August 31, 2013

Braine Reviews: The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love by Erin Quinn

Series: Beyond 1
Format: Print ARC
Release Date: August 27, 2013

Publisher: Pocket Books
Source: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy - PNR
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She cheated death....

All Roxanne Love has ever wanted is to be normal—marriage, kids, the life of June Cleaver. She tries to fit in but can't conceal her ability to defy death--not from the world, not from the darkest creatures of the Beyond and not from the Reaper determined to destroy her. Now Roxanne is on the run, her only ally a compelling, dangerous detective with secrets of his own. Against her will, she's drawn to his quiet strength and heated touch. But can she trust him with the truth?

....until she felt death's kiss.

Incognito as guilt-ridden cop, Santo Castillo, the Reaper's plan is simple: get close to Roxanne, uncover the secret of her immortality and cut it at the source. Yet with this borrowed body come emotions the Reaper hadn't expected. Now nothing is clear but his conflicted desire to protect the woman he came to kill. As destiny forces them to face an enemy hell-bent on using Roxanne to wipe out all of mankind, she and Santo must choose between love....and salvation.
THE FIVE DEATHS OF ROXANNE LOVE is my second Erin Quinn book. I read book 1 of her Mists of Ireland series and though I like Celtic fae, Haunting Beauty didn't captivate my attention. I found the book grey and dreary and decided not to read further. Her new series, Beyond was a totally different reading experience for me, I found it fresh, exciting and utterly engaging. 

THE FIVE DEATHS OF ROXANNE LOVE has a Grim Reaper theme going for it. Roxanne Love and her twin, Reece, defied death several times much to the aggravation of a certain Reaper. And I'm not talking about near-death here, I'm talking about real death as in their hearts stopped beating and they stopped breathing. Afterwards, they returned from the dead much to the fascination and consternation of the townspeople because their resurrections have been well documented and publicized. So said Reaper possessed the body of Det. Santo Castillo, went undercover and tried to figure out if the twins made a deal with a demon or if they have some magical juju that kept them from dying. 

Plot-wise, THE FIVE DEATHS OF ROXANNE LOVE is totally right up my alley. If you watch and are a fan of the hit TV show, Supernatural, you'll totally dig this book. Reece is a lot like Sam, Hell wants him on their side because every time he dies, he leaves a portal open that enables Hell's creatures to leave their infernal prison. Meanwhile Roxanne's death closes said portal so the bad guys want her permanently dead so they can freely roam the Earth. The world-building and feel of the events are very dark, mysterious and real creepy with talking black birds, bodies being possessed by demons and all that jazz. 

As for the conflict, there's no real resolution. We still don't know why Reece and Roxanne Love are special and it looks like the real meat of their story is yet to unfold. Roxanne and the Reaper Santo are in cahoots and I can tell that these two are going to fall in love if they haven't yet. Problem is, Santo is supposed to be one of the "bad guys" being Abaddon's minion and going rogue isn't going to do him any favors moving forward. Not only that, he's closely associated with Roxanne which makes him a traitor and a moving target. 

THE FIVE DEATHS OF ROXANNE LOVE ended with a semi-cliffhanger because there's so more to the story and myth that EQuinn has yet to divulge. I rarely read teasers but I can't help but take a sneak peek on book 2, The Three Fates of Ryan Love, Ryan being Roxanne's older brother. I don't know exactly what's going to happen here but I'm hoping that EQuinn will keep the Grim Reaper thing going and hopefully we'll learn more about Roxanne's backstory and her present with Santo.

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  1. Grim Reapers are quickly becoming my new, fav supe (after werewolves of course!). Great review, thanks for adding more books to my pile. ;)

  2. This sounds good! I was skeptical about this one until reading your review. I'm always up for an original premise.

  3. I was waiting for you review of this! The title attracted my attention, and I love Supernatural so I'm definitely excited to get my hands on this one :)

  4. Ooo a reaper?! Nice. I read Haunting Beauty too. It was a decent one but this sounds more my style. Will so have to check it out. Great review Braine! Oh and I love your giveaway button :)

  5. I'm with Carmel; Grim Reapers are kinda the new and exciting supe on the scene lol I got into them because of Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones (the best!) and now I love Grim Reapers :3

  6. I haven't any books with reapers in them. I do have the D. Jones Charlies Davidson book to read. This one looks really though....might have to try this one out.

  7. Great review! This book sounds so interesting - and unlike anything I've ever read!

    Sarah @ Kitties Like Books Too

  8. I really like the blurb and premise for this story. I love paranormal romance and since this falls into that genre it is right my alley. I am wondering how it will be done differently so as not to be similar to the Charlie Davidson series (which is one of my favorite series, ♥ Reyes ♥). I am very excited to read it!
    Crystal Guidroz

  9. I think this one will be good, the review is great. A Grim Reaper oh my. Great giveaway!

  10. The review made the book look interesting! I can't wait to read it!

  11. I haven't read much urban fantasy lately, but you've made this sound really good. I love the Supernatural comparison. I'm glad you enjoyed enough to want the second book, Braine!

  12. Anything that has to do with death, the grim reaper, etc I MUST read. So yeah, I'm so adding this for that alone. But I love the picture you paint in your review. I am curious to find out why the twins for and redirect all the time. Great review Braine (:

  13. sounds like a great finding new to me authors!

  14. Love the reviews I have read. Look forward to reading. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. I love Grim Reaper stories and you've definitely piqued my interest, Braine! Great review!

  16. Hi Braine and everyone who stopped by. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the interestng comments. Congratulations to the winner of The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love and hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks Braine for the great review. I'm thrilled that you loved the book!


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