latest fixations that have graced my ever-growing book shelf. Thank you again Braine for having me…I hope your Supies enjoy.

Thanks, sexxy momma for sharing your more exotic reads. 
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  1. thanks for having me Gorgeous...muah!

  2. I loved the cover for The Bad Death, was sad to see that you said it fell flat though. I'll have to give A Heart Not Easily Broken a try.

    1. its outstanding right? well...that's the life of a reader, lols. Oh you should, it really is good :)

  3. What a surprise! Glad to get a peek at your shelves, Sharonda!

  4. I confess I didn't know any of these books, or I think so. But it's interesting, thank you for sharing!

    1. you're welcome :) I hope you get a chance a read at least one of them :)

  5. Hey Miss Sharonda! I remember your reviews on these. I so have a couple on my tbr list because of it :)


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