July 31, 2013

Braine Reviews: Twilight Hunter by Kait Ballenger

Series: Execution Underground 1
Format: Paperback
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Publisher: HQN books
Source: Publisher
Genre: PNR
Hunters of the supernatural, the Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity…but what happens when danger collides with desire?

Jace McCannon has one loyalty: the Execution Underground. Despite his mixed blood, his hatred for the werewolves he hunts is legendary. But in his search for a sadistic killer, Jace finds himself face-to-face with a stunningly seductive packmaster…and longing for a night with his mortal enemy.

Nothing can stop Frankie Amato from defending her kind-or catching the rogue responsible for killing women in her territory. For that, this alpha female needs Jace’s skills more than she wants to admit. But as their investigation exposes evil truths, need burns into a passion that dare not be fulfilled. For to do so will have deadly consequences for them both.

TWILIGHT HUNTER, is the first book in Kait Ballenger's high velocity series, Execution Underground. After getting our toes wet in Shadow Hunter, we now go knee-deep into a world where supernatural creatures are being policed and hunted by a group of sexy, Alpha hunters. In TWILIGHT HUNTER, the case is about a slasher serial killer whom the Execution Underground, headed by Damon Brock, suspects is a werewolf. The case is led by Hunter, Jace McCannon, and in one of of the crime scenes he came across werewolf, Frankie Amato and it was insta-hate for Jace as soon as his eyes laid on Frankie. However, the Fates seem to have a different plan for him because that same night was Frankie's mating cycle. As Jace is a half-breed, Frankie's "beast" chose him and now they're stuck together as mates. While Jace is trying to untangle himself from his mess, the serial killer's next target is Frankie and he's getting closer and closer and it's only a matter of time before he gets her.

I had so much fun reading TWILIGHT HUNTER. The lead characters Jace and Frankie, are your quintessential PNR heroes, headstrong, aggressive, badass and oh so sexy. Jace has his own demons and I like how KBallenger didn't turn him into a tortured soul, all bitter and mad at the world. Frankie is such a delightful character to follow too. She's Alpha of the Rochester pack, all soft on the outside complete with wicked Salsa moves, and tough as nails when on Alpha mode. This one scene where she beat and broke someone's neck in a span of maybe minutes, had me kissing her feet in awe. The chemistry between these two are sizzling from the start, despite Jace's loathing for werewolves, he can't deny his body's reaction to Frankie. I love how Frankie was so patient and tolerant of him despite Jace's foot-in-mouth disease, staying by his side until Jace accepted the supernatural half of himself and embraced it to his advantage.
My name is Francesca. I'm Italian, born and raised here in Rochester. I own a dance studio and when I can I teach salsa classes myself. my favorite color is red, but I look best in blue, and I have long walks on the beach.
Aside from the main characters, I also love the villain, Robert, and his evilness. If I were watching the story unfold on the screen, I'd say my skin would be crawling over the delight in Robert's eyes as he zone in on his prey and preps them for the torture he's going to put them through. See, Robert doesn't only take pleasure in maiming and dissecting his victims, he's a necrophiliac too! The clincher is his connection to Jace. I can't say what but I'll leave it at jaw dropping. P.S. I love how the big reveal happened.

What stood out to me the most was Execution Underground the agency. These group of men may have the same goal but they have their own cliques inside the group. It's every man for himself the Hunters loyal to the cause but not on each other. I love a solid brotherhood but we also know that men, Alpha males in particular, have big egos and KBallenger used that flaw to apply a little discord within Execution Underground. I am not a big fan of their leader, Damon Brock, and seeing him go head to head with Jace (point to Jace! Hi5!) was surprising at first but refreshing. I would think as the leader, Damon would stay neutral despite his personal opinions about Jace yet he went ahead and instigated the discord before sitting Jace down to get his side of the story. I'm really excited to see how this group will grow as a team given that they're divided within. 

I love the plot of TWILIGHT HUNTER, it's fast paced and character driven. The myth had a touch of Norse and the backstory was short and succinct keeping the story focused on Jace and Frankie. I also like how KBallenger's darkness, getting all graphic and gross about those mutilated bodies of Robert's victims and really made Robert one sick psycho. The conflict was layer upon layer of intrigue and mayhem, usually ending in people getting beat up or someone dying. My craving for some bloody aggression (reading back to back with Kait's BFF, Kate SeRine's Along Came A Spider) was so sated my head needs a good burp! And for the purpose of comparisons and forceful convincing, Execution Underground reminded me a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series with all these sexy brawling men and broken loyalty within the group. 

Now I'm excited to read book 2, Immortal Hunter. We get to meet, David, and his lady love Allsun O'Hare and I have a feeling these two will put us through the proverbial wringer. Can't. Wait!

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Kait Ballenger is a full-time paranormal romance author, wife, bellydancer, graduate student, and soon-to-be-professor. She is the multi-published, award-winning author of the Execution Underground paranormal romance series. With a B.A in English from Stetson University, Kait is currently earning an M.F.A in Writing. Kait believes anything is possible with hard work and dedication. One day, she hopes to be a bestseller and to see her novels on the big screen. Look for the next two books in her page-turning Execution Underground series: Twilight Hunter, book one (August 2013) and Immortal Hunter, book two (January 2014).

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  1. Great review! Sounds like Frankie and Jace are a must read combo. I haven't read a shifter book in awhile so will be looking into this :)

  2. Sounds like a interesting series to try...lovely review Braine. I'm trying to get back into my PNR world, this maybe be one to throw in there :)

    1. I had that mood last year and now I'm back in the fold. We're in reverse, I see you're reading a lot of erotica and I'm a little tired of the genre as of the moment.

    2. yup...definitely reading a lot erotica. I got a need for some sexxy reads. I hope you come out of your funk soon :)

  3. Jace sounds like my kind of badass guy that I would love reading about

  4. Thanks for commenting, ladies! I hope you all enjoy the series!


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