October 18, 2013

Braine Reviews: Sweetly Bad (Curve Appeal) by Anya Breton + Character Interview

Series: Haizea Brood 2
Format: eGalley
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Release Date: September 4, 2013

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Paranormal - Romantica
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The stand-alone sequel to Wickedly Good

Drew couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stranded in a two-cellular-bar town with a broken-down Ferrari…until his mother—his own mother!—marked him as a rogue Air witch and canceled all his credit cards. Now he’s kill-on-sight in the Underground, and the only person willing to help him is the curvy human mechanic who towed his car. A strangely delectable curvy human mechanic.

The last thing Erica needs is a yuppie playboy freeloading in her garage. Still, she can’t bring herself to turn Drew out into the sultry heat, even if he is a bit of an ass. A gorgeous, incorrigible, everything-your-mother-warned-you-against ass. Soon the heat isn’t the only thing sultry in the garage and self-control is the last thing on her mind. They agree to a one-night stand, but Drew’s magical secrets are dangerous—and catching up to him fast.
Inside Scoop: Hot and explicit sex with the right (plus-sized) woman just might redeem this bad boy hero.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Unlike the other reader's who've rated and reviewed SWEETLY BAD by Anya Breton in Goodreads, I had some inside scoop on this sequel to Wickedly Good before I started reading. When my pal Melissa at Lily Element interviewed ABreton a while back, Anya mentioned the thought process behind SWEETLY BAD and I knew then that this is something I will enjoy. 
So Drew sucked in bed and couldn't kiss. How could he be an affluent, playboy Air witch if he had no money, couldn't kiss and was currently marked as a rogue witch? 
He couldn't. 
Everything that defined him had been stripped away in a single day.
The heroine, Erica, is a plus sized mechanic who's too nice and compassionate for her own good while Drew Haizea is a pretty boy, overindulged jackass who is in need of a good shake. I like these two together, they're not a pair one usually reads on romance novels and that's precisely the reason why I enjoyed this very much. I found it daring that ABreton gave us something unexpected but with the same amount of passion one finds in books like these. Chubby chasers and big girls need some loving too! But my favorite part is really Drew's "punishment", this boy's got it coming for him and I truly enjoyed his karmic tale. 

However I do feel that SWEETLY BAD could be longer or has an epilogue or something to tie up some loose ends. The paranormal element is very small so it didn't really bother me that the myth behind these witches wasn't given as the story is centric to Drew marked as a rogue and not his coven. However I do want to know what happened to Erica's ex, Jared, he's an annoying cockroach that needs to be served some cold justice. I also wanted to see Erica put her opportunistic and selfish sister, Tina, in her proper place. Tina always puts Erica down and I would've loved to see Tina's jaw drop upon seeing her "overweight" sister hook up with a gorgeous guy like Drew. That would've been priceless!

On a side-note, I think what threw off readers about SWEETLY BAD is it's a little chick lit-ish for Ellora's Cave. EC is known for panty melting stories with unbelievably perfect people with just the right amount of flaws to be considered human. Don't get me wrong, SWEETLY BAD is sexy but it's light and not as sexually and emotionally intense as one expects from an EC book. Haizea Brood 2 is more romcom than erotica so I think BoB users didn't get much material from here which disappointed them. Eep! As for me, I found SWEETLY BAD to be a funny and enjoyable read, I wanted something light with a bit of spunk and that's exactly what I got. Expectations met.

BRAINE: Hi guys! Thanks for dropping by today to gossip with us. So Anya took the liberty of sharing your love story with us, how do you feel about SWEETLY BAD?

Drew: It’s pretty accurate, except the not-well-endowed comment.

Erica: *snickers quietly*
Drew: *glances over* What?
Erica: Oh, nothing.
Drew: I don’t recall hearing you complain.
Erica: *smiles and focuses on Braine* How do I feel about SWEETLY BAD? Well, it’s always nerve-wracking when your inner most thoughts are published but overall it’s a cute story, and it’s ours.

BRAINE: Glad you guys approve. What's your favorite part in the book?

Drew: the frantic sex in the garage. Every time I think about that I end up hunting her down and recreating the scene.
Erica: *laughs* Figures. The whole thing is dear to me. But I’d say getting into Drew’s head is the best parts for me.

BRAINE: Drew, I understand you're a witch, what is an air witch exactly?

Drew: I can control the Air school of magic. That’s anything from adding body to my hair 
Erica: So that’s why it always looks perfect. 
Drew: To creating a hurricane. But I’d likely be marked rogue, again, or outright executed if I did anything that massive.

BRAINE: And we don't want that, we know what happened the last time you were tagged "rogue". Have you tried putting a spell on Erica?

Drew: Only when she asks. She likes when we fly places.
Erica: You do that talking-in-my-head thing when my sister’s kids are in the room and you want to talk dirty to me.
Drew: *grins* I suppose I don’t ask for permission on that…

BRAINE: Erica, what are the perks of dating a witch, or should I say warlock? I don't know what the proper label is, sorry :D

Erica: He’s part Superman…you know in the able-to-leap-tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound kind of way. That’s seriously hot.

BRAINE: What are your first impressions of each other?

