May 30, 2013

Tour Stop Review + Giveaway: White Trash by Alexandra Allred

Series: Stand-alone
Format: Print
Release Date: June 6, 2013 
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop
Source: TWCS
Genre: Contemporary/Literary-Fiction
It all started when someone called an African American toddler "cute little niglet." White Trash was created in tribute to this unknown child. It has a hilarious cast and shocking storyline based on real people and true events in a small rural town in Texas. When Thia Franks returns to her home of Granby, Texas, the very place to which she’d vowed never to return, Granby’s worst and best elements force the new single mother to face both her past and her destiny. At first, it seems that nothing has changed: Chester Kennedy’s goats continue to run rampant through the town, Officer Tina Wolfe stands accused of racial profiling the growing Hispanic community, Thia’s gun-wielding neighbor believes a squirrel has it in for her, and the town’s local newspaper owner prints only what she believes the citizens should know. But when a young black man—an upstanding and popular citizen of the small, east-central Texas town—is brutally murdered, everything changes. Everyone is being watched. Everyone is being judged.

White Trash is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud book that also serves as a bitter social commentary on American hypocrisies and prejudices. As Thia Franks comes to terms with the murder, and the small police department works the biggest whodunit in Granby history, a startling underworld of domestic abuse, gunrunning, drug use, illicit sex, and child molestation is revealed. While the murder is horrendous and some of the citizens of Granby are appalling, many stand up for what is right, and the total package is endearing. You’ll want to read White Trash more than once in order to capture all of the tale’s insights as it neatly summarizes the reality of every American small town peopled with neighbors you can’t get away from, you can’t stop talking about, and you may not want to leave.
- people want and need to one-up each other-- that need to know that their church or their car or their school is better than someone else's.
Alexandra Allred is fast becoming one of my favorite literary fictional authors because she makes me laugh AND think at the same time. I love humor but I appreciate intelligent humor even more and Allred continues to deliver so far. WHITE TRASH might be humorous but the socio-political issues Allred took on are serious ranging from racism, sexual abuse, stereotypes, and domestic violence to name a few. The characters might be fictional but I'm pretty sure we've all met their types at one point. 

I love WHITE TRASH, it's not as LOL as Damaged but it still made me think about the things that transpired in Granby, Texas. Though fictional, the events that happened in WHITE TRASH are all too real and still happening despite the world being in the digital age and all that jazz. Thia Franks' journey is very interesting because she's one of those people who was all too ready to renounce her roots at the first taste of success but eventually, the most important lesson that she can learn in life was something only Granby, Texas taught her. Thia might be the heroine but it's the citizens of Granby that really caught my attention.

My favorite are officers Tina Wolf and Rosa Fox. These two provided the comedic relief in the story and how working together took care of their respective prejudices. Then you have the gossip-mongers, Tammi, Vicki and LeAnn, who never gets tired of putting people down despite the fact that they're the epitome of white trash. Then you have the Preacher's daughter, an addict and the person responsible for kick-starting the shit storm that happened in Granby by eavesdropping on confessions and outing their parishioners in private to serve her selfish purposes. 

WHITE TRASH's premise is simple but it's the characters who really made the big difference for me. They made me laugh, cringe in embarrassment and really had me thinking hard about some of the issues they took on. And most importantly, I love how Allred's clever sense of humor made the issues she highlighted easier to read and very effective in terms of having us readers reflect on our own prejudices. 

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Alexandra Allred’s writing career began following a stint on the US women’s bobsled team. After being named “Athlete of the Year” by the United States Olympic Committee, she became an adventure writer. While writing for a variety of national publications, she test drove the Volvo Gravity Car, donned a dog attack suit, played professional women’s football, and even outran a beefalo mix (that’s a buffalo/cow mix to you city folk).

She turned to fiction writing using her rural Texas homestead as fodder for storytelling. When not writing, she lobbies for healthy children. Allred lives outside Dallas, Texas, with her husband, children, and a plethora of animals.

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