August 5, 2013

Convicted by Aleatha Romig Tour Sign-Ups!

After months of waiting
is just around the corner!

If you haven't read Aleatha Romig's mind blowing romantic suspense series,
then you're truly missing out on some good grey matter scrambling. 

A billionaire kidnapper, Stockholm syndrome, fire and ice romance and layers upon layers of intrigue and deception! It'll make your jaw clench in so many ways you'll need a vacation after reading the novels.

It's THAT intense!

The final book in the trilogy is coming out and we are so lucky to be co-hosting the release party with Hard Cover Therapy.

Now pay close attention because what I'll be saying next is important.

Aleatha is releasing a limited number of ARCs for the tour. People who sign-up for the virtual tours gets a chance to win both an eGalley AND a SIGNED print copy of CONVICTED

So YOU might be one of the 15 very lucky bloggers who gets the privilege to read CONVICTED before the rest of the reading masses does.

Sign up here and join in the fun, we hope to see you in the tour! 


  1. I have just signed up across the board. With a Hell YEAH! I shall finish off Consequences it really is a book that does things to me. My brain matter, lol!

    Nice one girls!



  2. This is exciting! I've read both Consequences and Truth and mind f*ckery of this series is jaw dropping. Cannot wait to get my hands on Convicted! Signing up for this! Woot!

  3. I've read both books twice. Love Aleatha and these books. Of course I signed up with a big yes across the board. I hope my blog and I win this early release.

  4. These sound great! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I love those covers! I'm marking these TBR!

  6. Thanks, ladies! Looking forward to seeing your tour stops!

  7. Oh hell yeah, so excited, jumping up & down like a crazy person!!!!

  8. Ms are AMAZING, AWESOME....Please keep your books coming. I pray they sign your books for a movie deal..

  9. I can't wait to read this book!!! Of course I signed up for everything LOL. I couldn't remember if I already signed up so I did it again. Please delete if there's a duplicate. My apologies.

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