Erica: I thought he was a hot yuppie who was way out of my league.
Drew: And I thought she was a curvy grease monkey. But I recall thinking she was a knockout. She’s got a nice face.

BRAINE: What's your favorite part about each other?

Erica: His ability to go from zero to hero was amazing. He’s definitely my hero.
Drew: I admire everything about her. If I had to pick one, it would be her bravery…fighting for something she believes in. Yeah, that’s sexy.

BRAINE: Was it awkward reading our intimate scenes knowing that other people are reading very private moments?

Erica: Oh, sure. But there are bits we didn’t share with Anya.
Drew: Plus we didn’t start the really kinky shit until later.
Erica: *laughs and blushes* Shhh.

BRAINE: Well this is awkward... but more power on your explorations...Erica, I find your job interesting. I'm sure you've met a lot of men but what makes Drew special considering he can be a jackass?

Erica: At first I was entirely shallow. He’s a pretty man and I hadn’t been with anyone since my ex. But the special thing about Drew was that he didn’t just take, take, take. He tried to help me as much as I’d helped him. Most of the jackasses I know don’t give back. And he genuinely wants to become the best version of himself. I admire that.

BRAINE: My next question is a little awkward but Drew, there's been some speculation about your ummm boy parts. Care to address that?

Erica: Let me speak on this one. So I initially gave Drew a hard time because he’s no bigger than my ex. And when he’d turned up in town he was calling like twenty girls looking for a hook-up. I figured a playboy like that had to have a schlong the size of King Kong. But to be honest, my ex was big—
Drew: Yeah, your ex is a big dick for sure.
Erica: *laughs* Anyway Drew isn’t small. He’s the perfect size for me.
Drew: Awww. You’re such a sweetie.

BRAINE: Erica, what's inside your beauty bag? I know Anya's into vanity products, care to share your favorites and some tips and tricks to our Supies?

Erica: I keep it light at the shop because it tends to get hot and I don’t need eyeliner or mascara dripping into my eyes while I’m working on someone’s engine. My one beauty tip is that I moisturize with CeraVe. 

BRAINE: Simple. On retrospect, I think I should've asked Drew what's in his beauty bag! Lastly, what's next for you two?

Drew: *glances at Erica* I’m trying to apprentice with a few chefs. Ultimately I’d like to open a restaurant.
Erica: He’s using me as his guinea pig for his recipes. I swear I’m going to pack on twenty pounds.
Drew: You’ll still be the hottest woman in New Hampshire.
Erica: You’d better not fatten me up and then leave me.
Drew: Not a chance. I’m not going anywhere.

BRAINE: Food! Hopefully you'll come back and share that next chapter in your lives. Good luck, guys and thanks again for chatting with me :)

Anya Breton is a web monkey, Apple fan girl and crazy cat lady who is mildly obsessed with rubber chickens and wholly believes that Peeps are evil (yes, the marshmallow candy). She was born in New England into a family of weirdoes. Being an only child, she quickly learned to amuse herself with quirky pastimes. It was inevitable that she'd turn to reading and writing. After writing fanciful (and sickeningly sweet) love stories, Anya branched out into erotica, paranormal romance, young adult and urban fantasy. She currently resides in the American Midwest with her cats and a good man!

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  1. oh I loved the interview & I love Anya's writing. Okay I have to pick this series up. Awesomeness guys :)

  2. Loved the character interview and I like that these characters don't fall within the norm of PR. While it sounds like you wanted more this looks like a fun series, and I will check them out. Thanks guys!

    1. When you read a lot of books belonging to the same genre, they all start to blend together and eventually, they'll stop being unique. I guess that's why this worked well for me, the types of characters she used are unexpected.

  3. Zero to hero, and frantic sex in the garage. Hehe!!!! Fun interview!! xxx


    1. Thanks, Mich, they were a fun couple to read.

  4. I don't usually read EC books, so your mention of that stuff actually would convince me more that I may enjoy this. It sounds unique, or the characters do at least. I'm a little sad the paranormal isn't stronger, but it sounds fun!

    And the character interview is fantastic!

  5. A really great interview. I always wanted to try doing a character interview. This series is new to me. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. Character interviews are so fun, you should try it sometime and hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

  6. Alright, I'm stuck on frantic garage sex. Sounds hot!

    This seems like a story I might enjoy. I'm glad you did, despite feeling unfulfilled by the ending. Niiiice review!

    1. I'm a bit superstitious and claustrophobic so car sex is out of the picture, next best thing is garage sex and these two really pulled it off. LOL

  7. what a fun way to do the review, love it! I don't really know if this one is for me but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Oh another new one to try! It sounds pretty good. Thanks for the heads up though. I would have expected the normal heat from EC and probably been disappointed but going in knowing that it's not quite as steam heavy will probably help :)

  9. Awesome review, Braine! I think this does sound like a light, fun read. And that interview...LOVED it! It illustrated a lot about Erica and Drew - and the relationship! They seem like a fun couple.

    1. They are! Thank you Brandee, I'm so happy to introduce these two to y'all.

  10. Thanks for hosting and reading Braine! Your reviews are wonderful, as always.


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