August 12, 2013

Tour Stop + Giveaway: Come Hell or High Desire by Misty Dietz

Come Hell or High Desire
Misty Deitz
Entangled Publishing - Suspense Imprint
August 12, 2013
Romantic Suspense
Torn between dangerous desires…

Framed for a series of brutal murders, rebel-turned-CEO Zack Goldman must go to ground. When he discovers that sexy boutique owner Sloane Swift has a shocking gift—terrifying visions that connect her to his mentor’s missing daughter—he can’t believe her refusal to help him. Nor can he believe he’s actually falling for the frustrating woman.

Their chemistry will either find its perfect equation…

Helping an accused killer ranks low on Sloane’s to-do list, no matter how hot the attraction burns between them. But putting to rest her overwhelming guilt over the missing girl’s fate proves more difficult than she ever imagined…that is, until her heart and conscience begin to align.

…or detonate everything in its path.

As the real killer locks in on Sloane, Zack will stop at nothing to keep her safe. And as they earn each other’s trust—with danger in hot pursuit—they may just lose their hearts in the process…

To Shop or Not to Shop…That is a stupid question

Hey gang, I’m so happy to be a guest on Talk Supe! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to spend it here with me. Why am I talking about shopping on a book blog? Two words: Skinny Dipping.

I’ll let your mind wander down a few joyful paths with that for a while. It’ll make sense very soon, I promise!

So here’s the deal. I’m not a die-hard shopaholic by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a few stores that test my resolve to save for my children’s next meal. Is this a character flaw I sometimes wonder moments before I beat those kill-joy monologues into a dark corner where they wait until the right moment comes along to put me in my place. (Usually at the end of the month when my finance-educated hubby and I are going through our checkbooks. Gah.)

But that, my lovelies, is another post. And I’m not here to deliver a cautionary tale. I’m here for FUN!

So…shopping! Some of my favorite haunts are national joints: Barnes and Noble (duh), Pier 1, White House/Black Market, Athleta, Pottery Barn, Target, as well as Crate and Barrel. I hit up online sales, clearance racks, and hot damn, do I know how to work those rewards cards.

But what really puts the giddy in me are those small, one-of-a-kind shops where just walking in the door transports you into another world. One such place is a fantastic boutique here in Fargo, ND, called O’Day Cache. 

This place is a visual treat of eclectic furniture, jewelry, purses, textiles, gifts, and home accessories from around the world and serves as the inspiration for my heroine’s boutique, Skinny Dipping. :)

If you’re a Pinterest groupie and you’re curious, I have a Skinny Dipping board here: On the board is a pair of sexed-up espadrilles from White House/Black Market that are very similar to the ones Sloane, my heroine, wears in the story. I have these, and they are THE BOMB!

I named the store Skinny Dipping because Sloane is very comfortable with her sexuality and because shopping in a place like that is a tactile, sensual experience that dares you to step outside your carefully ordered box and re-imagine the space around you. 

Isn’t that delicious?! I’m not a pack rat, but I’m no minimalist either. Life is too short to surround yourself with meaningless things or objects that don’t bring you pleasure. And everyone – even my ultra-practical, unfussy guy – has at least one favorite store in which you lose track of time.

Now, it’s your turn! What are your favorite places to shop – online or in person? What stores am I missing out on?

At the end of my blog tour we’ll be drawing the name of two commenters from all of the blogs to gift not one, but two fantastic prize winners. See below for details, and thanks for being here! xo, Misty ;)

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Misty’s love affair with words started in middle school when she penned dark stories set in exotic locales she knew nothing about. In college, her boy-angst spilled over into disturbing reams of poetry. After grad school, real life hit, and the writing went into hibernation until she found her own happily-ever-after with an ultra linear man who is the long-suffering counter-balance to her zig-zagging tendencies. Now, she spends her days writing emotionally complex, adrenaline-fueled stories, teaching Zumba, and praying her children don’t come home with math homework.

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  1. Huge thank you to Debbie and Braine for having me on Talk Supe today! :)

  2. BTW, I love this site - very hip and the layout is so *clean*! My OCD loves that! LOL

    1. Happy to have you! Glad your OCD self approves :)

  3. OO love this cover, he is has smoldering eyes. Fun guest post. Hehe!

    See I can't do anymore twitter followers until twitter give me some. I keep looking back all the time to see who I can ditch to add someone, and it gets hard ditching peeps. So I wait until twitter can help me out. Dang it!

    I love one of a kind shops too. I'm not a real shopper as you have to have $$$ to do that, ha! But I would like to have $$$ to do it.:D


    1. I followed you, Mich, so you're one closer to getting over that stupid "2,000 following max" hump. :)

      Thanks for the cover love! Yes, his eyes...Sloane thinks a lot about them in the story, too. **shiver**

      As for the shopping, I'm all about the good deals! I've been a SAHM for almost 11 years so it's just a way of life! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! :)

  4. I'm not a huge shopper, but I do have a few favorite stores. Skinny Dipping actually sounds awesome.
    Thanks for the fun post!

    1. If I wasn't a writer, the two professions I'd love to dip my toes in would be to either own a boutique just like Skinny Dipping or open my own spa and hair salon. It's fun to dream! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Oh my, that man on the cover is drool worthy. Anything that has a "frustrating woman" as a love interest is up my alley.

    1. I know, right?! I have had such an overwhelming response to Zack and it makes me so happy because I picked this model out - this is exactly how I envisioned him.
      *reminding myself to stop gushing now*
      And yes, Sloane definitely knows how to make him turn into a spewing many different ways... ;)
      Thanks for stopping, Lily!

  6. Misty - You are awesome for coming back and interacting with our friends!

  7. Ooohhh!!!! I love what I have read about this so far!!! I cannot wait to read the book!! Awesome giveaway as well, Thank you!!

  8. Love the cover. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


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