June 16, 2013

Writer Wrangler+Giveaway: James Ramsey

1. Full Name: Jamie Parsons

2. Nickname: James. My mom started calling me James from the time I was little, and my husband rarely calls me anything else. In fact, he introduces me that way.

3. Zodiac sign: Virgo. Although, I don’t really fit the stereotype. My birthday is August 25th so I am close to the cusp so that may explain it.

4. Describe yourself in 3 sentences:

  • Take away coffee, bacon, chocolate, and sarcasm and you might as well kill me.
  • The voices in my head may not be real, but so far, they make for really good stories.
  • My family and friends are the most important things in the world to me. Don’t judge me when I include my pets as family; they just haven’t mastered human speech yet.

5. Favorite angry expression or phrase: Bloody Hell! 

I worked with an Englishman for years and used to mock his accent mercilessly. It seems to have backfired as I picked up some of his common curses. On the upside, my fake English accent is ‘bloody brilliant’ according to him.

6. What's your daily routine like? It really depends on the day. I work full-time but flexible hours, so hubby and I get up and I make coffee. While it’s brewing, I go out to feed the horses and chickens. By the time I’m done, I pour my coffee into a to-go cup and get changed for work. After a full day, it’s home to catch up on emails, blog posts, twitter, and then hopefully writing. If I’m writing then it will last into the midnight hours before I drag myself off to bed to do it all over again the next day. On the weekends, I ride my horses and go to my favorite coffee shop for a full day of writing in a caffeine induced frenzy.

7. Favorite line in a song: “Pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow.” 

Some of the most profound advice comes from songs or literature. If we could actually treat others the way we would like to be treated, rather than talking or believing in it on Sundays and forgetting about it the rest of the week, the world might be a better place.

8. If you can be invisible for a day, what's the first thing you'll do? I’m going to Seattle to explore all the parts of the underground that are off limits to the public. I know there are things down there that are fantastic but are deemed to be too dangerous for a ton of people to go traipsing through. And if I can perpetuate the rumors of ghosts, all the better!

9. Best advice you've ever gotten: Fake it till you make it. 

In figure skating, even if you fall, you jump up as fast as you can with a huge smile on your face. Not everyone may have seen the fall, and if you get up fast enough they won’t know it even happened. It’s the same with horses. You always get back on if you fall off. Just because you fell doing something doesn’t mean you failed; it just means you get the opportunity to get it right the next time. And if you smile your way through it, then people won’t know how much the fall actually hurt.

10. Favorite line you wrote: Ok…ummm toughest question ever. I can name my favorite lines other people have written no problem, but mine?

I guess it’s a toss up. Joss’ internal freak out over meeting a six foot tall arachne-centaur would be the one that makes me laugh the most.

There is no table high enough to get away from that! Raid! I need Raid! Why don’t I have Raid in my bag?!
But the lines that best describe Joss and who she is, and the way I wish the world was a little bit more considerate of one another, centers around her argument with Mateo when she is confronted with the choice to do the right thing and put herself in danger, or stand by in safety and do nothing.
I thought about it. He knew so much more about this world than I did. I wondered if I would be able to ignore my conscience and let it happen without interfering. I shook my head. “I’m sorry, Mateo, I can’t. I can’t let them get killed. There has to be something we can do, some way for me to get a chance to talk to them before they decide to attack me.”

11. People would be surprised to know that I: used to be an ice dancer. Yup, up until the age of twenty I ate, slept, and dreamed everything figure skating. I made it to fifth in Canada at junior level before I retired. Retired at twenty…sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I was living in Calgary and my next partner would likely have been in Montreal. At the time, I wasn’t willing to move that far away from home.

12. I want J.K. Rowling to read my book.

I want to  my  I have an unhealthy girl crush on her, and it would make my day to find out she had read it, regardless of what she thought of it. Of course if she liked it, it would be that much better.

13. I eat a lot of chocolate when I'm stressed.

Or happy. Or celebrating…or…okay, I probably eat too much chocolate all the time. I have every intension of cutting back, but then the craving hits and…well I…yeah it’s my kryptonite.

14. Fellow author you're dying to meet? I would say J.K. Rowling but I would probably be a stuttering, fangirling mess and embarrass myself. So my other choice would be Kim Harrison. The mix of characters she has scattered in her books, the rapid-fire sarcastic dialogue and snark make me laugh every time. And her unique twist on the introduction of the supernatural to the human world through the use of a genetically modified faulty tomato? Not only is it the perfect opportunity for endless jokes and snide remarks, but it is entirely relevant to our society.

Multi-billion dollar companies play God every day combining the genetic material of our food to bend it to their needs. These crops are having catastrophic consequences around the world, leading to entire countries banning the propagation of genetically modified foods.

We should take her fictional world as a warning of possible issues that could arise in our own future. And unfortunately there most likely isn’t a race of supernatural creatures who are willing to come to our aid. 

15. Last book you read and what did you think about it? Driven by K. Bromberg. 

Definitely a guilty pleasure written by a fellow indie author. She has the ability to create a delicious push and pull tension between her characters that makes you alternately love them and want to wring their necks. Steamy love scenes and hot sex with the pain of a bit of angst thrown in…I’m waiting (not so) patiently for the next book in the series.

Andromeda Rising
James Ramsey
May 2013
I should have been paying attention. Growing up on the run from religious fanatics gave me more than a few good reasons to be careful, but I was just too tired to be as vigilant as I should have been. My mind was occupied with my latest case—a missing nine year old girl. I was usually good at my job, but sometimes I needed a little extra help from magick. I always managed to track down a cheating spouse or the occasional runaway, but now it seemed more children were missing from the streets of Seattle and nothing I did worked.

