August 9, 2013

Braine Reviews: Fourth and Goal by Jami Davenport

Series: Seattle Lumberjacks 1
Format: Mobi
Release Date: May 3, 2011
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing
Source: Author's Angels 
Genre: Contemporary Romance - Sports
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In a game played on and off the field, only one of them will emerge the winner.

Armed with an uncanny ability for evaluating football talent, a dogged determination to succeed in a man’s world, and an empty bank account, Rachel McCormick agrees to help struggling wide receiver Derek Ramsey get his game back. Rachel believes Derek, her former best friend and lover, knows the truth behind the points-shaving scandal which ruined her father. She vows to expose the secret even if it destroys Derek in the process.

When Derek’s coach suggests sex as an excellent tension reliever the night before a game, Rachel takes one for the team. The next day, Derek has the best performance of his not-so illustrious pro football career. As Derek and Rachel rack up nights in bed and other places, the team racks up wins on the field. Rachel is torn between her loyalty to her father and her growing affection for Derek.

Now it’s fourth and goal, one second left on the clock. Their hearts are on the line. Do they trust each other enough to go for the long bomb or do they get dropped for a loss?
Another series that I'm reading out of order but the good news is, Jami Davenport's Seattle Lumberjacks can read like stand-alone novels. I've never been much into sports themed romance novels especially ones about football because my knowledge about the sport is nil. Instead I focus on ogling hard bodied athletes (did you guys see ESPN's latest Body issue?! Colin Kaepernick's spread was mouthwatering!) and on Superbowl, I check out butts instead of paying attention to the game. Seattle Lumberjacks is the first sports themed novel I've read in a long time and though I'm still a dolt when it comes to football, my ignorance is compensated by hot men and their highly addictive love lives.

FOURTH AND GOAL is the first Seattle Lumberjacks novel and its romantic theme is(ex) bestfriends turned lovers for life. Derek Ramsey and Rachel McCormick were best buds in high school until their friendship was rocked by a cherry-popping one night stand and Derek alleged involvement in a points shaving scandal that ruined Coach McCormick, Rachel's dad, career. Years later, their attraction is far from fizzled and while Rachel has ulterior motives in helping Derek regain his game, she can't help but fall for the guy. With their intimate relationship back on track, it's only a matter of time before Derek and Rachel admit their true feelings for each othe; and for Rachel's family to finally know what exactly happened with regards to that fateful game years ago. 

Filipino Model/Actor: Derek Ramsey
I didn't have any trouble getting into this story. I would like to mention that there is this Filipino actor who shares the same exact name as our hero and I've had the biggest crush on the guy for the longest time. So imagining Derek Ramsey as this dude on your left made reading FOURTH AND GOAL so much better! 

Personal fantasy aside, Derek is quite the catch and an easy dude to love. Unlike his cousin, Seattle Lumberjack Tyler Harris (Forward Passes), Derek isn't a cocky, stereotypical athlete whose ego is as big as a football field. On the contrary, Derek's humble, driven, a consummate professional and a very loyal friend and teammate. He sure took his time in winning Rachel back, allowed her to take the lead in their relationship and more importantly, he didn't disappoint her on things that matters. 
My life is not a democracy and you don't get a vote
Rachel McCormick is a superstar. The fact that she knows about football as much as Derek, if not more, had the lady commanding much respect from me. In a male dominated sport and industry, Rachel sure can hold her own and uses her feminine wiles wisely and skillfully. And though Derek's sexiness was more than a distraction, I appreciate how Rachel remained loyal to her family and really fought to get to the bottom of her father's scandal regardless of the consequences. 

BFF's turned lovers is a cute romantic theme but it can also be predictable in terms of the turn out and conflict. To an extent Derek and Rachel's relationship was foreseeable but only because we know FOURTH AND GOAL is an HEA kind of novel. To make things interesting, JDavenport milked the sexual tension flying between these two since page 1 and really gave these two lovebirds a hard time before they got their well-deserved happy ending.  

I am such a big fan of this series and I am so happy that there are three more novels on the way. Don't stop writing about your Jacks, Jami, keep 'em coming and we'll keep on reading!

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I'm so glad you liked Derek and Rachel, and I love the eye candy.

  2. Oooh sounds good, I don't read many sports themed books either, but this sounds pretty good :)

    1. It is! I am planning to binge on Toni Aleo's next

  3. Eeee! This sounds really good! I love sports romance, but it's usually baseball and sometimes hockey. And Im with you on Derek! I will definitely add this series to my tbr.

  4. Whooo! Great review. Very sizzling! :)

    new follower via twitter, fb & blog

  5. Its funny that you say that you have a crush on Derek Ramsey, Braine cause he's goint o play my uncle (Eman Lacaba) in an upcoming biopic! I find him hot too though so I totally agree with your taste!


      Are you serious?! Dude you seriously have to get you or Buona's picture taken with this hunk! YOU MUST!

  6. Oooh,.... what were we talking about?? *_* LOL I could add this to my sports romances challenge from Herding Cats and Burning Soup :D does she wrote about soccer players? They are my ultimate weakness!! *LeSigh*

    1. Not sure if she does but I'm sure you'll still love these men! They are delish!

  7. Thanks for the review and the eye candy, Braine! I can't say as I've read many sports themed novels, but this series sounds like it's worth checking out! ;)


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