May 20, 2013

Tour Stop Review: Knights of Excalibur by Shannan Albright

Knights of Excalibur
Shannan Albright
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Part of healing is making amends when one can - The King's Lady
KNIGHTS OF EXCALIBUR series by Shanna Albright is based on the very popular medieval epic, King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table. The series is set in contemporary times and have a lot of magic and reincarnation fantasy woven into this three-part novella series. I'm not sure if Shannan Albright is planning to write more about her Knights and fingers crossed I hope she does.

The series starts with Beloved Wizard and it's Merlin's HEA. It's the shortest of the three and though it was a good introduction in terms of world building, the story was a little predictable for me and wasn't as good as the succeeding two. It's sexy but the conflict wasn't fleshed out well partly due to the length (63 pages) plus since it's the first in the series, IMO, it's one of those slow starts. I was expecting some kick-ass magic with Merlin and one of Morgan La Fey's descendants as leads but it was more clever witchcraft than badass wizardry. Still there are elements that had me interested and kept me reading the next two.

The Knight's Druid is a big development compared to Beloved Wizard. SAlbright started layering her stories, the main one being about Julie and Colin aka Sir Kay with a little M/M developing on the side. The Knight's Druid is emotionally tense, the conflicts are shaped better and really we get to know Arthur and the rest of the characters better. This is also where the main conflict with the infamous Mordred is made known. So though there are other romantic HEAs brewing in the wings, I was more interested in the Arthur-Mordred conflict. I never get tired of their dysfunctional relationship regardless of who's telling the story. 

The King's Lady is the best and my favorite. SAlbright's retelling on the Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot triangle was interesting. I just wish it was hashed out better because that would've been an epic confrontation. But again, the length sort of went against the story (I think) and there are some things I want explored and instead it felt skimmed because SAlbright was wrapping up the series or the Mordred arc on top of the other side stories going on in less than 200 pages. Bottomline, I wish The King's Lady was a full length novel instead that way SAlbright could've taken her time in fleshing out Arthur and Guinevere story, the current conflicts, the history and finally, closure with Lancelot and Mordred. 

Overall, KNIGHTS OF EXCALIBUR is a good series. It's one of those novellas that I wish were longer because the premise is really interesting and SAlbright's retelling held a lot of promise. It just felt that it wasn't emotionally drawn out in some places and the ending in The King's Lady in particular was a little too convenient IMHO, I would've wanted more before we got to the resolution. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the series, the novellas are quick reads, SAlbright did well with the Knights and I hope she writes more. Surely Arthur and the gang can have more problems than Mordred right?

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