October 25, 2013

Braine Reviews: Luca's Magic Embrace by Kym Grosso

Series: Immortals of New Orleans 2
Format: Mobi
Release Date: October 18, 2012

Publisher: Self-published
Source: Author via tour organizer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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An erotic paranormal romance…

Sexy vampire, Luca Macquarie doesn’t do love; especially not with humans. Yet, ever since he rescued Samantha Irving, he can’t deny the enigmatic attraction he’s developed for the alluring mortal woman. Concerned for her safety, he’s determined to bring Samantha back to her coven. His mission is to go find the novice witch and bring her home, nothing more, nothing less; falling for her is not supposed to be part of the plan.

Samantha doesn’t want to be a witch, yet that’s exactly what she is. After failing to elicit her magic, she escapes to the mountains in an attempt to resume a semblance of her previous human life. When an arsonist torches her cabin, Samantha’s worst fears are realized. Aware that her life is on the line, she reluctantly agrees to return to New Orleans with Luca.

In the Big Easy, Samantha and Luca embark on a spellbinding journey, searching for a mystical amulet that promises to release her obligation from an ancient, lethal vampire who’s been threatening her life. With cryptic clues and clandestine allies, will Luca and Samantha destroy the dangerous amulet before others acquire it, setting forth a chain of catastrophic consequences? And will Luca give into his erotic desire for the witch who magically captures heart?
3.5 Cauldrons to be exact
Loca for Luca! 

I liked LUCA'S MAGIC EMBRACE better than Kade's Dark Embrace. I always have a soft spot for betas and Luca may be one but he's as fearsome and loyal as his maker and friend, Kade. We first meet Luca in Immortals of New Orleans 1 and he definitely made an impression on me and I know that this dude's story will be sexy and mighty interesting. 

Unlike other PNR heroes, Luca isn't arrogant or cocky nor does he have a hero complex. He didn't aggravate Samantha, instead he's been protective and mildly infatuated with her since he saved her pretty butt in Kade's Dark Embrace. But as Luca is already feeling territorial over the witch, he sought out Sam to protect and finally claim her for his own. Samantha for her part really surprised me. She went through a nightmare during her abduction by a dark mage/wizard and I half expected her to pull the tortured heroine trick. I'm happy that she didn't because I really can't stand wallowing victims and their whole "woe is me" show. Sam was every bit the heroine, she saved herself from whatever hold her abductor still has on her while saving Luca in the process.

The best part is Luca and Sam's romance. It was gradual, sweeping and even leaning towards the kinky side. I love that it wasn't a love/hate kind of thing nor snarky like other PNR novels. Sam didn't play hard to get and Luca wasn't a jackass brandishing his big vampire organ on her face. There were a lot of "MINE" going on but that's expected and tolerable among these paranormal creatures. These two handled their attraction like adults, no passive aggressiveness and just went ahead and followed her lusty hearts. Straightforward is more sexy anyways.

I may just be two books in but I'm getting a good grasp of Kym Grosso's style and I'm really digging it. I love the fact that we are already acquainted with these various characters way before their books are written. We're given cause to root and be drawn to them so by the time that their HEA is ready to be read, we're already invested somehow and that's exactly what happened to me before and during LUCA'S MAGIC EMBRACE. My only regret is I'm still left wanting for New Orleans. It think this should be renamed Immortals of Philly because that's where these books are mostly set and NOLA is nothing more than a passing remark or some sort of loose connection. I'm hoping that I'll get my fix in Tristan's Lyceum Wolves, book 3 of the series which I'm currently reading right now. Still no NOLA so far but Tristan is prime cut meat.


  1. Great review. I just love a sexy vampire. I'll have to check this out.

  2. I always too much snark is just that ...too much. And Im happy she didnt play the whiny chick..I detest that. Okay now Im going to give this one a whirl :)

  3. Oh this sounds yummy, and I love settings in New Orleans, these need to go on my wish list stat!

  4. That stinks that these don't actually take place in NOLA, cause I would read it for that alone! I'm not sure I'd read this, but I have to say the premise sounds intriguing!

  5. I have never heard of Kym Grosso, but this books sounds nice. I need to check it out.

  6. I love the sound of the romance. Oh jeeze, the whole "mine" thing cracks me up, but I will admit, it's kinda sexy.

  7. Oh it's nice to have all the books like that, so now you can read the sequel. I didn't know the book I confess

  8. Great review Braine, I'm glad the romance developed over time and hahah the whole mine thing lol. I'm not a fan of the whole woe is me thing either but glad she wasn't like that.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence


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