May 6, 2013

Writer Wrangler + Giveaway: Katie McGarry

Pushing The Limits is one of our best reads last year and we are super excited, like pee in our pants EXCITED to read the sequel, Dare You To! I mean seriously, if you're a fan, you have to be a little crazy not to get your knickers bunched up in anticipation over Beth's story! 

So we came to the source, we talked to Katie McGarry and asked her about Beth & Ryan and Echo and Noah. 


Braine: Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by! Without further ado, let's talk about one of the most anticipated novels coming out this summer... DARE YOU TO... how different is it writing this compared to PUSHING THE LIMITS.  Aside from the setting, are there similarities To Noah & Echo's story with Beth & Ryan's?

Katie: Hi! Thanks for having me!

Writing DARE YOU TO was very different from PUSHING THE LIMITS. For instance, while Noah had this bad boy hotness that made me blush, Ryan has this unbelievable sweet side that would make me melt. This meant that their voices were very different.

As for similarities, expect some swoon-worthy moments and kissing!

Braine: Ooohhh I love the sound of that. Are we going to see Noah & Echo here? How about Mrs. Collins (I love that woman! I imagine her as Kathy Bates)?

Katie: You just made me smile at the mention of Kathy Bates as Mrs. Collins.

Yes! Echo and Noah do make an appearance in DARE YOU TO. Mrs. Collins doesn’t show up in Beth’s story, but I haven’t ruled her out for future stories.

Braine: From PUSHING THE LIMITS we know Beth's personal/family life is intense. What was the biggest challenge you encountered when you wrote her story?

Katie: Writing Beth broke my heart. In order to get in her head and feel her emotions, I had to visit some pretty dark places within myself. That’s never much fun, but it was worth it. I love how Beth’s character turned out.

Braine: Your books are MYA and out of curiosity, why write about dark and sad stuff, why not write happy but still compelling teen stories? Not complaining here, I love a good heart wrenching drama. Just curious.

Katie: I think there is room for everything. In fact, I love to read a good light-hearted YA.

I write what I wanted to read when I was in high school. I craved stories that I could relate to and I wasn’t able to find much on the shelf to suit my needs. I remember reading THE OUTSIDERS by S.E. Hinton and that rocked my world.

Braine: The main vein of your books lie on family values compared to other books in the same genre that are more romantically charged. Aside from driving morals in the story, is there a particular significance behind this focal point?

Katie: At heart, I’m a romance story type of girl, but you’re right that family dynamics fascinate me. Part of growing up is realizing that you don’t necessarily view your family, or your role within that family, the same way you did as a child. Echo and Noah each had to come to terms with this revelation in PUSHING THE LIMITS, and Beth and Ryan grapple with it as well in DARE YOU TO.

Braine: In PUSHING THE LIMITS Beth was unofficially involved with Isaiah and obviously Ryan will be making a play for her. Does this mean there's a love triangle here?

Katie: Answering that would be a spoiler.

Braine: *sad disappointed face* OK...Based on the initial feedback you got, do you think DARE YOU TO is heavier compared to PUSHING THE LIMITS in terms of the drama & waterworks factor?

Katie: To be honest, I don’t know. There are some people who have told me they love it more than PUSHING THE LIMITS and others who said they enjoyed it, but still hold Noah and Echo very close to their hearts. Reading can be an intensely personal experience, and one of the things I’ve loved discovering is that my readers have been touched in different ways and by different scenes or themes in the same book.

Beth and Ryan’s story is heavy, but I think it’s up to each individual reader to determine whether it resonates the same as or differently than PUSHING THE LIMITS.

Braine: How many books are you planning to write for the series?

Katie: I have written one e-novella, CROSSING THE LINE, which follows the story of Lila—Echo’s best friend from PUSHING THE LIMITS.

Braine: CROSSING THE LINE is already available so get a copy!

Katie: I have also written a third book called CRASH INTO YOU. This will follow another character from PUSHING THE LIMITS—Noah’s best friend, Isaiah. The release date has yet to be determined.

Braine: Isaiah?!?!?! I want! Perfect song to describe DARE YOU TO?

Katie: Perfect by P!nk and Broken Arrow by Rod Stewart.

Braine: Favorite line you've written in DYT?

Katie: “It’s our rain, Beth.”

Braine: That is so sweet, so personal! Any side projects outside PUSHING THE LIMITS?

Katie: No. The PUSHING THE LIMITS series has kept me extremely busy.

Braine: I guess this is a good thing, keep you focused on these highly addictive kids. What was the most outrageous feedback you read for your books?

Katie: All the Noah love has been amazing!

Braine: Do you have plans on writing books for your adult audience?

Katie:  I’m not ruling it out, but right now I’m focusing on my YA books, and I’ve been so thrilled to see that they’ve garnered an adult following.

Braine: Yup. They sure did. I'm 30-something and I can't get enough of this world!

Favorite YA book: THE OUTSIDERS by S.E. Hinton
Book everyone should read (aside from your own): LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green
Favorite Summer getaway:  Disney World
Thing you do to relax: Watch reality television
Tip to teens going through rough times: Remember that there is always hope.


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KATIE MCGARRY was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, and reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

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