A cat jumped on my shoulder and jerked me from my exhaustion induced stupor. I spun into a defensive crouch only to see the cat had landed on the sidewalk behind me.

Time seemed to stop for a moment when the cat spoke.


My name is Jocelyn Matthews and if I live through tonight, I’ll tell you all about my life as a witch.

For the past ten years, Jocelyn has been living as a closet witch in Seattle. When the Inquisitors that have been after her from the time she was nine finally manage to find her, Jocelyn is thrust into a world she never guessed existed. From talking cats to dark elves, she'll have to do something she's never done before: trust someone other than herself. If she wants to find the children that have been going missing all over the city, she'll have to open her eyes to the bigger picture and find her place, not only for her safety but for the city as well.

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Chapter 7
Jocelyn comes face to face with her first arachne-centaur in The Gorgon's Head bar.

An enraged Mateo stood over Silvani. He had shifted to a Bengal Tiger and his razor sharp teeth were inches from Silvani’s throat, saliva dripping from the five-inch canines.

I stood, fully revealing my hooded presence. Making sure my knife was highly visible, I warily looked around to make sure Mateo wasn’t about to be jumped from behind. 

As my eyes passed over the card table, the man smirked and winked at me from the darkness of his own hood. Realization hit me like a bat to the head; he had told the waitress to find Mateo and warn him I was in trouble. He somehow read the shock on my face through the shadows of my hood and nodded once, acknowledging my thought. 

Silvani was pale and sweating under Mateo’s angry growls. His erection had deflated like a popped balloon, and I was willing to bet his balls were trying to crawl their way back under the shelter of the beer gut. “I didn’t mean any harm. I was just keeping her company for you is all!” 

“The lady told you she wasn’t interested. You should have listened,” Mateo snarled. 

As I stepped back, I stumbled over someone’s foot. I would have been sent tumbling but sure hands caught me. When I gasped in fear, the support fell away as the hands released me. Looking down, I saw long, thin hands with eight nimble, grey and black fuzz covered fingers. I looked up to see eight fathomless black orbs staring at me over long venomous fangs. 

Little house spiders scare me—falling into the grasp of a six foot tall arachnid? I did what any normal spastic girl would do. I screamed. 

I violently jerked back, causing me to stumble yet again, and this time there wasn’t anyone hurrying to catch me. Just as I imagined I was about to hit the ground, I landed in someone’s lap. Bracing myself for more horrors, I cracked open an eyelid. 

I met the amused gaze of the hooded card player. “Well, hello there.” 

Hurrying to right myself, I stammered out an apology. “I’m so sorry…I was…it’s just…ummm…” 

“My pleasure,” he offered with a twitch of his lips that told me he was holding back a laugh. His voice was low and smooth, confident. “Don’t worry, Anansi is basically harmless,” he whispered. 

His words reminded me of the reason I had landed in his lap. Clutching my cloak around me and making sure my hood still shrouded my face, I turned to see Mateo still snarling over the Satyr who had nearly molested me. As I stood there shaking, my eyes shifted to see the terrifying Anansi standing with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the scuffle. One of those black eyes must have caught me staring, and he turned to me. 

“My apol-ogies for fright-ening you.” His voice was reedy and low, a strange over enunciated accent edging his drawn-out speech. Each syllable almost sounded like a separate word. I realized the large fangs made speaking tricky. “

N-no, I’m s-sorry I reacted t-that way. It…it w-was rude.” Every second word seemed to stutter as it left my mouth. All I could think was, “Holy fuck! It’s a freaking six foot spider! There is no table high enough to get away from that! Raid! I need Raid! Why don’t I have Raid in my bag?” 

I took a small step back and felt my butt hit something. My head spun to see the card player. For the moment he wasn’t a threat. My head darted back to keep a watch on the embodiment of every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. My breath was coming in gasps, and I flinched when I felt a hand at the small of my back. When it pressed a bit harder, a thumb casually caressing me, I realized that for some reason the man was supporting me in my mini freak out. 

Anansi smiled around his fangs, and the sight wasn’t as friendly as I think he intended. Another row of smaller razor sharp teeth were exposed, these ones somehow looking even more menacing than the large fangs on display. As black as the rest of him, they looked more like protruding sharpened extensions of his jaw than teeth and caused me to shudder in fear. How the hell did the man call this thing basically harmless? 

“No of-fence ta-ken. I know I am not everyone’s idea of…cud-dly.” All but two of his eyes were trained on me now, and I couldn’t control my shaking. “Al-though I would be wil-ling to offer you a demon-stration.” My heart was hammering at the speed of a hummingbird’s wings as I gasped for air, and all I could think of was the child’s nursery rhyme.Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly...

What is there to say?

Mom always said I was creative. (I know, she has to say that) I have been a rabid book junkie since…well birth. True story. I blame grandpa. He owned a bookstore which is like winning a literary lover’s lottery! My earliest memories are of paging through a book as mom drove me to grandma’s house to be babysat while mom was at work. It was a forty-five minute commute at best so a change of clothes was generally required because I refused to put the book down even though it made me car-sick to read. Yeah I was addicted. Again, I blame grandpa.

All my life I could be found with a book in my hand. Now with the invention of the e-reader I can take an entire library with me.

Eventually my income fell short of my desire for new reading material and I turned to writing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy going on my adventures with me.

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