June 27, 2013

Blogoversary Party: Dirty Monsters

And what celebration would be complete without entertainment right? As our blogoversary month winds down, we've asked the Dirty Monsters to perform for our beloved, Supies.

A Letter Arrives for The Dirty Monsters

by Jackie Trippier Holt

Once upon a time, before The Ringmaster had conceived his amazing Plan and before The Boy had run away to join them, Burfoot's Circus troupe had set up camp in a field outside a quaint seaside town in a southern English county. It was around the time of the summer solstice, and the sun had baked the sky a deep blue.

The performers were together outside, getting ready for that night's performance: there was much mending, fluffing, tugging, posturing and chatter; amid this bustle, the rich singing of The Storyteller carried across the camp site, a folk tune that Violet hummed too as she stood within the shady, open maw of the Big Top, patiently waiting for Ruby to finish her hair. The hot pressure of the demon's fingers braiding, the steady, metallic scrapes of Vincent The Saw Man sharpening his props, and even the flap and twang of the canvas and guide ropes, all added rhythm to their preparations and made the moments almost like a dance. These were the family times Violet loved most, these just before the townies arrived.

“What are you opening with?” Ruby asked.

“I thought, the card trick with the Queens and Aces,” she replied, watching The Owl Lady flap her wings at The Illustrated Woman. The demon made a grunt of approval.

“What's a blog?” Zack waddled past, his nose almost touching a sheet of paper in his hands. “Or, good grief, a blogoversary?”

“A huh what?”

Zack stopped and looked up at them, already dapper in his ringmaster finery. “A blog,” he repeated reluctantly, as if he feared it was a dirty word.

“Sounds kinky,” Ruby said confidently. Her palms touched Violet's shoulders briefly. “All done, pussy cat. Want me to brush your tail?”

“Yes please.” Hector, wearing a threadbare velvet ensemble and flip-flops, sidled up behind Zack, his feline ears pricked through his tousled hair. Ruby snorted at his flirting and Violet rolled her eyes, though the tomcat was too interested in reading the letter over The Ringmaster's shoulder to notice. “Oh, cool,” he said. “A blog.”

“Do you know what it is?” Zack asked, anxiously. “They're not going to shut us down or start asking about unpaid taxes and the conditions of the animals, are they?”

He let Hector pluck the letter from his hands. The Cat Boy smiled as he read and Violet's heart jumped a bit. Damn he's cute. “Talk Supe,” he said. “A blog. About witches, vamps, fairies and 'everything else in between'. They fuckin' know about supes. We're famous!”

“But what's a blog?” Zack demanded through his teeth. Then he blinked. “Famous?”

Hector shrugged and handed the letter back, finally raising his gaze to look at Violet, appraising her costume – and the rest – from head to toe. “We're not all supes anyway.”

“Indeed,” said Vincent, who had come to see what the fuss was. “Some of us are just freaks.”

“Or plain old fuck ups.” Hector met Violet's eyes and grinned; a blush tickled her cheeks and she glanced away.

“Watch it, fuck up,” Ruby warned as she moved past. “Some of us are just naturally super.” She walked on to help Dave set up the hot dog stand, passing Bridget, who was carrying bundles of lucky heather in a basket.

“Is there a problem?” Lady Fortunata asked.

“Yes, do tell,” said Vincent.

“Some blogger chicks called Braine and Debbie have been writing about how fuckin' great we are and now they want to come and see the show for themselves,” Hector explained.

Braine,” Bridget echoed, and Violet giggled as she guessed what the fortune-telling fae was thinking. “Are they freaks, like us? Do they want to join the circus?”

“Oh, blogger,” said Zack, as if he'd had an epiphany. “Aren't they like trolls? Only, bloggers probably don't live under bridges … and they're nocturnal and thrive on large amounts of coffee, I think.”

Hector lashed his striped tail and gave The Ringmaster a hard stare. “No,” he said, shortly. “Definitely not like trolls. These chicks have written cool things about us – look!” He jabbed a clawed finger at the letter.

“Pixies, then,” Zack flailed. “Brownies?”

“Let me read it,” Violet said, holding out her hand, thinking this might be important. “If we have special guests tonight, we need to up our game, right?” But Zack wouldn't give up the letter, his eyes quickly rescanning each line as he struggled to understand what was going on.

Hector was peeling his shirt off as he headed towards the caravan he shared with Fearless Henry. “I'm gonna look my best tonight if these bloggers have come all the way across the Atlantic to, ah, experience my performance in the flesh,” he called lasciviously over his shoulder.

“Goddess help them,” murmured Bridget, and took her lucky heather to the ticket booth.

“Oh!” Zack exclaimed, sounding delighted. “I believe they're elementals, from a realm called Blogosphere. I really think we might have some fresh blood for the troupe! How exciting!” He bustled away. Violet could hear hear him marshalling the others to hurry up.

“Fresh blood,” she echoed, thinking that it had been an unfortunate turn of phrase.

“I'll be careful” said The Saw Man seriously, as he stroked an oily rag down the curved blade of his scimitar.

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Jackie’s career has been varied: bar maid, fortune teller, market trader, public relations officer, teacher, newspaper and online journalist, copywriter and freelance writer of women’s erotica. Writing for fun has been a constant.

‘Annie, the Doll, its Thief and her Lover’ was her first novel. She is currently working on a series of novellas called ‘Dirty Monsters’; ‘Freaks Like Us’ and ‘Bloody Secrets’ are out now.

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  1. Yes, I love the circus!
    The animals are my favorite part.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I love the circus. I think my favorite would have to be the trapeze.

  3. I love the circus! The acrobats are the best!


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