June 18, 2013

Blogoversary Party: Sons of Wrath + Giveaway

This post is a HUGE favor that I have to ask Keri. I've been begging her for the longest time to set me up on a date with one of her Sons of Wrath, Gavin, and finally she fulfilled my book fantasy. 

This has gotta be the best date ever!

Blogoversary Bash at Sanctuary

Gavin smoothed his jaw as he exited the elevator to the main floor of Sanctuary. The five-story casino, owned by all seven Wrath brothers, always boasted a clusterfuck crowd any day of the week. This particular throng of patrons spread out before him was different though. 


Mostly human. 

A wave of energy passed over him and hastened his pulse. He took a deep breath and weaved through bodies moving in the same beat as the music. 

Humans always brought some level of anxiety, particularly a female crowd. 

For the most part, supes followed a universal code: stay below the radar. Adding human females to the mix though made for an unpredictable night. Depending on the species, the smell of human flesh could send some supes into a frenzy and hell if Gavin needed any of that tonight.

Still, he’d agreed to do it, mostly because the females of Talk Supe—bloggers of all things paranormal—had always been privy to the existence of demons and other supernatural species anyway. And since they’d recently given him some vital information he needed to track down a supe on behalf of a client, Gavin felt compelled to make an exception to his usual rule of never intentionally bringing humans and supes together under the same roof. 

Gavin finally found what he’d been looking for in the crowd, leaning into the bar as she chatted with Pat, the bartender. The long black dress with a mid-thigh split that revealed the soft bronze tone of her legs had Gavin’s tongue twitching. 

“Having a good time?” He strode up beside her.

“Yes.” She flashed a perfect smile, turning toward him. “Thanks for hosting our blogoversary bash tonight.” 

“My pleasure.” Gavin lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it. 

“Oh shit!” The voice from behind, followed by a punch to Gavin’s shoulder had him rolling his eyes. “Who’s the hottie with the killer body?” Zeke sidled up to the female, gave her a once-over and licked his lips.

“Her name is Braine, thereby making her a bit out of your league, brother.” Gavin sneered.

“You kidding me?” He shot her a wink. “Smart girls make the best pets for teacher.”

Gavin huffed and pushed his brother back a step. “Go, mingle. Get the fuck out of here before you say something stupid.”

Braine chuckled. “S’okay. I know he’s harmless.”

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“I was just asking Pat what’s g—” 

A streak of gray whipped past Gavin, brunt force to his jaw, knocking his head to the side. Pain exploded behind his eyeballs and he double-blinked, the bar slowly coming into focus. He looked back.

Braine was gone.

Spinning on his heel, Gavin bolted through the crowd, following behind what he could now see—a Vitiusz demon carrying Braine over its shoulder as it zipped past humans who seemed unaware. Gavin’s stomach lurched at the sight. No doubt the bastard would be looking for a place to mate and feed. 

For some demon species, humans were something like exquisite caviar. 

Through a hallway and a door connected to a stairwell, the beast darted, Braine punching at its back all the while. 

“I’ll cut him off from outside!” Britus, head of security, called from behind.

“How the fuck did he get in here?” Gavin split from Britus and kept his sights on the gray tone of beast’s skin, blending in with the stone walls of the stairwell as he descended toward the lower level.

Damn thing about supes: though some species were known to be aggressive, others, just a case of rotten apples. Anything from liquor, the scent of humans, or screwy barometric pressure could set the bastards off. 

Gavin pounded faster as the demon plowed into the basement door. He jumped the railing, and hit the landing below before it closed.

One heave against the panel, and Gavin followed behind, slowed his pace and looked around. Gone. A curtain of humidity hit his face as he stalked from the shadows.

“Motherfucker, I don’t think so!” Braine’s voice thundered in the silence and the echo of a smack had Gavin following after the sound. 

A growl rumbled and bounced off the walls.

Gavin rounded the boiler to find Braine pinned to the wall as the beast dragged a finger up her exposed thigh. The rebellious scowl on her face would’ve brought a smile to Gavin’s if she hadn’t been about two seconds from body violations.

Her eyes met Gavin’s as he crept up from behind giving the shhhhh signal, and diverted back to the beast, the furrow in her brow deepening. 

The demon leaned in, presumably for a kiss and she turned her cheek to him. “Know what, asshole?” 

A swift kick to his nuts and a miserable groan of the beast answered back as he bent forward, still clasping her hands. 

“I don’t kiss on the first date.”

The demon drew back his fist and Gavin dashed forward, caught it, twisting the beast’s arm until he finally released Braine and spun to face him. Ugly bastard. Mangled teeth made him look like an inbred mutation from a horror flick. Bulging, black eyeballs narrowed on Gavin and a fist appeared in his periphery.

Gavin ducked, pulled his dagger, led with his right hand and cleaved a deep chasm across the demon’s stomach, spilling thick, red blood. A fist barreled into Gavin’s chest, knotted his muscles and knocked the wind from him, kicking him back a step. Pain pierced his shoulder as the beast bit into his flesh.

“Motherf—” Gavin grabbed hold of the demon’s throat and squeezed it’s gullet until the teeth dislodged.

Braine hopped on the beast’s back, her fingers digging into its cheeks and eyes as she clawed its face. 

The demon swung around, grappling with her over its shoulder, her dress flowing behind him like a cape. “Bitch!” Fury bled into his gravelly voice. With Braine still clinging to his back, the demon slammed himself back into the wall, issuing a quiet grunt from the female.

Braine fell from his back, clutching her shoulder. 

Gavin straightened and drove into his midsection, knocking the beast into the wall, just missing Braine by a few inches. A cloud of dust burst into the air and chunks of stone crumbled to the ground.

“That’s not how you treat a lady, shithead.” Gavin hammered his fist into the deformed face, sprays of blood splashing back against his cheek until the beast finally slumped to the floor.

“I got it, boss.” 

Gavin stepped to the side as Britus approached from behind and yanked the fallen demon up by his shirt. 

Britus held the beast against the wall as he struggled in the security guard’s grasp. Purple bruises, like plums, punched through the demon’s gray skin as blood seeped from cuts to the eyes, nose and lip. 

“I’ll take care of this,” Britus said over his shoulder. 

After wiping his face with the kerchief, Gavin straightened his collar and cleared his throat. “Start with the asshole’s teeth.” He offered a hand to Braine and lifted her up, brushing the dirt from her dress. “You okay?”

Braine nodded, ran a hand through her hair and blew out a breath. “That was exciting.”

“Ready for that drink?”

“Hell yes.”

“Happy blogoversary, babe.” Gavin pulled her into his chest and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

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