June 21, 2013

Blogoversary Party: The Death Trilogy

The blogoversary party continues!
This time we sat down with our new empath friend, Samantha Bevans, and talked about men and such over beers. Good thing our good friend, Dara, reminded us to record what happened that night because for sure, we want to share this scene with you!


It was just another hot and humid summer evening in Nashville, Tennessee when Samantha Bevans, in town for reasons unknown, stumbles into The Stage on Broadway. She grins widely and slides into the empty barstool at the upstairs bar in between Debbie and Braine. It was if they were saving it for her although they’d never met before.

Sam: “Hey, 
Braine ” She nods to her left. “Hey, Debbie ” She then nods to her right. “Thanks for saving me the seat. I hate having to stand when I’m feeling a little tipsy.”

Braine and Debbie's faces morph into matching masks of surprise. Braine reacts first. She clears her throat. “Ummm…do we know you?”

Sam laughs. “Not really. But I feel as if I know the two of you.” She then laughs again as if at a private joke.
Debbie: “Are we missing the joke?”

Sam: “Most definitely. But because I’m buzzed and feeling a bit high off of all the excited emotions around here, I’ll share it with you. I’m an empath.” Sam’s eyes dart back and forth between both 
Braine and Debbie, gauging their reactions. She nods slowly. "MmmmHmmm…skeptical…but you both want to believe. I get that.”

Braine clears her throat again and takes a sip of her drink. “So, say that we believe you? Why are you telling us?”

Sam: “I don’t know. I suppose I’m feeling a bit reckless tonight, like a lot of people around here.”
Debbie: “A reckless empath doesn’t sound like a good thing.”

Sam: “Probably isn’t.” She then turns and orders a Yuengling from the bar and downs half the bottle in one go. “But maybe he should have thought of that before pissing me off.” Sam mumbles the last part.
Braine leans in closer to Sam. “Your man piss you off? Or did you just pick up on some kind of unwanted emotion from him?”

Sam smiles at 
Braine  “That obvious, huh? Okay, so I had a bit of an…argument with my man. He just won’t stay out of my head sometimes.”Debbie: “Out of your head?” She chuckles. “What—he an empath too or something?” Braine laughs as well.

Sam: “I know you think I’m full of shit, but actually…yeah, he is an empath too. And you guys can’t even begin to imagine the problems that can cause sometimes. Any normal relationship is hard enough, but add in the extra stuff and…” Sam’s voice trails off and her eyes glaze over as if lost in thought. Her lips then curl up slightly at the corners. “But he makes all the trouble very worth while. He does things to my body that well…” Sam’s voice trails off again and she bites her lower lip.

Braine and Debbie giggle. 

Braine: “Say no more. I think we both understand exactly what you’re trying to say.” Debbie nods and takes another sip of her drink.

Sam turns and addresses the bartender. “Three shots of te-kill-ya. Silver. Chilled. No training wheels.” When the drinks are ready she pays for them and places one in front of 
Braine and then Debbie  She lifts the third to her lips. “Here’s to new friends.” She downs the shot and chases it with the rest of her beer. Both Debbie and Braine shrug and follow suit.

“Sam.” A deep male voice growls. All three women swivel around on their barstools. A super hot, tall blond guy with azure blue eyes set in a chiseled face glares down at Samantha.

Sam rolls her eyes. “Austin.”

Austin: “What do you think you’re doing?”

Sam rolls her eyes again. “Getting drunk with my new friends. What’s it look like?”

Austin ignores both 
Debbie and Braine  He leans in closer to Sam and she visibly shivers as he whispers something in her ear. Then he presses his lips against the side of her neck and her eyes slide shut as she slumps back into him. He smirks down at her.

Sam’s eyes snap open and she glances over at 
Debbie and Braine. “I think we’re going to ummm…go…talk.” She can’t contain her smile.Braine: “Oh yeah, sure. We understand. Right, Debbie?”Debbie nods. “Of course.”

Sam and Austin seem to be having a silent conversation. Austin then swears under his breath. “I’ll take care of it.”

Sam mutters. “Sorry.”

Austin smiles at first 
Debbie and then Braine  “Thanks for hanging out with Sam. You both seem like cool chicks. Sorry you won’t remember any of this.”Braine: “Won’t remember? I’m not that drunk.” Debbie shakes her head in agreement.

Austin: “Not what I mean.”

Braine and Debbie's faces go blank and they both turn around to face the bar. Sam stands and slips her hand into Austin’s large one and they leave quickly through the upstairs door.

A few moments pass and 
Braine looks over at Debbie. She blinks. “I have the strangest feeling.”Braine: “Me too.” She looks down at the empty shot glance in front of her. “Did we do shots? That might explain it.”Braine: “I guess, but that doesn’t seem right somehow.” She glances down at her phone. “Is there a reason why my phone’s been recording?”

Debbie shrugs. “I guess we’ll find out. We can listen to it later. It might explain a few things.”
Braine laughs: “Modern technology—a drunk girl’s friend. Cheers!” She raises her drink into the air.“Cheers!” Debbie lifts her glass and clinks it to Braine’s.

Austin and Sam are a tricky pair. 
Find out more about them and read

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